Royal family bans Meghan Markle from saying 'poppycock' on 'Suits', reveals creator

08:12 30.08.2023

Meghan Markle's time on the hit show Suits was not without its challenges, as the royal family reportedly had a say in what she could and could not say on the program. Aaron Korsh, the creator of "Suits," recently revealed that the royal family had a hand in blocking certain lines of dialogue, including a reference to the word "poppycock." Korsh explained that he wanted Markle's character, Rachel Zane, to say, "My family would say poppycock," but the royal family objected to the use of the word. In order to appease them, the line was changed to bulls- instead. Korsh admitted that he was not happy with the change as he had promised his own family that the word poppycock would be included in the show.

The exact process by which the royal family received the scripts is unclear, but Korsh confirmed that they did have access to them and would provide feedback. He also mentioned that he was not informed directly by Markle about the changes, speculating that it may have been the directing producer or her agent who delivered the news. Despite his initial frustration, Korsh said he understood the royal family's concerns about potential splicing of Markle's dialogue.

Prince Harry, Markle's husband, has previously written about the royal family's influence on her career in his memoir, "Spare." He revealed that Markle had to give up her role in Suits after seven seasons due to the advice of the Palace comms team, who would often suggest changes to the show's dialogue and plot for her character. The decision to leave the show was a difficult one for Markle, as she loved the show, her character, and her cast and crew.

Since stepping back as senior members of the royal family in 2020, Prince Harry and Markle's future plans have been the subject of much speculation. It is unclear whether Markle would consider reuniting with the cast of "Suits," but a former executive producer of the show believes it is unlikely. Gene Klein stated that he would assume it's not possible for Markle to return to the show.

Despite going off the air four years ago, Suits has experienced a resurgence in popularity on streaming services, particularly since its availability on Netflix in the US. In its first week on the platform, the show garnered 3.1 billion viewing minutes and currently ranks number six in Netflix's weekly top 10.

The royal family's influence on Markle's career and the changes made to Suits highlight the strict protocols and rules that members of the royal family must adhere to. From dietary restrictions to dress code guidelines, the royal family's lifestyle is often subject to scrutiny and tradition. While these rules may seem unusual to outsiders, they are an integral part of maintaining the royal family's image and reputation.

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