Former Disney Star Mitchel Musso Arrested in Texas for Intoxication and Theft

01:04 28.08.2023

Former Hannah Montana actor Mitchel Musso found himself in trouble with the law over the weekend as he was arrested on charges of public intoxication and theft in Texas. The 32-year-old star, who rose to fame on the hit Disney Channel show over a decade ago, allegedly walked into a local hotel in Rockwall and helped himself to a bag of chips without paying. According to reports from the Rockwall police, Musso, who appeared intoxicated, became verbally abusive when confronted by hotel staff about the unpaid snack, before leaving the premises.

After receiving the report, responding officers arrived at the hotel and found Musso outside, where he displayed signs of intoxication. He was subsequently arrested on charges of public intoxication and theft under $100. However, the night didn't end there for Musso, as police discovered that he also had several outstanding traffic warrants. The former child actor was taken to the Rockwall County Detention Center, where he spent the night before being released on Sunday afternoon after posting bail.

In the mugshot released by authorities, Musso appeared downtrodden, with a towel draped over his chest. The incident has certainly tarnished his once squeaky-clean image, as he is best remembered for his role as Oliver Oken alongside Miley Cyrus in Hannah Montana for five years. Musso, who was born in Garland, Texas, had appeared in nearly 90 episodes of the popular show, according to his IMDb profile. He also made appearances in other Disney productions, including "Pair of Kings."

The charges against Musso were not limited to public intoxication and theft. A routine records check revealed that he had several outstanding traffic warrants, further complicating his legal situation. The specific details of the outstanding warrants remain undisclosed. In addition to the initial charges, Musso was also booked on the offenses of theft under $100, expired registration/passenger car, failure to display a driver's license, and violating a "promise to appear."

Despite his recent legal troubles, it is unclear how this incident will impact Musso's career going forward. In the past, he has also found success in the films Monster House and in voice acting for the "Phineas and Ferb" franchise, where he voiced the character of Jeremy Johnson. Musso's time in jail and subsequent release on bond has left fans wondering how he will navigate the aftermath of this incident and whether he will be able to rebuild his reputation. Only time will tell if Musso can bounce back from this setback and regain the spotlight he once enjoyed as a beloved child star.

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