Ed Sheeran's Last-Minute Vegas Concert Cancellation Leaves Fans Fuming

23:39 11.09.2023

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran faced backlash from fans after abruptly canceling his Las Vegas concert at Allegiant Stadium due to safety concerns caused by extreme heat. The decision was made as temperatures soared above 100 degrees in Nevada, posing a risk to the well-being of concert-goers. Sheeran, in an Instagram post shared on Sunday, expressed his disappointment and took full responsibility for the inconvenience caused by the cancellation. He assured fans that refunds were available and a rescheduled show would take place on October 28th.

The reasoning behind the last-minute cancellation was further explained in Sheeran's post. Problems were discovered with the flooring at Allegiant Stadium when his crew began setting up for the show. The rubber tiling had become unstuck, causing two tall towers to slip overnight by about a foot each. Despite the efforts of engineers to reinforce the rebuild, the towers continued to shift. Sheeran and his crew worked tirelessly for 24 hours to salvage the show, but ultimately, it was deemed unsafe to proceed.

The announcement of the cancellation came just hours before the concert was scheduled to start, leaving many fans frustrated and disappointed. Some fans expressed their anger, claiming that they had been forced to wait outside in scorching temperatures without proper communication or access to necessities like water. One fan on Instagram criticized the lack of consideration, saying, "There was zero reason to force fans to sit outside in 102 degrees with no water, little shade, and zero communication."

However, not all fans directed their anger towards Sheeran, as some understood the safety concerns and supported his decision. They acknowledged that unforeseen circumstances were beyond the artist's control. "Real fans understand that not everything is in our control," one of Sheeran's supporters commented.

This incident is not isolated, as it follows a recent trend of artists canceling concerts unexpectedly. Just last month, Lionel Richie faced similar backlash when he postponed a joint concert with Earth, Wind & Fire in New York, citing severe weather conditions as the reason. Fans expressed skepticism, questioning the authenticity of the explanation.

As of now, Ed Sheeran's Subtract tour is set to continue in Oakland on September 15th. A representative for Sheeran has not provided further comments regarding the Las Vegas cancellation. Fans eagerly await the rescheduled concert in October, hoping for a memorable and safe experience.

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