North Korea simulates massive 'scorched earth' nuclear attack on South Korea, includes conquering rival

06:23 31.08.2023

North Korea has announced that it conducted a massive simulated "scorched earth" nuclear attack on South Korea, as well as rehearsing an occupation of its rival's territory. The country's military stated that the missile launches were carried out to practice "scorched earth strikes" on major command centers and operational airfields in South Korea. The missiles were reported to have carried out simulated strikes through air bursts, indicating the detonation of dummy warheads at a set altitude. The simulated attack comes amid North Korea's ongoing protest of the South Korean-US military exercises, which it perceives as a major security threat.

The missile launches on Wednesday, which were the latest in a series of weapons tests conducted by North Korea, were strongly condemned by South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff, who called them a "grave provocation" that threatens international peace. The United States Indo-Pacific Command reaffirmed its commitment to the defense of South Korea and Japan, stating that its commitment remains "ironclad."

South Korean and Japanese authorities also conducted combined aerial drills with US B-1B bombers on Wednesday. This marked the 10th flyover by US bombers on the Korean Peninsula this year. North Korea is highly sensitive to the deployment of these bombers, which it considers to be "nuclear strategic," despite their switch to conventional weaponry in the 1990s.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un visited an army post where his military has been holding command post drills, during which he detailed tasks to acquire the ability to launch "simultaneous super-intense strikes" at key enemy military targets. According to South Korean analysts, the North's report indicates that it has operational plans to launch full-blown attacks on South Korea in the event of military clashes between the rivals, with the aim of achieving Korean unification by force.

South Korea's Unification Ministry strongly condemned North Korea for openly revealing its intent to attack the South and warned that North Korea would face an overwhelming response from South Korea, the US, and Japan if it continues its provocation and military threats. This is the first report on command post drills involving the whole military since Kim Jong Un came to power in late 2011.

Foreign experts believe that Kim Jong Un aims to use his expanded weapons arsenals to force the US to make concessions when diplomacy resumes. North Korea has openly threatened to use its nuclear weapons first in potential conflicts with South Korea and the US since adopting a new law last year that authorized the preemptive use of nuclear weapons in a broad range of situations.

The recent missile launches and simulated war come as the militaries of South Korea and the US are conducting joint exercises in the Pacific, including over the Korean Peninsula. North Korea views these exercises as preparation for invasion. The US stations about 28,000 troops in South Korea.

Despite North Korea's provocative actions, South Korean defense officials maintain that the joint drills are defensive in nature. The situation on the Korean Peninsula remains tense as North Korea continues to escalate its military activities and the US and its allies monitor the situation closely.

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