Netflix Software Engineer Goes Missing After Getting Into Uber

05:24 23.08.2023

Missing Netflix Software Engineer Yohanes Kidane Sparks Investigation

Authorities are currently searching for 22-year-old Yohanes Kidane, a software engineer for Netflix who went missing after recently relocating from New York to California. The San Jose Police Department has stated that there is no evidence to suggest a crime has occurred in relation to his disappearance.

Kidane was last seen in San Francisco on August 14th, after taking a rideshare service from San Jose. His family and friends have been actively involved in the search effort, with more than $70,000 being raised on a GoFundMe page to support the search.

The search effort has been bolstered by the funds raised, which will be used for travel expenses, private investigators, attorneys, and other resources to aid in finding Kidane. The GoFundMe campaign has expressed gratitude for any help provided.

Days before his disappearance, Kidane had expressed hesitancy about taking rideshares alone after having a "strange encounter" with an Uber driver. Kidane's former roommate, Austin Farmer, revealed that a previous Uber driver had insisted on taking Kidane to a different location than requested, claiming it was safer. Kidane eventually canceled the ride and voiced his concerns about ridesharing alone.

Security camera footage captured Kidane leaving his apartment building in downtown San Jose and entering a vehicle displaying an Uber sticker. Two colleagues spotted him and spoke to him, discovering that he was heading to San Francisco to potentially meet a friend. However, Kidane's personal belongings, including his phone, wallet, and backpack, were found near the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Center the following morning.

Despite the discovery of Kidane's belongings, the San Jose Police Department has stated that there is no evidence to suggest a crime has occurred. Kidane's family and friends continue to search for him, pleading for his safe return. His mother, Mehret Hana Beyene, tearfully expressed her desperation to have her son back, emphasizing his bright future and loving nature.

Anyone with information regarding Yohanes Kidane's whereabouts is urged to contact the San Jose Police Department. The investigation remains open until Kidane is located, and his family and loved ones are dedicated to finding him and bringing him home.

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