Deion Sanders Firmly States: "I Would Never Leave Colorado for NFL"

13:23 16.09.2023

Deion Sanders, the former NFL player turned college football coach, has made it clear that he has no intentions of coaching in the NFL. Sanders, who is currently leading the No. 18 ranked Colorado Buffaloes to an undefeated record through Week 2, appeared on "The Rich Eisen Show" on Friday and shut down any speculation about a potential move to the NFL.

When asked about the possibility of NFL teams pursuing him, Sanders replied, "I would never do that." He went on to explain that he prefers coaching at the college level because the players are still impressionable and receptive to coaching. Sanders believes that once players reach the next level and start earning significant amounts of money, they become less coachable.

"I would have a hard time motivating a man that makes upwards of 20 and 30 and sometimes 40 million dollars to go out there and do your job. I got a problem with that," Sanders stated. He also expressed doubts about his patience in dealing with professional football players, suggesting that he would likely cut the roster size in half during halftime.

Sanders reiterated his stance on ESPN's "First Take," telling the hosts, "I'm not going to the NFL. I like it here in Boulder." His dedication to Colorado is evident as he has managed to turn the team's fortunes around. Last season, the Buffaloes only managed one win, but under Sanders' leadership, they have already secured two victories, including a surprising upset over TCU in the opening week.

Despite Sanders' assurance that he is committed to Colorado, FS1 host Colin Cowherd believes that this may not be his final landing spot. Cowherd compared Sanders' tenure at Colorado to other brief but memorable stories in sports, such as Linsanity with the New York Knicks or Butler's back-to-back championship appearances in college basketball. Cowherd opined that there is a better chance of Sanders ending up in the NFL than staying at Colorado long-term.

Interestingly, the upcoming game between Colorado and Colorado State has become more personal with Rams head coach Jay Norvell calling out Sanders' press conference wardrobe. This adds an extra layer of tension to an already heated rivalry matchup.

Sanders' impact on the Buffaloes has been undeniable. He has brought in over 80 new players and led the team to a No. 18 ranking. The transformation from a 1-11 record last season to an undefeated start this year is a testament to his coaching abilities.

Despite his initial surprise at being in Colorado, Sanders has embraced the state and expressed his gratitude for being given the opportunity to coach there. "I absolutely love it here. You know me, I'm a southern guy with southern swag, I would have never fathomed that I would be here in Colorado, but thank God that God chose this place for me because this is unbelievable," he said.

As the Buffaloes continue to impress under Sanders' leadership, all eyes will be on their upcoming games against Oregon and USC. Sanders' success at Colorado may only fuel further speculation about his future in the NFL, but for now, he remains dedicated to coaching college football and making a difference in the lives of young, impressionable players.

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