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09/09  01:03  Danny Masterson's Controversial Trial Ends with Surprising Support and Ominous Interview Resurfacing
09/23  00:30  Islanders' fourth line could be on last legs of successful run
09/23  00:49  NYC school worker slams autistic student, 6, against wall - the third DOE employee arrested in two days
09/23  00:42  Lionel Messi will miss next Inter Miami match with scare tissue issue
09/23  00:49  Brian Daboll explains Jalin Hyatt's lack of playing time against 49ers
09/23  00:50  Joey Votto joins production of ‘The SpongeBob Musical' in Cincinnati
09/22  19:29  Gisele Bundchen was just ‘surviving' before Tom Brady split: ‘Now I'm living'
09/23  00:50  I was the hottest McDonald's manager ever - customers called me ‘McRipped'
09/22  16:00  Biden, Harris hit with pleas from Texas Democratic mayor to visit crisis-stricken border city
09/22  19:33  Matthew McConaughey's alleged stalker removed from event due to restraining order
09/22  17:33  Harvard Crimson's implication that word limits are racist is ludicrous
09/23  00:14  Alaska's Fat Bear Week is back - here's how to vote for your favorite furry chubbo
09/22  20:10  With House Hurtling Toward a Shutdown, Gaetz Is Leading the Resistance
09/22  19:50  MLB keeping pitch clock for postseason; will use neutral clock operators
09/22  08:58  What I Saw While Working at Ibram Kendi's BU Antiracism Center
09/22  05:00  Biden admin caught pushing misleading narrative on dire budget warnings impacting firefighters, data shows
09/22  20:31  Dave Portnoy torches WaPo for running 'hit piece' after calling out reporter: They were 'caught lying'
09/22  21:00  US Pledges New Aid for Haiti, Urges UN to Authorize Security Mission
09/22  19:55  Tinder unveils staggering $500-per-month ‘VIP' subscription tier
09/23  01:20  Jessica Chastain slams Joe Jonas' ‘PR manipulation,' supports Sophie Turner with scathing retweet
09/22  05:00  'I no longer consider myself a Californian': Texas couple praises new freedoms after life-changing move
09/22  09:30  Pennsylvania's McCormick touts bid against Casey, says voter ID better than Shapiro's motor-voter change
09/23  01:05  Jan. 6 rioter who punched officer and stole his shield sentenced to almost 3 years
09/23  01:15  FBI launches inquiry into alleged abuse by police at Baton Rouge warehouse
09/22  20:34  Feds open investigation into claims Baton Rouge police tortured detainees in "Brave Cave"
09/23  00:49  US auto workers expand strike as Biden prepares to join picket line
09/22  19:49  How to protect yourself from social media scammers
09/22  23:15  Couple who bought house from Utah mom charged with killing husband feel like 'bystanders in her path of destruction'
09/22  20:31  Why women crave chocolate at certain times of month, according to scientists
09/22  20:24  My best friend demands I bleach my hair for her wedding - but I refuse
09/22  22:30  Add this Rotatable Magnetic Waterproof Flashlight to your camping supplies for just $14
09/22  23:11  How the Supremes can head off back-door racial favoritism by US colleges
09/22  21:02  Adams administration cuts adult migrant shelter stay to 30 days during constant influx of asylum seekers in NYC
09/22  19:33  Biden Taps Harris to Lead New Office to Prevent Gun Violence
09/22  18:27  Research Warns White Supremacists Are Building a Shadow Militia
09/22  13:44  Russell Brand faces new accusations: woman claims he exposed himself and laughed about it
09/22  19:12  Cowboys' Micah Parsons rips Bart Scott for comment about injured Trevon Diggs: 'Hating a- old head'
09/22  16:36  University of Maryland surgeons perform second pig heart transplant in attempt to save dying man
09/22  06:00  Expelled Yale student says rape case that led to acquittal 'eviscerated' his life
09/22  11:38  Sen. Bob Menendez bribery charges are 'monster' indictment and 'serious problem' for Democrats, says Turley
09/22  22:31  Ex-security worker at NYC hotel busted for shooting at migrant during feud: sources
09/22  23:26  80-year-old man killed in Staten Island triple stabbing: NYPD
09/22  18:17  Justice Kagan Calls for the Supreme Court to Adopt an Ethics Code
09/22  17:39  India's Moon Lander Misses Wake-Up Call After Successful Mission
09/22  18:03  Arriving Now: Fast Passenger Trains From Miami to Orlando
09/22  22:58  What we know about the murder case of the Utah grief author accused of poisoning her husband
09/23  01:54  Mean Girls' movie musical heading to theaters
09/22  15:50  How a Gun Made for Combat Found Its Way Into Millions of Homes
09/22  12:44  What Researching the AR-15 Revealed About the 'Zelig of Guns'
09/22  22:30  BetMGM Kentucky bonus code NYPNEWS scores $100 offer for NC State-Virginia, any game
09/22  08:44  They Came, They Shaped, They Shredded
09/22  05:01  The Ghost in the Mirror
09/21  14:40  A Lush Novel at the Nexus of Food, Pleasure, Wealth and Catastrophe
09/23    'It will save lives': Biden and Harris launch federal gun control prevention office
09/22  19:51  Long Island band teacher removed for sending explicit photos to YouTuber posing as 15-year-old girl
09/19  15:10  'Take the Money and Run' Artist Must Repay Danish Museum
