Deion Sanders' "Coach Prime" hype transforms Colorado college football

19:35 17.09.2023

Deion Sanders, also known as Coach Prime, has brought new life to the Colorado Buffaloes football program. After a disappointing season last year with only one win, the team has started this season strong with two impressive victories. The Buffaloes defeated last year's national runner-up, TCU, in a thrilling 45-42 game, followed by a dominant 36-14 win over Nebraska.

Sanders, who previously turned around the Jackson State University Tigers, has now transformed the Colorado program into a surprising force in college football. He believes that God called him to both institutions, stating, "God wouldn't relocate me to something that was successful... He had to find the most disappointing and the most difficult task. And this is what it was. And I love that."

The move from Jackson State to Colorado was a significant cultural shift for Sanders and his family. Jackson is a predominantly Black city, while Boulder is only 1% Black. Additionally, Sanders went from a city facing a water crisis to a hipster college town known for its eccentricities, such as a kite shop. Sanders brought his sons, Shedeur Sanders and Shilo Sanders, with him to Colorado. Shedeur, who played exceptionally well at Jackson State, faced doubts about his ability to perform against tougher competition. However, he has proven himself in his first two games at Colorado, throwing for nearly a thousand yards without throwing an interception.

Travis Hunter, another player who followed Sanders from Jackson State, is playing both offense and defense for the Buffaloes, which is a rarity in modern college football. Sanders has already mentioned Hunter's Heisman chances, highlighting his talent and versatility. Sanders also encouraged players at Colorado to enter the transfer portal, resulting in more than 50 players transferring out as part of his roster overhaul.

Rick George, Colorado's athletic director, has expressed his excitement over the transformation of the program under Sanders. Merchandise sales have skyrocketed by 819% compared to last season, Instagram followers have increased tenfold, and season tickets are sold out. Sanders' impact on the team and the community is undeniable.

In an interview with 60 Minutes, Sanders discussed his role as a change agent and the reactions he elicits from people. He believes that he makes a difference and shakes things up, making people second-guess themselves. His unapologetic style and charisma have captivated audiences and drawn attention to the Colorado program.

Sanders' arrival at Colorado has not been without controversy. He made it clear to the existing players that he planned to bring in superior talent and that those who couldn't keep up would be pushed out. Some questioned the impact of his straight-talk approach on college football and the well-being of the players. However, Sanders believes that being honest and focusing on winning is ultimately beneficial for the players.

Despite the initial skepticism, Sanders' success at Colorado has been undeniable. The team's victories and his unique coaching style have captured the attention of not just college football fans, but the entire country. Sanders' ability to turn around struggling programs, both at Jackson State and now at Colorado, has solidified his reputation as a powerful force in the world of college football.

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