Tropical Storm Hilary Hits California and Mexico

06:38 21.08.2023

In today's episode of The New York Times Audio app, listeners are presented with a variety of top stories covering events from around the world. Hosted by Annie Correal, the morning show features three stories from Times journalists, giving listeners a quick but comprehensive overview of the day's news.

The first story, reported by Emiliano Rodr?guez Mega, focuses on the heavy rain that has been pummeling Southern California and Mexico. With the region experiencing torrential downpours, residents and authorities are grappling with the impact of flooding, landslides, and other weather-related incidents. Rodriguez Mega provides an in-depth analysis of the situation, shedding light on the challenges faced by local communities.

Next, Emily Cochrane delves into the political arena with her report on the Tennessee Governor's moderate gun proposal. Despite a genuine effort to find a middle ground, the proposal has faced resistance from Republican allies who believe it infringes on Second Amendment rights. Cochrane examines the political dynamics at play, highlighting the tensions within the party and the implications for gun control legislation.

Turning to the world of sports, Juliet Macur explores Spain's World Cup victory and the factors that contributed to their success. Contrary to the perception of a harmonious team, Macur reveals that Spain's triumph was built on talent rather than perfect cohesion. She provides a compelling analysis of the team's performance and the unique challenges they faced on their path to victory.

Moving on to international affairs, Peter Baker covers the Camp David Summit, where Japan, South Korea, and the United States presented a united front. This meeting of key allies seeks to address pressing issues such as regional security, trade, and cooperation in the face of common challenges. Baker provides an inside look into the discussions and highlights the shared goals and concerns of the participating countries.

Genevieve Glatsky takes readers to Ecuador, where the actions of narco-traffickers have unleashed violence and chaos. With drug cartels increasing their operations in the region, Ecuadorian communities have become embroiled in a dangerous situation. Glatsky provides an investigative account of the impact of narco-trafficking on the country, shedding light on the underlying causes and consequences of this criminal activity.

Emily Baumgaertner tells the harrowing story of a family's toxic train wreck ordeal. Stricken by illness, forced into exile, and burdened with debt, this family's life has been upended by the aftermath of a devastating train accident. Baumgaertner sensitively narrates their experiences, highlighting the personal toll of such tragedies and the need for support in their recovery.

Damien Cave reports on the aftermath of a wildfire in Maui, where residents are searching for a way forward. Amidst the destruction and loss caused by the wildfire, the community is grappling with the daunting task of rebuilding and finding a sense of normalcy. Cave delves into the challenges faced by the residents and the efforts being made to navigate this difficult period.

Maya King examines the political implications of Trump's indictment on Georgia Republicans. With memories of the contentious 2020 elections still fresh, Republicans in the state fear a replay of past events. King provides an analysis of the potential impact on the upcoming elections and the strategies employed by both parties to secure their interests.

Lastly, Erin Griffith explores the desperate hunt for GPUs in the tech industry amidst a chip shortage. As demand for graphics processing units (GPUs) surges, manufacturers and consumers are facing significant challenges in securing these crucial components. Griffith delves into the consequences of the shortage, shedding light on the industry's struggle to meet demand and the potential implications for various sectors relying on these technologies.

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