09/22  18:38  At least 35% of adults in nearly half the US are obese, new CDC data shows
09/22  05:00  India's 'Lake Man' Relies on Ancient Methods to Ease a Water Crisis
09/23  03:57  No deal yet as Hollywood writers, studios talk for third straight day
09/23  04:32  Iowa man disappears the day he's found guilty of killing his wife
09/22  21:11  Flight attendant got ‘biggest shock of her life' from boyfriend after landing
09/22  23:59  Doja Cat's ‘Scarlet' review: 7 reasons to claw into her new album
09/23  03:54  Brewers' Rowdy Tellez fools Marlins on mound, helps clinch playoff spot
09/23  03:53  Semyon Varlamov happy to remain with Islanders in backup role: ‘Love this place'
09/23  04:28  Deion Sanders gets parking ticket before big game against Oregon: ‘Crazy'
09/22  20:57  Sen. Bob Menendez steps down as panel chair after bribe charges, NJ gov calls for resignation
09/23  03:56  Tropical Storm Ophelia forecast to make landfall in North Carolina, state of emergency declared
09/22  14:02  San Francisco reporter shares moments after he was assaulted by young teens: 'Shocking'
09/22  18:36  Conservatives congratulate VP Harris for new role as gun czar after 'bang up job with the border'
09/22  18:54  Drug dealer flew drone carrying $75K in opioids, porn-filled USB drive into prison yard
09/22  13:21  Tortured DJ tried to comfort bound and blindfolded girlfriend before his death: ‘My love, don't be scared'
09/22  20:18  Uber Eats deliverer warns against illegal workers coming into your home: ‘Significant security issue'
09/22  20:21  NIH doctor sounded alarms about Wuhan lab safety in 2017, report shows
09/23  01:13  Progress in Hollywood Writers' Strike Negotiations, but No Deal Yet
09/23  02:40  Eight mummies and pre-Inca objects - including opium pipes -uncovered by gas workers in Peru
09/22  18:50  California prosecutor blocked special counsel from charging Hunter Biden, IRS official confirms
09/22  08:39  First trans NFL cheerleader compares role to becoming doctor, says no one will stop 'this show'
09/22  11:48  Dem senator charged with bribery once claimed Trump could be 'compromised' by Russian government
09/22  17:33  Karine Jean-Pierre dodges questions on Biden repeating story at campaign event
09/23  00:20  Second-ever pig heart transplant saves dying man: ‘Now I have hope'
09/22  19:02  Why Biden will lose if gas prices keep rising - as they seem set to do
09/23  03:36  Jets hopeful for Duane Brown's return despite absence from practice
09/22  21:36  'Breaking Bad' star urges Steelers to fire offensive coordinator Matt Canada: 'Get the f- out of Pittsburgh'
09/22  17:25  Cop allegedly kills ex-girlfriend with service gun after promising 'no one' else could have her
09/22  19:29  Bears coach Matt Eberflus to take over defensive play-calling duties; says Justin Fields was being a 'leader'
09/22  22:15  JESSE WATTERS: The Bidens and Menendez play by the same rules
09/22  06:00  Sample of Empire State Building-sized asteroid set to crash down in Utah desert
09/23  02:11  The best part of the Giants' first three games? They're over and done with
09/23  02:40  Nebraska woman sentenced to 2 years in prison for giving pregnant daughter abortion pills
09/22  21:21  Mother Who Gave Abortion Pills to Teen Daughter Gets 2 Years in Prison
09/22  20:37  'Harry Potter' to light up Empire State Building for 25th anniversary
09/23  01:42  Rangers' Peter Laviolette sees new opportunity in switching up defensive pairings
09/22  21:12  Same legal obstacle that got Sen. Bob Menendez off the hook in 2015 factors into new indictment
09/22  22:10  Bob Menendez aide asked Hunter Biden partner for then-VP to host 2010 event
09/23  02:05  Iowa killer skips town day jury finds him guilty of murdering his wife of 40 years
09/23  02:58  Aaron Rodgers gives credit to Jordan Love's start with Packers
09/23  03:19  Rangers core knows the clock is ticking to prove themselves: ‘This is our time'
09/22  23:10  SEAN HANNITY: The Biden administration is barely treading water
09/22  23:01  CDC recommends Pfizer's RSV vaccine during pregnancy as protection for newborns
09/22  17:00  Bari Weiss, James Carville clash on Kamala Harris as Dem strategist blames Biden, sexism for VP's unpopularity
09/22  19:59  New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy calls on Sen. Menendez to resign following indictment
09/21  21:47  Florida woman allegedly attacked 2 people at pool for doing 'inappropriate' stretches
09/23  02:30  Joy Behar slams Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner for messy divorce: ‘Those kids will be scarred forever'
09/23  01:20  I'm a female bodybuilder in my 60's and I look amazing - here's my secret
09/22  21:42  Dallas mayor ditches Democrats to become a Republican
09/22  16:55  Gen Z Hackers behind MGM, Caesars breaches ‘more sophisticated' and ‘ruthless'
09/22  15:58  Apple slashes pay raises for retail employees as revenue drops
09/22  19:45  Our flight was ruined by a farting dog - we got a $1,400 refund
09/22  18:37  Jets' Aaron Rodgers remains focused on getting healthy; no timeline on a possible NFL return
09/22  18:49  Third Republican presidential debate to be held in Miami on Nov. 8
09/22  15:36  Interest rates are paused. Should you open a CD or high-yield savings account?
