News Corp CEO slams AI-generated content for left-wing bias

06:24 09.09.2023

News Corp CEO, Robert Thomson, has criticized the left-wing bias and inaccuracies found in AI-generated content, warning that the technology poses a threat to the news industry. Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia and Technology Conference in San Francisco, Thomson argued that AI is retrospective, relying on permutations of pre-existing content rather than providing new insights. He labeled the output of AI-generated content as "rubbish in, rubbish out, rubbish all about," and expressed concern that it is exponentially distributing potentially damaging content.

Thomson highlighted the left-leaning slant prevalent in stories produced by major media companies, accusing them of being riddled with errors. He claimed that bots like the popular ChatGPT search engine regurgitate this biased content as fact. Thomson raised concerns about the dangers of AI, stating that it could lead to an ever-shrinking circle of sanity surrounded by a reservoir of rubbish, rather than providing valuable insights.

In February, ChatGPT refused to write a story about Hunter Biden in the style of the New York Post but generated a CNN-like puff piece that protected the president's embattled son. Thomson emphasized the left-wing bias of certain AI engines, suggesting that they would make Marx and Lenin persona non grata.

Thomson also called for companies using archived material to train generative AI engines to pay publishers who employ trusted sources to create content. He argued that if companies benefit from the content, they should support its creation to avoid undermining the industry further.

Concerning the impact of AI on the news industry, Thomson highlighted the significant threat it poses, particularly in light of the decline in newsroom employment caused by Big Tech giants such as Google and Facebook. He noted that newsroom employment in the US has declined by around 57% since 2008. Thomson warned that the emergence of AI represents an even more damaging wave of disruption.

Despite media companies, including Barry Diller's IAC, considering legal action against AI tech companies to protect intellectual property, Thomson stated that News Corp does not currently plan to join the litigation. He expressed a preference for negotiation over litigation, stating that the focus should be on rewarding journalists rather than benefiting lawyers.

In conclusion, Thomson's criticism of left-wing bias and inaccuracies in AI-generated content reflects his concern that AI technology could further damage the news industry. He emphasized the need for fair compensation for publishers and journalists and expressed a preference for negotiation rather than legal action to address these challenges.

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