NFL Week 2 Predictions: Picks Against the Spread

07:33 17.09.2023

In a devastating blow to the Jets, quarterback Aaron Rodgers suffered a torn Achilles' tendon just three and a half minutes into Monday night's game. Rodgers, who was not only the team's quarterback but also served as offensive coordinator, co-GM, choreographer, social director, and face of the franchise, was a key figure in the Jets' plans for the season. However, despite the anticipation surrounding Rodgers' arrival, the Jets had very little time with him as their quarterback. With only four snaps under his belt, the Jets now face the challenge of adjusting their offensive system to rookie quarterback Zach Wilson's abilities.

The offensive system had been tailored to suit Rodgers, with offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett and signings of players like Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb all designed to complement Rodgers' strengths. Now, Hackett will need to make changes to accommodate Wilson and mask any deficiencies he may have. However, the Jets do have some promising elements to work with. While the offensive line struggles with pass protection, their run blocking appears solid. With running backs Dalvin Cook, Breece Hall, and Michael Carter, the Jets can employ a ground-and-pound approach reminiscent of the successful Mark Sanchez-Rex Ryan era. They also have a fullback in Nick Bawden and a strong blocking tight end in Jeremy Ruckert.

Defensively, the Jets showed great potential in their victory over the Bills, recording five sacks and four takeaways. Credit goes to head coach Robert Saleh and the entire team for not letting Rodgers' injury dampen their spirits. Despite the loss of their superstar, the Jets are determined to bounce back.

Looking ahead to their matchup against the Cowboys, the Jets hope to catch their opponents off guard. After the Cowboys' dominant 40-0 victory over the Giants, they may underestimate the Jets without Rodgers. However, the Giants were unable to put pressure on Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who has a tendency to turn the ball over when faced with pressure. This could be an opportunity for the Jets to exploit the Cowboys' weaknesses and potentially secure a victory.

In other NFL news, the Giants are seeking redemption after their humiliating loss to the Cowboys. Former Giants offensive lineman Justin Pugh expressed optimism, suggesting that the team's performance could have been different if they had scored on their opening drive. The Cardinals, who covered and nearly won in Week 1, face the Giants with the hope of building on their previous success. However, there is speculation that the Cardinals may be prioritizing tanking for the opportunity to select quarterback Caleb Williams in the upcoming draft.

Other notable matchups in Week 2 include the Los Angeles Chargers taking on the Tennessee Titans, the Green Bay Packers facing the Atlanta Falcons, and the Indianapolis Colts challenging the Houston Texans. The Detroit Lions, coming off a surprising win against the Chiefs, look to continue their momentum against the Seattle Seahawks. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, led by quarterback Tom Brady, aim to build on their upset win against the Minnesota Vikings when they face the Chicago Bears.

In terms of betting, the Buffalo Bills are favored by 8.5 points against the Las Vegas Raiders. The Jacksonville Jaguars, led by rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence, are given a 3.5-point advantage over the Kansas City Chiefs. The Cincinnati Bengals have a 3.5-point spread over the Baltimore Ravens, while the San Francisco 49ers are favored by 7.5 points against the Los Angeles Rams. The Washington Commanders, with a 3.5-point advantage, take on the Denver Broncos, and the Miami Dolphins are given a 3-point edge over the New England Patriots.

As the NFL season progresses, teams will continue to face challenges and opportunities, and fans eagerly await the outcome of each matchup.

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