Dodgers' Julio Urias Faces Felony Charges for Domestic Violence

19:02 04.09.2023

Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Julio Ur?as has been arrested for felony domestic violence for the second time in his career. The incident occurred late on Sunday night, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. This marks Ur?as' second arrest for domestic violence, with the first resulting in a 20-game suspension from Major League Baseball (MLB) in 2019. The 27-year-old was taken into custody around 11 p.m. and was booked into jail at approximately 1 a.m., as confirmed by jail records. Ur?as was later released on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court in September.

Upon hearing about the incident, the Dodgers issued a statement expressing awareness of the situation involving Ur?as. The team announced that while they gather all the facts, he will not be traveling with the team. The Dodgers refrained from making further comments at this time. MLB has also stated that it is investigating the case, and it is common for the league to place players charged with domestic violence on administrative leave during the investigation process.

This is not the first time Ur?as has faced allegations of domestic violence. In 2019, he was arrested on suspicion of domestic battery, resulting in MLB imposing a 20-game suspension under its domestic violence policy. Although he was not charged in that incident, it marked the first time a player had been suspended twice for violating the policy.

Ur?as, who hails from Mexico, has had a mixed performance on the field this season. He currently has a 4.60 ERA over 21 starts with the Dodgers in 2023. However, in 2022, he boasted the league's best ERA at 2.16 over 31 starts and 175 innings. Throughout his career, Ur?as has maintained a 3.11 ERA over 158 games, including 122 starts and 117.1 innings. He holds an overall record of 60-25 in the regular season. Furthermore, Ur?as is set to become a free agent after this year.

The altercation leading to Ur?as' arrest occurred after a Major League Soccer match at the BMO Stadium in South Los Angeles, according to Assistant Chief Chris Carr of the Exposition Park Department of Public Safety. Details regarding the specific nature of the incident were not immediately available. Urias was arrested shortly after 11 p.m. and was released on $50,000 bail just before 5 a.m. on Monday, as reported by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He is expected to make a court appearance in September.

Following the incident, the Los Angeles Dodgers acknowledged the situation involving Ur?as. The team stated that they are currently gathering all the facts and announced that Ur?as will not be traveling with the team during this time. The Los Angeles Dodgers did not provide any additional comments. Meanwhile, Major League Baseball and Ur?as' agent have yet to respond to inquiries for comment.

This arrest comes approximately three years after Ur?as was placed on administrative leave following a previous incident involving domestic violence. In 2019, he was arrested by the Los Angeles Police Department after an altercation with a woman in a shopping center parking lot. However, misdemeanor charges were not filed, provided that Ur?as did not engage in violent criminal behavior for the remainder of the year, according to The Los Angeles Times.

Major League Baseball implemented a domestic violence and sexual abuse policy in 2016, which allows for disciplinary measures, including suspensions, even if the legal process is ongoing. The policy permits the commissioner's office to place players on paid administrative leave for up to seven days while accusations are investigated, although extensions have been granted in previous cases. In response to the 2019 incident, Ur?as served a 20-game suspension, equivalent to approximately three weeks, according to Dodgers spokesman Jon Weisman. It is currently unclear whether he will face a suspension as a consequence of Sunday's arrest.

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