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Midwest Woman Contemplates Coming Out as Bisexual to Family

In a recent Dear Abby column, a woman from Indiana wrote in seeking advice on whether or not to disclose her bisexuality to her family. The woman, who is in her late 30s, is married to a straight man and has no intention of acting on her attraction to both sexes. She expressed concerns about being judged or not taken seriously if she were to wear a T-shirt that says "Why Not Both?" and be asked about it.

Dear Abby, whose real name is Abigail Van Buren, responded by advising the woman to only wear the shirt when she is ready to come out because it is likely to elicit questions. Abby also clarified that being bisexual does not mean being attracted to every person encountered and that the woman has made her choice about her partner's gender. Abby sees no reason for her to disclose her bisexuality to her family unless she is ready to make it common knowledge.

Grandmother Struggles with Granddaughter's Lying Pranks

Another letter featured in the same column came from a grandmother in Iowa who shared her concerns about her 14-year-old granddaughter's habit of telling outrageous lies. The grandmother, who had epilepsy as a teenager, explained that she is particularly sensitive about her grandchild developing a neurological condition at that age. The granddaughter finds it amusing to see if she can get her grandmother to believe her lies and giggles when confronted about it. The grandmother was unsure of how to address this issue and sent a text to her daughter, but received no response indicating any action would be taken.

Abby suggested a playful approach for the grandmother to address the lying behavior. She recommended inviting the granddaughter to a concert and then laughing when she reacted, in order to demonstrate how it feels to be on the receiving end of false information. Dear Abby is written by Abigail Van Buren, also known as Jeanne Phillips, and was founded by her mother, Pauline Phillips.

Introverted Individual Feels Peer Pressure to Join Overnight Activity

In a separate letter seeking advice, an introverted individual expressed their discomfort with spending an extended amount of time with friends during an upcoming overnight activity. The person, who is part of a group of friends from the same country, explained that they are comfortable with their current level of closeness, which mainly involves texting and occasional meetups for lunch or other activities. However, spending more than 24 hours with their friends feels overwhelming.

The individual initially tried to hint at their disinterest by saying they lacked the necessary equipment for the activity, but their friends suggested they could borrow equipment. Feeling pressured to go without wanting to seem antisocial, they sought guidance from Dear Abby. Abby acknowledged that not everyone is comfortable with extended periods of socializing and suggested finding ways to manage alone time during the excursion or being honest with their friends about their feelings.

Mother Worries About Daughter's Serious Relationship at a Young Age

Lastly, a concerned mother from Massachusetts expressed her worries about her 12-year-old daughter's seemingly serious romantic relationship with another girl. While the daughter's relationship does not involve any sexual activity, they spend time together socially and communicate daily through FaceTime. The mother recalled her own experiences as a young teenager, where crushes and relationships were short-lived, and expressed a desire for her daughter to have more varied experiences.

Dear Abby advised the mother to let her daughter's friendship develop naturally and not to interfere. Abby emphasized that best friendships can last for years or even decades, and it is important to allow the daughter to mature at her own pace.

In conclusion, these varied letters addressed concerns about disclosure of personal information, handling family dynamics, managing social pressures, and navigating relationships at different stages of life. Dear Abby provided thoughtful advice to each individual, taking into account their unique circumstances and offering guidance for their specific situations.

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