09/22  15:26  3 great reasons to insure your dog now
09/22  15:27  Former White House staffer Cassidy Hutchinson says Trump is "dangerous for the country"
09/22  16:23  Cyprus asks EU to re-evaluate Syrian 'safe zones'
09/22  15:40  Nick Saban expects Alabama to 'respond' after lackluster start but expresses doubts ahead of Ole Miss
09/22  15:08  How seniors can buy gold bars and coins
09/22  20:00  Revelations of Clarence Thomas's Koch links stoke supreme court reform calls
09/22  09:03  Breaking Bard + Who Owns Your Face? + Gamer News!
09/22  14:53  Giorgio Napolitano, Italian Post-Communist Pillar, Dies at 98
09/22  14:20  Influx of Migrants Exposes Democrats' Division on Immigration
09/22  15:38  U.A.W. President Steps Up Pressure on Biden With Invite to Picket Lines
09/22  19:44  Biden, with few options on guns, sets up ceremonial office
09/22  16:23  Late German cardinal's statue to be removed over sex abuse claims
09/22  16:24  Oklahoma judge arrested in Texas after firing shots at parked vehicles and crashing into another vehicle
09/22  17:41  Container Store's millionaire CEO cut his salary to make sure staffers get a raise despite shrinking profits
09/22  17:13  Investors eyeing minority stake in Golden State Warriors balk at $7B valuation: report
09/22  18:25  Staten Island's skyrocketing crime is proving NY progressive lawmakers all wrong
09/22  17:51  DWTS' host Alfonso Ribeiro suffered concussion after being hit in head with baseball
09/22  16:10  Clarence Thomas Twice Attended Koch Network Donor Summits
09/22  16:18  Apple CEO Tim Cook appears in NYC for iPhone 15 launch as stores draw crowds worldwide
09/22  20:18  Grab this Retro-Inspired Game Console with 620 games for only $25
09/22  20:07  9/11 defendant unfit to stand trial after CIA torture 'made him insane'
09/22  15:24  Ex-NFL QB Boomer Esiason says Barstool founder and Washington Post saga highlights 'woke aspect of this world'
09/21  21:45  NY Times columnist's gripe about $78 Newark Airport tab goes viral: ‘Keep drinking buddy'
09/22  15:44  Delaware school principals made meme of student's breast using security cam footage: lawsuit
09/22  20:12  This Levoit personal humidifier is 25% off today on Amazon
09/22  19:00  What does the cheapest ticket cost to see Beyonce in Houston?
09/22  18:24  We found the cheapest tickets for all 23 Queen ‘Rhapsody Tour' concerts
09/22  15:11  Pakistan arrests dissident TV news anchor
09/22  14:10  A boy's killing led New Mexico's governor to issue a gun ban. Arrests have been made in the case, police say.
09/22  12:14  Authorities expand 'very aggressive' manhunt for Kevin Mason, homicide suspect mistakenly released from jail
09/22  15:09  Georgetown women's basketball coach Tasha Butts takes leave to focus on battle against breast cancer
09/22  12:52  Shakira blames relationship with Gerard Pique for putting her career 'on hold': 'I was dedicated to him'
09/22  14:22  Deion Sanders' pastor and friend walks the "higher walk" with "Coach Prime" before every Colorado game
09/22  13:49  Colombia navy intercepts "suspicious" motor boat, finds over $41 million worth of cocaine
09/22  18:05  White House planning for government shutdown after chaos on Capitol Hill
09/22  17:43  US Jews and Israelis denounce judicial overhaul as Netanyahu addresses UN
09/22  14:16  iPhone 15 demand exceeds expectations, as consumers worldwide line up to buy
09/22  13:55  Why you should use home equity while interest rates are paused
09/22  14:11  Why you should open a high-yield savings account this fall

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