Maine's ambitious project for world's tallest flagpole faces yet another setback

16:58 29.08.2023

Plans to build the world's tallest flagpole in the small town of Columbia Falls, Maine, have hit another delay as the town extends its moratorium on big developments for another six months. The proposed flagpole would surpass the height of the Empire State Building and feature an observation deck, a flag larger than a football field, an auditorium, living history museums, and a monument. However, town officials have stated that they lack the necessary rules and regulations for such a massive project.

The idea for the flagpole, which would be a tourist attraction, was put forward by Morrill Worcester, whose family owns a wreath-making company and founded the Wreaths Across America organization. This organization provides holiday wreaths for military cemeteries. The Worcester family believes that the flagpole would unite people through their love for the flag, tell the story of the United States through the eyes of veterans, and create employment opportunities.

However, the proposal has caused division within the community. Some residents argue that the scale of the project would forever alter the rural region, known for its picturesque rocky coast, woodlands, and blueberry barrens. This concern led the town's 485 residents to vote in favor of a six-month moratorium in March, allowing local officials time to draft regulations.

Despite progress being made on proposed ordinances during weekly public proceedings, town officials have decided that the initial 180 days were not enough to polish and finalize the regulations. The three-member Select Board unanimously voted to extend the moratorium for an additional six months, delaying the construction of the flagpole once again.

The Worcester family has not yet commented on the extended delay. Their intention behind the project was to expand their patriotic enterprise, which already includes producing over 1 million balsam wreaths for veterans' grave markers each holiday season. However, the magnitude of the proposed flagpole has caused controversy among the residents, leading to the need for comprehensive regulations.

If approved and completed, the flagpole would stand taller than New York City's iconic Empire State Building.

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