Former Philadelphia Police Officer Charged with Murder for Fatally Shooting Eddie Irizarry

05:07 09.09.2023

14 shooting at a news conference, said Dial has been charged with murder, aggravated assault, and other offenses. The body camera footage contradicted Dial's claim that Irizarry had lunged at him with a knife. In the footage, Dial can be heard shouting at Irizarry to "show me your hands" before firing six shots through the window of Irizarry's car. Irizarry was sitting in his gold Toyota Camry with the windows rolled up at the time of the shooting.

The release of the body camera footage comes after the Philadelphia Police Department initially claimed that Irizarry had lunged at officers with a knife. However, after reviewing the footage, officials retracted that statement and admitted that Irizarry did not have a chance to react before Dial fired his weapon. The footage also showed Dial and his partner pulling Irizarry out of the car and loading him into their patrol car to rush him to a nearby hospital, where he later died from his injuries.

The victim's family, who had privately viewed the footage last week, called on the district attorney to release it in full. They believe that the footage dispels any notion that Irizarry had done anything wrong and shows how quickly Dial shot him. The victim's father expressed relief that the footage was released and hoped that Dial would face severe punishment for his actions.

Dial's lawyers, however, claim that there is more to the story and blasted the decision to charge him with murder. They argue that Dial believed Irizarry had a gun when he opened fire and that the body camera footage will make that clear. They also criticized the charges, saying that they put police officers in peril at a time when they are dealing with high levels of violence in the city.

The Fraternal Order of Police, which represents Philadelphia officers, has also expressed support for Dial and said that they will continue to review the facts and circumstances surrounding the incident. Dial had been suspended for 30 days following the shooting and was facing termination for insubordination and failure to cooperate with the department's investigation.

This case marks the fourth time that District Attorney Larry Krasner has charged an officer in an on-duty shooting since he took office in 2018. Prior to Krasner's tenure, prosecutors had not charged a city police officer in an on-duty shooting in nearly two decades.

Dial is now being held without bail and is facing multiple charges, including murder, aggravated assault, and reckless endangerment of another person. The case is still under investigation by the police Internal Affairs Bureau, and Krasner has asked the public to be patient as the investigation unfolds. The victim's family has also called for peaceful demonstrations and respect for their loved one's memory.

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