Norwegian Princess Set to Wed American Shaman

09:36 14.09.2023

Norwegian Princess M?Īrtha Louise, the eldest child of King Harald V, has announced her upcoming wedding to her Hollywood partner, the self-proclaimed shaman Durek Verrett. The couple, who have caused controversy in Norway due to their alternative beliefs, will marry next summer on August 24 in Geiranger, a picturesque location known for its stunning Norwegian scenery. Princess M?Īrtha Louise, 51, can trace her ancestry back to Britain's Queen Victoria, while Verrett, 48, hails from California and claims to be a sixth-generation shaman.

The marriage announcement was met with delight from King Harald V, who stated that his family was pleased to welcome Verrett into their ranks. Despite joining the royal family, Verrett will not be given a title. Princess M?Īrtha Louise's brother, Crown Prince Haakon, who is two years younger than her, is set to succeed their father as king. The Norwegian Constitution was amended in 1990 to allow the firstborn, regardless of gender, to take precedence in the line of succession. However, this change was not applied retroactively, resulting in Haakon remaining first in line to the throne. Princess M?Īrtha Louise's oldest child, Princess Ingrid Alexandra, will eventually ascend to the Norwegian throne.

Princess M?Īrtha Louise and Verrett's relationship and alternative beliefs have drawn attention and controversy in Norway. The couple has embarked on speaking tours together, including a series titled "The Princess and the Shaman," where they discuss their alternative medicine and spiritual practices. Verrett's claims, which include the ability to cure diseases and communicate with spirits, have shocked the public. He has asserted that his magical amulet can heal people, that cancer is a choice the body makes when it no longer wants to live, and even made controversial statements about casual sex and spiritual geometry. These claims led to Princess M?Īrtha Louise stepping down from her role as a working royal, as the Norwegian royal court sought to distinguish her activities from the official royal house.

Princess M?Īrtha Louise was previously married to Norwegian writer Ari Behn, with whom she shares three children. However, the couple divorced in 2017. Tragically, Behn took his own life on Christmas Day in 2019 after battling severe depression and alcoholism. Verrett expressed his deep sorrow for the children's loss, emphasizing his respect for their situation.

Despite the controversies surrounding their relationship and beliefs, Princess M?Īrtha Louise and Verrett are excited to celebrate their love in Geiranger's beautiful surroundings. They expressed their joy and gratitude for being able to gather their loved ones in a place rich in history and spectacular nature. The wedding, privately funded, is set to be a momentous occasion next summer, symbolizing the union of two individuals with unconventional beliefs and backgrounds.

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