Jimmy Graham of New Orleans Saints arrested after medical episode

19:32 19.08.2023

New Orleans Saints tight end Jimmy Graham experienced a medical episode on Friday night, which led to his arrest by local authorities and subsequent transportation to a hospital, according to a statement released by the Saints on Saturday. The statement explained that Graham became disoriented and was taken into custody for evaluation after a likely seizure.

Dr. John Amoss, the Saints' team doctor, believed Graham had experienced a seizure and oversaw his care at the hospital. Graham spent the night under medical supervision and testing before being released the following morning. The statement mentioned that Graham is currently with the team as they continue their preparations for Sunday's game against the Los Angeles Chargers.

However, according to Sgt. Steve Oberon of the Newport Beach Police Department, Graham was arrested for suspicion of being under the influence of a narcotic and obstructing, delaying, and resisting an officer. Police had responded to a call about a suspicious person acting erratically on Friday evening. Graham was found wandering in traffic and subsequently taken into custody. He was later released, and an investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Graham, 36, recently returned to the Saints in July on a one-year contract after not playing in the 2022 NFL season. Since being drafted by the Saints in 2010, Graham spent the first five years of his career in New Orleans. During his time away from the team, he played for the Seattle Seahawks, the Green Bay Packers, and the Chicago Bears.

In an interview after re-signing with the Saints, Graham expressed his desire to come back home, stating that he couldn't see himself wearing another jersey. He emphasized his commitment to the team and his excitement for the opportunity to make it happen in New Orleans.

As the Saints prepare for their preseason game against the Chargers in Los Angeles, there has been no update on Graham's condition or whether he will be able to participate in Sunday's game. The team has been engaging in joint practices with the Chargers at their training camp facility in Costa Mesa, California, leading up to the matchup.

Graham's recent medical episode and subsequent arrest have raised concerns about his well-being and potential impact on the team. Fans and analysts will be closely monitoring any updates on his condition and the ongoing investigation into the incident.

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