Joe Rogan Surprises Fans with Country Star Oliver Anthony at Austin Club

00:17 31.08.2023

In a surprising turn of events, comedian and podcast host Joe Rogan invited overnight music sensation Oliver Anthony to perform at his renowned club, The Comedy Mothership, located in Austin, Texas. Anthony, the talented songwriter behind the chart-topping hit "Rich Men North of Richmond," which has dominated the Billboard Hot 100 for the past two weeks, took center stage amidst a frenzy of applause from the ecstatic crowd.

The introduction to Anthony's performance was delivered by none other than comedian and close friend of Rogan, Tom Segura. Eager to create an air of anticipation, Segura teased the audience by declaring a "special treat" in store for them. With the energy building, Segura finally revealed the surprise guest, exclaiming, "I'm going to bring on stage, right now - this is so f-ing cool - this young man has exploded in popularity, and we've all been blown away by this guy's talent, and we're so lucky that we get to see it here live tonight. The very amazingly talented Oliver Anthony, everybody! Let him hear it!"

Videos capturing the electrifying moment were swiftly shared on Rogan's Instagram account, showcasing Anthony emerging from behind the curtains to a thunderous roar of adulation from the audience. The display of support was overwhelming, with people standing and cheering, and some even screaming in pure joy at the sight of the sensational songwriter. Anthony, accompanied by a group of talented musicians, confidently approached the microphone with their guitars in hand, ready to deliver a memorable performance. A grateful smile graced Anthony's face as the cheers of support continued to reverberate throughout the venue.

As the applause gradually subsided, Anthony, in a lighthearted manner, addressed the crowd, saying, "Alright, so this is my first time at a comedy club, so uh??¦" The audience erupted into yet another round of raucous cheering, their anticipation for the impending performance palpable. Unfortunately, the video concluded at this point, leaving fans eagerly wondering about the magical musical experience that followed. It was later reported by country music outlet Whiskey Riff that Rogan's club enforces a strict no-cellphone policy, thus diminishing the chances of capturing the performance.

Rogan, who has been astounded by Anthony's meteoric rise to fame over the course of the last few weeks, expressed his admiration during one of his recent podcast episodes. In a conversation with wrestling star Hulk Hogan, Rogan effusively praised Anthony and his hit song, emphasizing the authenticity that resonates within his music. He proclaimed, "I love this song. You can't fake authentic, and Oliver Anthony has it in abundance." Rogan also highlighted Anthony's inspiring journey of overcoming alcoholism and finding solace in Christianity just before his career skyrocketed as a musician.

In a recent interview with conservative influencer Jason Howerton, Anthony revealed the significant milestones he achieved on his path to success, coinciding with the viral explosion of his "Rich Men North of Richmond" video. The artist's story resonated with listeners, as it showcased his resilience and unwavering determination in the face of adversity.

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