Another GOP Senator Joins Trump's Presidential Bandwagon as McCarthy Doubts DeSantis

19:43 18.09.2023

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, during an appearance on Fox News' "Sunday Morning Futures" with host Maria Bartiromo, predicted that former President Trump will win the 2024 Republican presidential primary race. McCarthy praised Trump's policies of putting America first and strengthening the economy, stating that Trump is stronger now than he was in 2016 or 2020. He also criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, saying that he is not at the same level as Trump and would not have been elected without Trump's endorsement.

While McCarthy's comments do not amount to an official endorsement of Trump, they demonstrate his friendship and support for the former president. McCarthy had previously offended the Trump campaign with comments on CNBC, where he questioned whether Trump was the best candidate to defeat Biden. However, he quickly apologized and recanted, declaring Trump to be the strongest opponent to Biden in an email fundraiser.

In a separate development, Republican Senator Mike Braun of Indiana, who is running for governor of Indiana, announced his endorsement of Trump for the 2024 presidential race. Braun praised Trump's business acumen and outsider status, stating that together they took on the Washington swamp and achieved victories such as appointing constitutional conservatives to the Supreme Court and protecting unborn and Second Amendment rights. Braun believes that Trump is the candidate capable of returning the country to America First policies that brought prosperity and security to the American people.

Braun has been a staunch ally of Trump, with the former president supporting Braun's successful Senate run in 2018. Trump's endorsement played a significant role in Braun's victory over incumbent Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly. Braun's endorsement of Trump comes as a top Republican predicts that Trump will secure the GOP White House nomination.

The endorsements of McCarthy and Braun highlight the ongoing popularity and influence of former President Trump within the Republican Party. However, McCarthy's remarks also indicate a bitter budget battle with Trump's allies in Congress, particularly the House Freedom Caucus, who have previously challenged McCarthy's speakership despite Trump's endorsement. It remains to be seen whether the HFC will support the ongoing budget deal.

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