600,000 gallons of red wine flow through Portuguese town after spill, triggering environmental warning

22:01 11.09.2023

On Monday, the small town of Levira, Portugal experienced a devastating environmental incident when two holding tanks containing nearly 600,000 gallons of red wine burst, causing a crimson tide of fermented grape juice to flood the streets and head towards a nearby waterway. Videos circulating online captured the shocking scene as wine cascaded through the town of S??o Lorenco de Bairro, home to approximately 2,000 residents. The sheer volume of wine that escaped from the tanks was equivalent to filling an Olympic-sized swimming pool, triggering an environmental alert.

The two tanks responsible for the massive wine spill were under the ownership of Levira Distillery, which swiftly issued an apology to its neighbors for the unfortunate event. In a Facebook post, the company expressed deep regret for the incident and acknowledged the support it had received from the government, explaining that the incident occurred due to the excessive amount of wine in the country as a result of the Distillation Crisis 2023. Levira Distillery emphasized that no injuries were reported, but expressed sincere concern for the damage caused to the homes and the general area of Levira.

Authorities are currently investigating the cause of the incident, and Levira Distillery expressed gratitude towards the Anadia Municipal Council, Civil Protection, Volunteer Firefighters of Anadia, and GNR SEPNA for their rapid response and efforts to minimize the impact of the spill. The company assured the public that they were fully aware of the dangers involved and were making every effort to prevent any adverse effects on the wineries and producers they have collaborated with over the years.

Taking full responsibility for the cleanup and repair costs, Levira Distillery stated that crews were readily available to commence the necessary tasks immediately. The company also urged residents to document any damages caused by the spill, as they aimed to coordinate with the affected parties to find a prompt resolution to the issue.

Prior to this incident, locals in the coastal town were left astonished when a river of red wine unexpectedly surged through their streets on Sunday. The incident occurred after the two tanks owned by Levira Distillery, which were carrying an astounding 600,000 gallons of wine, suddenly gave way. Video footage posted online captured the surreal sight of the red liquid rushing down a steep hill in S??o Lorenco de Bairro. Authorities swiftly responded to the situation, attempting to halt the flow of wine before it could potentially transform the nearby Certima River into a river of wine.

The Anadia Fire Department worked diligently to block the flood of wine and divert it away from the river, successfully guiding it towards a nearby field. Unfortunately, a basement in a home near the distillery was flooded with the wine. Levira Distillery wasted no time in expressing their remorse for the incident and assured the public that they had promptly dredged the wine-soaked soil. They further stated that they would bear the full responsibility for the costs associated with cleaning and repairing the damage, with immediate action taken by their dedicated teams. The company also ensured that the wine-soaked soil from the affected field had been directed to a specialized treatment plant.

As Levira Distillery works towards resolving this situation, they remain committed to ensuring that the wineries and producers they have collaborated with over the years are not negatively impacted by the spill. With the collection of evidence and records of damages, the company aims to engage in discussions and coordination to find an appropriate solution. The town of Levira and its residents are hopeful that the environmental disaster caused by the bursting wine tanks will soon be rectified, allowing them to recover from this unexpected catastrophe.

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