Nebraska tight end Arik Gilbert arrested again, facing burglary charges

19:31 16.09.2023

Nebraska tight end Arik Gilbert has once again found himself in trouble, as he was arrested for burglary and obstructing police in Lumpkin County, Georgia. This marks the second time in less than three weeks that Gilbert has been arrested, as he was previously charged with burglary in late August.

The arrest took place on Friday, but details surrounding the incident are scarce. Gilbert, who hails from a town approximately 70 miles south of Lumpkin County, has yet to be provided with any additional information regarding the charges against him.

This is not the first time Gilbert has faced legal issues. In his initial arrest on August 29, Gilbert was suspected of burglarizing a liquor and vape shop. Police responded to a call at around 2 a.m. and found Gilbert leaving the premises with a bag. The store's glass door had been shattered, and the stolen items were valued at approximately $1,700.

Nebraska head coach Matt Rhule acknowledged that Gilbert had been going through personal issues during the time of his first arrest. Rhule expressed disappointment and emphasized that the team, as well as Gilbert's support network, is working to help him overcome his struggles.

Gilbert, a 21-year-old sophomore, transferred to Nebraska from Georgia, where he had spent the previous two seasons. Prior to that, he played at LSU for one year. As a highly touted recruit, Gilbert was ranked as the top tight end prospect and was named the 2019 Gatorade National Player of the Year.

During his freshman season at LSU, Gilbert started in eight games and caught 35 passes for 368 yards, earning him a spot on the All-SEC freshman team. After transferring to Georgia, he sat out the 2021 season but played in three games, contributing to the Bulldogs' championship run.

Currently, Gilbert is still awaiting NCAA eligibility approval for his transfer to Nebraska. The uncertainty surrounding his eligibility status adds to the complexity of his situation.

The Lumpkin County Sheriff's Office has not responded to requests for further information regarding Gilbert's recent arrest. The Associated Press has contributed to this report.

In summary, Arik Gilbert, the Nebraska tight end who is awaiting NCAA eligibility after transferring from Georgia, has been arrested for the second time in under three weeks. He now faces burglary and obstruction charges in Lumpkin County, Georgia. Gilbert's first arrest occurred in late August when he was suspected of burglarizing a liquor and vape shop. Head coach Matt Rhule has acknowledged Gilbert's personal struggles and expressed disappointment in the incidents. Gilbert's legal troubles cast uncertainty on his future with the Nebraska Cornhuskers as he awaits the NCAA's eligibility ruling.

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