Deion Sanders' son motivated by TCU assistant's past slight: 'Pushed him off to the side'

07:02 05.09.2023

In a stunning upset, the Colorado Buffaloes, led by Shedeur Sanders, son of NFL legend Deion Sanders, defeated the No. 17 ranked TCU Horned Frogs with a final score of 45-42. Shedeur Sanders had an outstanding performance, throwing for an impressive 510 yards and four touchdowns, including the game-winning score in the fourth quarter. This victory has solidified the Buffaloes as the talk of college football after Week 1.

One of the key factors in the Buffaloes' triumph was Shedeur Sanders' personal motivation. During an appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show," Coach Prime revealed that TCU offensive coordinator Kendal Briles had disregarded Sanders at a previous camp. This incident deeply affected Shedeur, who felt disrespected by Briles' lack of attention. Sanders made a vow to his father never to return to that school again.

Deion Sanders emphasized the importance of treating young athletes with respect during these camps, as they pay close attention to how they are treated. Shedeur's determination to prove himself against Briles drove him to work tirelessly, leading to the remarkable performance against TCU.

The victory against TCU was a testament to the hard work and determination of Shedeur Sanders and the entire Colorado Buffaloes team. They defied the odds as the Vegas oddsmakers had them as over 20-point underdogs. Shedeur Sanders made sure to address the doubters after the game, stating, "A lot of you didn't believe in us." He emphasized the winning mentality instilled by his father, who was a winner wherever he went.

The Buffaloes are now looking to build on their successful start as they prepare to face Nebraska in their home opener. The game, scheduled for 12 p.m. ET, will be an opportunity for the team to continue their early-season momentum.

The remarkable performance of Shedeur Sanders, following the motivation he drew from the disrespect he encountered at the hands of TCU offensive coordinator Kendal Briles, has put the Colorado Buffaloes in the national spotlight. Shedeur's ability to dissect TCU's defense showcased his talent and determination. Briles, a former offensive coordinator at Deion's alma mater, Florida State, and Arkansas, now understands the consequences of overlooking young athletes.

This victory has marked a turning point for the Colorado Buffaloes and Shedeur Sanders, as they aim to prove their worth in college football. With a famous father as their coach and a talented quarterback leading the way, the Buffaloes are ready to take on any challenge that comes their way.

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