Iowa Officer Fatally Shot, Suspect Arrested in Minnesota

19:45 14.09.2023

In a tragic turn of events, an Iowa police officer lost his life on Wednesday night while attempting to apprehend a suspect. The officer, identified as 33-year-old Kevin Cram, was shot by 43-year-old Kyle Ricke, who was later captured in Minnesota, according to officials.

The incident unfolded in the small community of Algona, Iowa, where Officer Cram had been on patrol. He had received information about an arrest warrant for Ricke on a charge of harassment, prompting him to track down the suspect. Upon locating Ricke, Cram informed him of the impending arrest. It was at this moment that Ricke opened fire, fatally shooting the officer.

Cram was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival. The devastating news sent shockwaves through the community, leaving residents and fellow officers in mourning. Commending Cram's dedication and bravery, Iowa Public Safety Commissioner Stephan Bayens expressed his condolences and promised that law enforcement would remain resolute in the face of adversity.

Following the shooting, a Blue Alert was issued to inform the public that Ricke, who posed a potential threat to law enforcement, was on the loose. An extensive manhunt ensued, ultimately leading to Ricke's capture without incident in Brown County, Minnesota, nearly 100 miles north of Algona.

Ricke now faces a first-degree murder charge and remains in custody in Minnesota while awaiting extradition to Iowa. The details surrounding the motive for the shooting are still under investigation, leaving many questions unanswered.

As authorities delve into the background of the suspect, it has emerged that Ricke had a prior arrest and charge of third-degree harassment. In August, he was accused of sending dozens of threatening text messages and emails to an ex-partner, resulting in his apprehension. However, Ricke was released from the Kossuth County Jail after posting bond just two days later.

Officer Cram, a devoted husband and father, had served in law enforcement for a decade. He joined the Algona Police Department in 2015, following a two-year stint at the Nora Springs Police Department. His loss has left a profound void in the tight-knit community of Algona, where he was known for his dedication and commitment to keeping residents safe.

As the investigation continues, the devastating impact of Officer Cram's death reverberates throughout Iowa. The city of Algona and law enforcement agencies across the state mourn the loss of a brave officer and vow to honor his memory by continuing to serve and protect their communities.

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