Biden auctions off border wall parts to undermine GOP's construction plans

10:42 20.08.2023

The Biden administration is reportedly selling off millions of dollars' worth of unused border wall materials in a race against Republicans seeking to pass legislation to finish its construction. The Department of Defense's logistics agency confirmed that steel "square structural tubes," which were intended for use as vertical bollards in the border wall's panels, are now listed for sale on Gov Planet, an online auction marketplace. Gov Planet, specializing in military surplus, has already sold 81 lots of these beams for approximately $2 million. The beams were sold in five separate lots with an average price of $212 each. Another 13 lots are scheduled to be auctioned in the coming weeks.

The sale of these materials comes as Republicans push for the implementation of the FINISH IT Act, which would require the federal government to use previously purchased and unused border wall panels to extend the wall or transfer them to state governments for construction. Former President Donald Trump spent $15 billion on the construction of the border wall, with 450 miles erected and another 250 miles in progress at the end of his term. However, President Biden halted all border wall construction on his first day in office, calling it a "waste of money" and diverting attention from other security threats.

Republicans have criticized the Biden administration for the rush to sell off the unused materials before the House, led by Republicans, can pass corresponding legislation. They argue that this move is a waste of taxpayer dollars and compromises national security. The ongoing auction of the border wall materials is seen as an attempt by the Biden administration to prevent the materials from being used for future construction.

Critics of the Biden administration's actions include Republican lawmakers such as Roger Wicker, Tom Cotton, Elise Stefanik, and Nicole Malliotakis. They have denounced the sale as reckless and accused Biden of neglecting border security while prioritizing the sale of these materials. Juan Ciscomani, a Republican representative from Arizona, also criticized Biden's refusal to act and urged the federal government to utilize all available resources to secure the border.

The auction of the border wall materials has gained momentum since May, coinciding with the introduction of the FINISH IT Act and the passage of the annual defense appropriations package by the Senate. The Department of Defense has identified the materials as "excess border wall materials" that are being disposed of in accordance with federal acquisition regulations. The profits from the sale will flow back to the Pentagon's budget.

However, Gov Planet has been instructed to keep the border-wall connection quiet, as they are not allowed to mention that these materials are from the border wall. Despite this, viewers on the company's Instagram page have recognized the purpose of the materials and expressed frustration with the decision to sell them. Critics argue that these materials should be used to secure the border rather than being sold at a loss.

The ongoing sale of border wall materials highlights the ongoing debate over immigration and border security in the United States. With the migrant crisis at the US-Mexico border continuing to worsen, Republicans are pushing for the completion of the border wall, while the Biden administration focuses on alternative solutions to address immigration issues. The outcome of this debate will have significant implications for national security and immigration policy in the United States.

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