Escaped shackled inmate accused of attempted murder found buried in mud

00:08 03.09.2023

Escaped Attempted Murder Suspect Found Buried in Mud, Nearly Escapes Again

In a shocking turn of events, an attempted murder suspect who had escaped from an Oregon mental hospital while shackled was found buried in mud up to his armpits. Christopher Pray, 39, had been on the run for two days when authorities responded to a call regarding a possibly deceased person in a pond on Friday morning.

When rescue crews arrived at the scene, they discovered Pray stuck in the mud, approximately 75 feet from firm ground and buried up to his armpits. The rescue operation required a rope and ladder to safely remove him. However, what's even more astonishing is that Pray had not yet been recognized as the escaped suspect.

It took about an hour to free Pray from the mud, who was then taken to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for evaluation. At the hospital, Pray provided a fake name in an attempt to hide his true identity. Fortunately, an observant hospital employee noticed that he resembled Christopher Pray and immediately informed the Portland Police Bureau. The authorities swiftly responded and confirmed his true identity, leading to his arrest and return to custody.

Authorities are now launching an investigation into how Pray managed to escape from the mental hospital and remove his shackles. The facility has not released any details regarding the incident or any potential security breaches that may have occurred.

Pray's escape occurred while he was being transported from the Multnomah County jail to the Oregon State Hospital in Salem. He reportedly took control of the vehicle and sped off, leading state troopers on a high-speed car chase on Interstate 5 southbound. Due to safety concerns, the pursuit was ultimately halted by the police.

At the time of his escape, Pray was considered extremely dangerous, and authorities issued a statement urging the public not to approach him and to immediately contact 911 if they spotted him. Pray faces charges of first-degree robbery, attempted aggravated murder, assault, and being a felon in possession of a firearm. These charges are in connection to an armed robbery and shooting incident where he is accused of nearly killing a woman in Multnomah County.

Pray's criminal history reveals a troubling past. He has at least 16 previous felony convictions, including charges of first-degree robbery, being an inmate with a weapon, smuggling contraband into prison, and resisting arrest. These convictions highlight the dangerous nature of the suspect and the potential threat he poses to the community.

It remains unclear how Pray managed to seize control of the vehicle while wearing handcuffs connected to shackles on his legs and a belly chain. During his escape, one of the hospital employees was injured in the process, further adding to the chaos and danger of the situation.

Prior to his escape, Pray had been involved in an altercation with another patient at the state hospital, which led to him requiring medical attention. After being transferred to a local emergency room and returning to the hospital, Pray fought his way to the driver's seat and stole a white minivan. He was last seen driving the stolen state vehicle, a white 2016 Dodge Caravan with the Oregon license plate E265614. Pray has ties to the greater Portland area, heightening concerns about his potential whereabouts.

Authorities are now emphasizing their gratitude to the vigilant medical personnel who recognized Pray and quickly alerted the authorities. The incident has raised serious questions about security measures at the Oregon mental hospital and the need for improved protocols to prevent such escapes in the future.

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