US-Mexico Border Smuggler with Extremist Ties Busted by US

21:31 29.08.2023

In a major security development, the Biden administration announced on Tuesday that it had successfully detected and disrupted a smuggling network responsible for bringing people from Uzbekistan into the United States. The network had connections to a foreign terrorist group, with one member identified as having links to the Islamic State, according to anonymous U.S. officials cited by The Associated Press. While there is no evidence to suggest that the Uzbek nationals involved in the smuggling operation had any terrorist ties or were planning an attack, the discovery raises concerns about potential security threats associated with the network.

The National Security Council (NSC) spokesperson, Adrienne Watson, emphasized that the Biden administration, in cooperation with international governments, had taken swift action to apprehend key members of the smuggling network, including the individual with ties to the foreign terrorist group. However, details about the nature of the links and the countries involved in the investigation were not disclosed in the statement.

The FBI, which has been actively investigating the case, reassured the public that there was no specific terrorism threat associated with the migrants involved in the smuggling operation. The agency emphasized its commitment to working with partners to investigate and mitigate any potential risks posed by criminal actors connected to terrorism.

The NSC also stated that efforts were underway to collaborate with foreign partners to dismantle the travel routes exploited by the smuggling network. The focus was on identifying individuals who had utilized these routes to enter the United States. Those encountered at the border who fit the profile associated with the network were being subjected to expedited removal, comprehensive vetting against national security and public safety systems, and were generally being detained pending removal.

CNN, which initially reported on the detection of the smuggling network, revealed that more than a dozen people from Uzbekistan had successfully entered the United States through the network. This incident highlights the role that smuggling networks play in facilitating illegal entry into the country, often taking advantage of the desperation of migrants seeking better lives.

Over the years, the demographics of illegal border crossings have changed significantly, with an increasing number of migrants originating from countries across the Southern Hemisphere and beyond. In addition to Uzbekistan, there has been a notable rise in migrants from Afghanistan, China, Mauritania, and other nations. This ongoing trend has intensified the debate over border security and has led Republicans to accuse the Biden administration of inadequately addressing the issue, thereby jeopardizing national security.

The recent revelation of a smuggler with ties to a foreign extremist group assisting Uzbek migrants in entering the U.S. from Mexico has added fuel to the political fire. The smuggler, believed to be based in Turkey, reportedly had connections to the jihadist Islamic State. Critics argue that the record numbers of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border since President Joe Biden's inauguration in 2021 are a direct result of his administration's reversal of the stricter immigration policies implemented by former President Donald Trump.

However, the Biden administration counters these claims by asserting the need for more humane policies to address the complex migratory challenges faced by countries in the Western Hemisphere. Statistics from U.S. government sources reveal that, out of nearly 2 million migrants encountered at the U.S.-Mexico border between October 2022 and July 2023, only 216 individuals were on watchlists for potential terrorism ties.

The discovery of the smuggling network and its association with a foreign terrorist group underscores the ongoing need for heightened border security measures. The incident serves as a reminder that criminal networks can exploit vulnerable migrants while posing a potential security risk to the United States.

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