Meg Ryan is 'proud' to return to rom-com roots after years-long break

03:17 02.09.2023

Meg Ryan, the Hollywood actress known for her iconic roles in romantic comedies, is set to make her long-awaited return to the big screen after an eight-year hiatus. The 61-year-old actress will star in the upcoming romantic film "What Happens Later," which marks her first leading role since 2015. In addition to acting, Ryan also took on the roles of director and screenwriter for the film, showcasing her talent and versatility in the industry.

During a conversation with comedy legend Carol Burnett for Interview magazine, Ryan opened up about her children's reactions to her famous fake orgasm scene from the classic 1989 rom-com "When Harry Met Sally." In the scene, Ryan's character Sally loudly demonstrates how women can fake reaching sexual climax in front of Billy Crystal's Harry and the other patrons at Katz's Deli in New York City. Ryan revealed that her son Jack Quaid, 31, and daughter Daisy Ryan, 19, are mortified by the iconic movie moment.

Ryan humorously shared that her son had called her from a hotel across the street from Katz's Deli, where the scene was filmed. She recounted the conversation with her children, saying, "My daughter was here and everybody was on speaker, and they were like, 'Mom, this is a very unique embarrassment.'" It seems that Ryan's children have mixed feelings about their mother's famous scene, finding it simultaneously embarrassing and amusing.

The actress also reminisced about the filming of the fake orgasm scene during a 2019 reunion panel for "When Harry Met Sally." Director Rob Reiner explained that the scene required multiple takes and even stepped in for Ryan at one point to demonstrate how he wanted the moment to play out. Billy Crystal, who played Harry in the film, jokingly commented on the number of times Ryan had to act out the scene, humorously mentioning that he ate 27 pastrami sandwiches during the shoots.

"When Harry Met Sally" became a box office hit and cemented Ryan's status as a rom-com queen of the 90s. She went on to star in numerous popular romantic comedies, including "Sleepless in Seattle" and "You've Got Mail." However, after her last film in 2015, Ryan took a break from acting, focusing on other endeavors.

Now, after her eight-year hiatus, Ryan is ready to make her comeback with "What Happens Later." The film, set for release on October 13, will see her reunite with David Duchovny, with whom she had only briefly met before. Ryan described the shooting process, which took place over the course of 21 nights in Arkansas, as a collaborative effort to tell an honest and truthful story.

Reflecting on her directorial role, Ryan expressed her desire to continue directing in the future, saying, "I want to direct again just so I can sit in the chair because I'm sure there's a lot of things I missed." She also revealed that the script for "What Happens Later" was inspired by the pandemic and the collective pause it brought to the world. Ryan worked on the script for a year and a half, adding personal conversations with Duchovny that found their way into the story.

As the release of "What Happens Later" approaches, Ryan's fans eagerly anticipate her return to the genre that made her a household name. With her talent and experience, paired with the chemistry between her and Duchovny, the film promises to be a delightful romantic comedy that will captivate audiences once again.

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