Joe Douglas embraces high expectations, avoids playoff prediction

23:44 31.08.2023

In his first press conference since May, New York Jets' General Manager, Joe Douglas, addressed the media and expressed his excitement about the team's roster. However, he refrained from making any guarantees about the Jets' playoff prospects, leaving it open for debate amongst fans and analysts. Douglas emphasized that the team is not avoiding any expectations that are out there and ultimately wants to be in the conversation as one of the teams that can compete for a Super Bowl.

While acknowledging the high expectations, Douglas made it clear that the Jets are solely focused on their Week 1 game against the Buffalo Bills. He recognized the challenge of facing the three-time defending AFC East champions and emphasized the importance of competing against them. Douglas understands that success in the present moment, particularly in the upcoming game, is crucial.

Douglas acknowledged the pressure to win, regardless of the forecast. He expressed his excitement about being considered one of the better teams in the league but stressed that excitement alone does not win games. The team still has a lot to prove.

One of the main concerns during training camp has been the struggles of the offensive line. However, Douglas expressed confidence in the unit, stating that they are coming together. He highlighted the return of Duane Brown to practice and praised his leadership qualities. Additionally, he commended rookie Mekhi Becton for his performance in training camp and expressed his delight in seeing Becton's energy and bounce back.

Defensive lineman Carl Lawson, who had missed three weeks of training camp due to back tightness, returned to practice and assured reporters that he is healthy and ready for Week 1. Lawson acknowledged that his absence during camp was not a serious concern, and he is grateful that it happened early on, allowing him to start the regular season in good health. Despite the setback, Lawson believes he was able to get valuable practice time and is excited about the upcoming season.

In other news, the Jets announced the signing of six players to their practice squad, completing the 16-player unit. The new additions include DL Jalyn Holmes, RB Xazavian Valladay, OL Jason Poe, OL Ryan Swoboda, LB Marcelino McCrary-Ball, and S Tyreque Jones. This move demonstrates the team's efforts to strengthen its depth and prepare for the challenges ahead.

Overall, Joe Douglas's press conference covered a range of topics, from managing expectations to the offensive line's progress and the return of key players. As the Jets approach the start of the regular season, the team's focus remains on immediate challenges, aiming to compete against tough opponents and prove their worth on the field.

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