JESSE WATTERS: The Democrats' biggest nightmare just happened

23:38 12.09.2023

In a recent segment on "Jesse Watters Primetime," Fox News host Jesse Watters delved into the potential consequences of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Watters began by highlighting House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's official opening of the inquiry, emphasizing that Biden's presidency, legacy, and even his family's freedom and fortune are now at stake.

According to Watters, an impeachment inquiry would have far-reaching implications, as it would potentially uncover President Biden's bank accounts, including any offshore holdings, as well as his family's complex network of business arrangements. Additionally, the inquiry would focus on allegations of a cover-up and obstruction of justice by the Biden administration.

Watters outlined three possible outcomes of the impeachment inquiry. Firstly, Biden could choose to resign before the end of the year. Alternatively, Biden and the Democrats might continue to engage in a cover-up, which could further expose the president and force the House to proceed with an official impeachment. This scenario would involve months of televised hearings and ultimately a full House floor vote, potentially leading to the Senate conducting a trial. The third possibility, according to Watters, is that the impeachment inquiry remains just that-an inquiry-which would make the Republicans appear weak and foolish. He criticized their defense of "the president did nothing wrong," asserting that denial is not a valid defense. Watters argued that the Democrats would need to mount a defense against specific allegations supported by witness testimonies, bank records, emails, voicemails, text messages, photographs, and whistleblowers.

In a separate segment, Watters turned his attention to President Biden's decision not to attend the 9/11 commemoration ceremonies at any of the attack sites. Watters characterized this as the Democrats' worst nightmare and pointed to a moment during Biden's visit to Vietnam where he responded to a reporter's question about the Chinese leader by saying, "I'm going to bed." Watters suggested that Biden's response only fueled doubts about his fitness for the job and jokingly added that the only thing worse Biden could have said was "I'm 'The Big Guy,'" referencing the alleged involvement of the Biden family in questionable business dealings.

Watters asserted that Biden's appearance in Vietnam indicated his declining capabilities, claiming that he seemed exhausted and was cut off mid-sentence by White House staff. He argued that this moment symbolized the late stages of the Biden presidency, implying that the president was no longer capable of fulfilling ceremonial duties.

The segment concluded by highlighting Biden's absence from the 9/11 memorial events in New York, Washington, and Shanksville. Instead, Biden commemorated the day from an airstrip in Alaska during a refueling layover. Watters criticized the White House for seemingly suggesting that it was time to move on from 9/11, while emphasizing that the president had already seemingly forgotten the significance of the day.

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