Schumer Urges Urgent AI Safeguards Ahead of Election

23:28 14.09.2023

Lawmakers in the United States are considering the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on elections and are calling for regulations to address the use of AI in creating false content in political advertisements. Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer expressed concern that AI could be used to deceive voters and influence federal elections. He emphasized the need for legislation on election AI, stating that it may need to move faster than other AI regulations.

The discussion on AI's role in elections comes after the recent AI forum organized by Schumer, which included tech leaders such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sundar Pichai. The meeting focused on urgent actions that need to be taken before the 2024 elections. Schumer highlighted the issue of deepfakes, where AI-generated content can make it appear as though a candidate is saying something they never actually said. The forum also discussed the possibility of watermarking AI-generated content as a means of identifying deepfakes and preventing their spread.

The emergence of "generative AI" tools has raised concerns about the potential misuse of AI in the upcoming presidential race. In June, digitally altered photos of Republican candidate Donald Trump surfaced, demonstrating how easily deepfakes can be created. Experts warn that the proliferation of AI tools could enable mass hacking campaigns, the creation of fake social media profiles to spread false information, and propaganda.

Recognizing the urgency of the issue, a bipartisan group of senators, including Democrat Amy Klobuchar and Republican Josh Hawley, proposed legislation earlier this week to prohibit the distribution of deceptive AI-generated content related to federal candidates in political ads. However, Republican Senator Mike Rounds acknowledged the challenges of getting agreement on such legislation from both sides.

Schumer's AI forum aimed to address not only deepfakes but also other potential dangers of AI, such as election interference and attacks on critical infrastructure. Several governments worldwide are considering how to mitigate these risks associated with AI. Some companies have committed to developing watermarking systems to identify AI-generated content, regardless of its form, such as text, images, audio, or video. This technology would allow users to detect deepfakes more easily and protect against the dissemination of manipulated or misleading information.

While regulations and safeguards are being discussed, lawmakers are aware that there will always be individuals and countries seeking to undermine democracy. Schumer and others emphasized the importance of taking immediate action to ensure the integrity of the upcoming elections, given the rapid advancement of AI technology and its potential misuse.

In conclusion, the recent AI forum organized by Senator Schumer shed light on the urgent need for regulations addressing AI's impact on elections. Deepfakes and the use of AI in political advertising were key concerns raised during the meeting. Lawmakers are considering legislation that would prohibit the distribution of deceptive AI-generated content related to federal candidates. Additionally, discussions on watermarking AI-generated content and protecting against election interference and infrastructure attacks were held. The forum highlighted the challenges of reaching agreement on legislation, but the seriousness of the issue necessitates prompt action.

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