AEW star CM Punk poses with 'trans rights are human rights' sign at All In event

08:50 28.08.2023

Wade in June 2022, a decision that sparked widespread controversy and debate across the country. Punk, known for his outspoken nature, openly expressed his disappointment and took a stand for women's reproductive rights during various interviews and social media posts.

Fast forward to the highly anticipated All In event at Wembley Stadium in London, where Punk and Joe were set to face off for the Real World Championship. The match itself was intense and physical, with Punk ultimately emerging victorious after executing his signature Pepsi Plunge finishing move. Despite being bloodied during the match, Punk showed resilience and celebrated his hard-fought win with fans near the ring.

However, it was a moment caught on camera that shifted the focus from the match itself. As Punk made his way backstage, a fan's sign caught his attention. The sign boldly proclaimed, "Trans rights are human rights," a powerful statement in support of the transgender community. Punk, known for his progressive views, couldn't help but smile at the sign, acknowledging the fan's message and showing his solidarity.

Meanwhile, amidst the excitement and positive reception of the event, reports began to circulate about a backstage incident involving Punk and another AEW star, Jack Perry, the son of late actor Luke Perry. The incident allegedly took place in the gorilla position just as the All In event was about to kick off. According to multiple reports, Punk and Perry were involved in a shoving match that escalated to physical confrontation.

AEW CEO Tony Khan addressed the incident during the post-show press conference, confirming that they were indeed investigating the matter. Khan expressed his inability to provide further details until a thorough investigation had taken place. It was clear that AEW was taking the incident seriously, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining a safe and respectful working environment for all their talents.

While the exact details of the altercation remained undisclosed, conflicting reports emerged regarding the nature of the confrontation. Some sources claimed that Perry had allegedly "come at Punk" and was subsequently choked out, while others disputed this version of events. Miro, another AEW star, seemed to deny the choking claim, adding to the ambiguity surrounding the incident.

Punk's return to AEW had already made waves in the wrestling world, following his reported scuffle with Kenny Omega, Nick Jackson, and Matt Jackson after comments he made to the media following All Out the previous year. His return had generated significant buzz, and his presence undoubtedly added to the already massive crowd that attended the event at Wembley Stadium.

AEW proudly boasted the record-breaking attendance of 81,035 fans, claiming it to be the highest number ever recorded at a professional wrestling event. However, this claim sparked debate among wrestling fans, with some questioning whether it surpassed the attendance of WrestleMania 32.

Looking ahead, AEW's next show, All Out, was scheduled for September 3 in Chicago, promising more thrilling matches and captivating storylines for wrestling enthusiasts. The incident between Punk and Perry served as a reminder that even amidst the spectacle and excitement of professional wrestling events, interpersonal conflicts and backstage dynamics can occasionally take center stage. As AEW continued its investigation into the incident, fans and industry insiders eagerly awaited further updates and resolutions.

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