Boston Drops Sex and Gender Requirement for Marriage Licenses

22:27 29.08.2023

In a progressive move towards inclusivity and equal recognition, the City of Boston has announced that it will no longer require couples to identify their sex or gender on marriage licenses. The city believes that this change will provide a more dignified experience for all residents, especially those whose gender and sexual identities have historically been overlooked or unsupported by government agencies.

Couples in Boston will no longer be obligated to disclose their sex or gender information when filling out their marriage certificates, as per the new policy adopted by the city. This groundbreaking decision is the first step taken under the city's recently established gender-aware guidelines. The ultimate objective is to ensure that residents receive the respect and recognition they deserve, regardless of their gender or sexual identity.

To facilitate this change, the City Registry is readily available for any Boston resident seeking to obtain an updated marriage license. By removing the requirement for sex or gender identification, Boston aims to affirm and support constituents of all identities, thus building a truly inclusive city. Mayor Michelle Wu expressed her enthusiasm for the modifications, emphasizing the importance of eliminating historic inequalities and injustices that persist in society.

In Mayor Wu's statement, she emphasized that the fundamental duty of public service is to ensure that services and opportunities are accessible to everyone. By eliminating the need for couples to disclose their sex or gender, Boston is taking a significant stride towards building a more inclusive and equitable city. Mayor Wu eagerly anticipates the positive impact these changes will have on accessibility at City Hall, as they strive to serve the diverse population of Boston.

This transformative policy is driven by the city's commitment to dismantling historic inequities and injustices. By acknowledging and validating individuals' gender and sexual identities, Boston is championing visibility and acceptance for all. The decision to remove sex and gender identifiers from marriage licenses is a testament to the city's dedication to creating a society that values and supports residents of diverse backgrounds.

For Boston residents who are already married and wish to remove sex or gender information from their marriage licenses, the City Registry is readily available to assist. This option allows couples to update their existing licenses and remove any unnecessary personal information. The city's proactive approach ensures that Boston residents have the opportunity to reflect their true selves accurately, without any unwanted labels or assumptions.

The adoption of this new policy demonstrates Boston's forward-thinking approach and commitment to creating an inclusive society that acknowledges and respects all gender and sexual identities. By leading the way in recognizing the importance of self-identification, the city hopes to inspire other government agencies to follow suit, further promoting equality and dignity for all.

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