Virginia Father Arrested for Beating Son's Soccer Coach with Metal Bottle

06:19 29.08.2023

In a shocking incident that unfolded over the weekend, a Virginia father was arrested for allegedly attacking his son's youth soccer coach during a game. The accused, identified as Blerand Hxoha, 45, has been charged with malicious wounding for reportedly using a metal water bottle to repeatedly strike the coach's face, leaving him with a black eye and a swollen face.

The incident took place at George Hellwig Memorial Park in Manassas on Saturday, where a boys' team scrimmage was being held under the supervision of Coach Vince Villanueva. Coach Villanueva, who was filling in for a friend, had never met Hxoha or his son before. The motive behind the attack remains unclear, as Coach Villanueva expressed confusion about the sudden aggression directed towards him. He recalled that the team was losing rather badly at the time of the assault.

According to Coach Villanueva's account, the altercation began when Hxoha approached his son on the field. As the coach went to retrieve the boy and bring him back into the game, he asked Hxoha if everything was alright. It was at this point that the situation quickly escalated. "The father went over to talk to the son and then when I went to get him and put him back in the game, I said 'Are you okay?'. And he said, 'No he's not,' and he said, 'Coach can I talk to you?'. And then everything went downhill from there," Villanueva explained.

The coach, who has decades of coaching experience, stated that he had never encountered such violence on the field before. He is the head coach of the varsity girls' soccer team at Potomac Senior High School and urged parents to create a supportive and fun environment for their children during sports activities. "Allow them to do their job and just make it a fun environment for them," he emphasized. "Kids have enough stress in life with everything else in the world, but allow them to have that moment of someplace to escape from."

Fortunately, some off-duty police officers were present at the game and were able to intervene, moving the children to a safe space and deescalating the situation. Despite their timely intervention, Coach Villanueva suffered severe injuries. Even on Monday, his eye remained bloodshot, swollen, and bruised, with cuts on his nose and face.

It was revealed that Hoxha was detained and is currently being held in jail without bail. The coach shared that he only found out the alleged attacker's name after the incident occurred. As investigations continue, this shocking incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining a safe and respectful environment in sports for both players and coaches alike.

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