Mexican Parents Torch Textbooks in Fiery Protest against Gender Ideology

21:36 03.09.2023

In a display of fervent opposition, Christian groups in Mexico have taken to the streets to protest against the country's Department of Education. The protest gained momentum when one group resorted to burning books they believed to be infiltrated with Marxist-communist indoctrination. According to a report, parents from various Christian organizations across Mexico have joined the movement, with over 12,000 people attending the demonstrations in Aguascalientes, one of the 32 states that make up the Federal Entities of Mexico.

The main bone of contention for these parents is the new textbooks distributed by the Ministry of Public Education, which they claim contain explicit sexual and gender ideology content. Many of the protestors belong to Evangelical Christian communities, such as the one in Chiapas, a southern Mexican state bordering Guatemala. It was in this town that parents from the community piled up boxes of the controversial textbooks, doused them with fuel, and set them ablaze.

The outrage over the textbooks has mobilized parents into activism, leading to the collection of over 112,000 signatures in a petition demanding the immediate cessation of their distribution. The petition argues that the sexualized and gender ideology content has been inserted without prior parental consultation, thus impinging on their rights. These concerned parents fear that their children will be indoctrinated with values that contradict their religious beliefs.

Mexican President L??pez Obrador responded to the protests, claiming that parents have been "misinformed and manipulated" by a politicized agenda. He believes that parents are under the assumption that the new textbooks are infused with the "virus of communism." While acknowledging the parents' right to demonstrate, the president maintained that the outrage stemmed from politicking rather than an objective assessment of the textbooks.

In an attempt to counter accusations that the textbooks promote gender ideology indoctrination, President L??pez Obrador denied the claims, stating that they were prepared by teachers and experts. However, he did concede that there is room for improvement in the textbooks.

This clash between the Christian groups and the Mexican Department of Education highlights the deep-seated divide between those advocating for a more progressive approach to education and those seeking to preserve traditional religious values. While the government insists on the need for modernization and inclusivity, many parents are concerned about the potential erosion of their religious beliefs and values. The burning of books symbolizes the intensity of their opposition and the determination to protect what they perceive as the moral fabric of their society.

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