Brady predicts 'great year' for invigorated Rodgers with Jets

15:36 05.09.2023

In a major offseason move, the New York Jets acquired star quarterback Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers, following in the footsteps of legendary quarterbacks like Brett Favre, Joe Namath, Joe Montana, and Peyton Manning. The Jets' decision to bring in Rodgers was fueled by their belief that he is ripe for success in his new journey with the team.

What makes this move even more promising for the Jets is the fact that they have assembled a talented roster around Rodgers. Not only did they add some of his longtime colleagues to the team, both in terms of players and coaching staff, but they also have Offensive Rookie of the Year, Garrett Wilson, an emerging running back in Breece Hall, and the recent acquisition of Dalvin Cook. The Jets are confident that this supporting cast will help Rodgers thrive in his new environment.

Interestingly, Tom Brady, who experienced immense success with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after joining them in the previous season, shared his thoughts on what it's like to join a new organization. Speaking on the "Let's Go!" podcast alongside Larry Fitzgerald and Jim Gray, Brady explained that there is a different energy and a sense of newness that comes with joining a new team. He emphasized the importance of leaving behind any mental scar tissue from previous experiences and bringing only the positives to the new journey.

Rodgers echoed Brady's sentiment during the season debut of "Let's Go!," acknowledging the mental toll that years spent at one place can have. He discussed the challenges of dealing with losses, relationships, and personal experiences that can leave lasting effects. However, he expressed excitement about starting fresh with the Jets, devoid of any negative baggage, and bringing his best to the team.

Brady, who has faced Rodgers numerous times on the field, expressed his excitement about the quarterback's move to the Jets. He believes that Rodgers will be invigorated and expects him to have a great year. Brady commended the Jets' overall team strength, especially their offense, and expressed his anticipation to see Rodgers perform with a talented group of receivers.

As for Rodgers, his first regular-season appearance for the Jets will be against the Buffalo Bills on Monday night. There is palpable excitement surrounding the Jets in the Big Apple this season, with even one of their biggest antagonists, Tom Brady, expressing optimism about their chances. Brady drew parallels to his own transition from the New England Patriots to the Buccaneers, which resulted in a Super Bowl victory in his first season.

The Jets have undergone a massive overhaul during the offseason, bolstering their roster with key acquisitions like Rodgers, Dalvin Cook, Allen Lazard, and Randall Cobb. Brady, having experienced a similar transition himself, expressed his excitement for Rodgers and his belief in the Jets' potential success.

Rodgers has wasted no time in building chemistry with his new teammates. He has been spotted at various events around New York, most recently attending the US Open with Randall Cobb and C.J. Uzomah. On the field, he showcased his skills in the preseason game against the Giants, completing 5 of 8 passes for 47 yards and a touchdown pass to Garrett Wilson.

The impact Rodgers has already made on the team has been recognized by his teammates, as he was voted as one of the three captains for the upcoming season. Jets head coach Robert Saleh praised Rodgers for his exceptional leadership, messaging, and nurturing of the younger players on the team.

With the regular season right around the corner, the Jets are gearing up to host the Buffalo Bills at MetLife Stadium for a highly anticipated "Monday Night Football" matchup. The team and fans alike are eager to see how Rodgers will perform in his new environment and whether he can lead the Jets to success.

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