Iowa cheerleader's pants drop, but he nails backflip landing

01:04 17.09.2023

In a moment that caught the attention of the entire stadium, an Iowa Hawkeyes cheerleader experienced a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction during a break in the action at their game against Western Michigan. As the cheerleader performed a cartwheel, followed by a backhand spring and a daring 360-degree backflip, everything seemed to be going smoothly. However, midway through the flip, disaster struck as his pants unexpectedly fell down, causing gasps of surprise from the crowd.

The incident, captured on video by spectator Jack Lido and later shared on Twitter, showed the cheerleader gracefully completing the impressive flip despite the unexpected mishap. With his pants at his ankles, he managed to stick the landing flawlessly, showcasing tremendous athleticism and composure. In a swift motion, he quickly pulled up his pants while running back towards his cheerleading section.

As the embarrassed cheerleader rejoined his teammates, many of whom could not contain their laughter, it was evident that he took the situation in stride. Despite the unexpected hiccup, the Iowa Hawkeyes went on to secure a resounding victory with a final score of 41-10, improving their record to an impressive 3-0.

However, the celebration may be short-lived for the Hawkeyes, as their next challenge looms large. The 25th-ranked Iowa team is set to face the formidable No. 7 Penn State Lions on the road at Happy Valley next Saturday night. This matchup against a highly-ranked opponent will undoubtedly test the Hawkeyes' mettle and provide a true measure of their capabilities.

While the wardrobe malfunction may have briefly stolen the spotlight, it is important to remember the team's accomplishments on the field. Their victory against Western Michigan showcased their dominance and potential, providing a strong foundation as they enter the challenging phase of their schedule. As the Hawkeyes look ahead to their meeting with the Penn State Lions, they will undoubtedly draw strength from their ability to overcome unexpected obstacles, both on and off the field.

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