Married Christian School Teacher Engages in Inappropriate Conduct with Teen Students: Police

06:13 08.09.2023

An Alabama math teacher at a private Christian school is facing severe allegations after being accused of engaging in sexual acts with two teenage boys who were both her students. The shocking details of this case were revealed through an arrest warrant obtained by Fox News Digital.

The accused, Chrystal Frost, a 35-year-old married mother of three, had recently resigned from her position at Crenshaw Christian Academy, known as Home of the Cougars, following an incident where she was caught exchanging explicit photos with a student on Snapchat. According to a police report, Frost had sent an obscene photo to the student and had requested a similar explicit photo from the student in return.

The disturbing events came to light after the school received an anonymous tip about a 15-year-old student, identified as GT, possessing a nude photo of Frost on his phone, which he had shared with some of his classmates. In response to this tip, an administrator confronted Frost, who admitted to a different photo she had sent to the cheerleaders, where she had intentionally pulled her Nike shorts up high, exposing her buttocks. The photo was sent as a joke, Frost claimed.

The school took immediate action the following day and reported the incident to the Luverne Police Department, which subsequently commenced an investigation. During the investigation, another student came forward and claimed that GT and Frost had been involved in an intimate relationship. GT later admitted in an interview on August 29th that his teacher had sent him the lewd photo and had offered him sex. The two had met on a piece of land owned by GT's family at least four times for their illicit encounters. On one occasion, when GT went to feed the dogs as part of his chores, Frost met him and allegedly performed oral sex on him in a car. GT stated that he ended the disturbing relationship in early summer.

The police then managed to track down a second teenager, a 16-year-old student identified as AP, who had been Frost's student in the previous school year. Shockingly, Frost had allegedly used the same manipulative tactics on AP. After he started homeschooling, Frost sent him a photo of her breasts and then asked if he knew of a place where they could have sex. They met on a farm only once, where they engaged in both oral sex and intercourse. The police report mentioned that during this encounter, Frost made no conversation with AP from arrival to the conclusion of their sexual contact. Following the encounter, Frost sent two additional lascivious photos before blocking AP on Snapchat.

During a police interview, Frost allegedly confessed to these depraved acts, leading to her arrest. She now faces multiple charges, including traveling to meet a child for an unlawful sex act, electronic solicitation of a child, two counts of a school employee engaging in a sex act, and two counts of a school employee distributing obscene material to a student.

Despite the severity of the accusations, Frost was unavailable for comment. Additionally, a spokesperson for Crenshaw Christian Academy, which has been providing children with a "traditional, Christian education" since its establishment in 1968, declined to comment on the matter. This shocking incident has rocked the small town of Luverne, Alabama, located approximately 50 miles south of Montgomery.

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