Spouse's Shocking Confession: Husband Admits He'd Cheat if Given the Chance

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Stacy and "Friend Gone Wrong" have been friends for over 20 years, but their relationship has taken a disturbing turn. It all started when Stacy was involved in a severe car accident a few years ago. "Friend Gone Wrong" stepped in and became her caretaker, driving her to medical appointments and helping her during her recovery period. However, once Stacy was ready to return to work, she surprised everyone by refusing to go back, resulting in her being fired. Since then, Stacy's behavior has changed for the worse. She has become verbally abusive, causing scenes at stores, doctor's offices, and even restaurant drive-thru windows.

"Friend Gone Wrong" has been at the receiving end of Stacy's abusive behavior. She expressed feeling scared and overwhelmed by Stacy's constant calls and unannounced visits, even after being told to stop. In an attempt to protect herself, "Friend Gone Wrong" blocked Stacy's contact information, but to her dismay, Stacy has found a way to resume her stalking behavior. Feeling trapped and desperate, "Friend Gone Wrong" turned to advice columnist Dear Abby for help.

Dear Abby, understanding the seriousness of the situation, responded to the distressed friend's letter. Abby acknowledged that Stacy's behavior suggests she may have become mentally unbalanced. Abby advised "Friend Gone Wrong" to reach out to Stacy's family, if possible, and inform them about what has been happening. She also encouraged "Friend Gone Wrong" to continue blocking Stacy's communication and to not allow her into her home if she shows up uninvited. If necessary, Abby recommended filing a police report and seeking a restraining order if there are concerns about violence or property damage.

While "Friend Gone Wrong" struggled with an abusive friendship, another reader sought advice from Dear Abby on a different matter. A 16-year-old girl, referred to as "Friendless Girl," shared her struggle with socializing and connecting with kids her age. She explained that she had always found it easier to relate to individuals older or younger than her and even felt more comfortable with teachers than her own peers. However, she expressed a desire to make friends and overcome her anxiety, which is exacerbated by the fact that English is not her first language and that she struggles with understanding certain cultural aspects.

Abby empathized with Friendless Girl and offered her some guidance. She suggested that the girl reach out to a trusted teacher or school counselor to discuss her challenges and seek advice on how to navigate socializing in school. Abby also recommended exploring special interest clubs or activities that align with the girl's interests. By participating in these extracurriculars, she would have the opportunity to meet others who share similar passions and potentially form meaningful connections. Abby reminded the girl that while high school may feel like an eternity, there will be more opportunities to make friends in the future.

In another letter to Abby, "Foolish Lady in Maryland" shared her heartbreaking experience of being in a marriage plagued by infidelity. She revealed that her husband had cheated on his ex-wife with her and admitted early on in their own marriage that given the chance, he would cheat on her too. Over the years, she discovered his involvement with dating websites for married individuals seeking affairs and even foreign women. The final straw was finding emails from women offering explicit services while she was on vacation with their daughter.

Seeking advice, Foolish Lady questioned whether this latest discovery should be considered strike three, indicating the end of their marriage. Abby didn't mince words and replied that it should be evident to Foolish Lady that her husband has no interest in being faithful. She encouraged the woman to consider leaving him if she was looking for a reason to do so. Abby also advised her to get tested for sexually transmitted diseases as a precautionary measure.

Lastly, a concerned mother from Missouri wrote to Abby, seeking advice on how to address her daughter's significant weight gain. The mother expressed worry that her daughter's sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits could lead to serious health issues in the future. She mentioned instances where her daughter's weight affected her daily life, such as being unable to walk up a steep terrace or needing to sit in front of the TV constantly. The mother felt stressed and depressed over the situation and wondered if her daughter needed an intervention. She also raised concerns about her daughter's fiance, who is also overweight and potentially enabling her unhealthy habits.

Abby acknowledged the mother's valid concerns but advised her not to take on the role of the interventionist herself. Instead, she recommended that the daughter's doctor, if she has one, should be the one to address the weight issue with her. Abby emphasized the importance of involving a medical professional due to the potential health risks associated with excessive weight gain.

In conclusion, these letters to Dear Abby shed light on various personal struggles and challenging situations. From a friendship gone wrong to a teenager's struggle with socializing, a woman grappling with her husband's infidelity, and a concerned mother's worries about her daughter's weight gain, Abby provided compassionate and practical advice to each individual seeking guidance.

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