Relationship Woes: Love Struggles in Dear Abby's Inbox

03:00 25.08.2023

In Iowa, a concerned wife wrote to Dear Abby about her husband's laissez-faire attitude towards his health. The husband has high cholesterol but has done nothing about it for five years. The wife is worried sick and doesn't understand why her husband isn't scared. Dear Abby suggests that the wife communicate her concern to her husband, emphasizing that they are still young enough to make lifestyle changes and improve their health. She also advises the wife to incorporate heart-healthy diets into their meal planning to help her husband without him realizing.

In Indiana, a woman wrote to Dear Abby about an incident at a restaurant where the owner was discussing bathroom habits and cleaning up after customers. The woman asked him to change the subject, but the owner became defensive and asked them to leave. The woman wonders if she was wrong or overly sensitive. Dear Abby reassures her that the owner's reaction was over the top and discussing such topics in a restaurant is not appropriate. She advises the woman not to apologize and not to return to that establishment.

In Pennsylvania, someone wrote to Dear Abby about sending a fruit basket to a neighbor after her brother's death but not hearing from her. The person wonders if they should ask if she received it. Dear Abby suggests giving the neighbor a few weeks before asking, as she may still be grieving and not ready to thank people yet. If the neighbor didn't receive it, Dear Abby advises contacting the vendor for a refund.

In Iowa, a woman is repelled by her husband's habit of talking filthy and asking sexual questions to other women. The husband insists it's all in good fun and that it doesn't hurt anyone. The woman is exhausted from fighting about it and doesn't know what to do. Dear Abby acknowledges that it's sad that the husband continues to behave this way despite knowing it embarrasses his wife. She suggests that the wife change her reaction to his behavior and start talking to the women he asks questions to, presenting a united front.

In the West, a bride-to-be is concerned that her bridesmaids have recently colored their hair unnatural colors which clash with the wedding theme and dresses. She wonders if it would be inappropriate to talk to them about it. Dear Abby doesn't think it's inappropriate and advises the bride to express her concerns to her bridesmaids. However, if they are unwilling to change, she should remember the reasons she chose them as friends and focus on that.

In Pennsylvania, a teenage girl asks for advice on how to convince her liberal parents that her bisexuality is not a phase. She came out to her mom, who responded by saying she had a gay phase too. The girl is hurt and wants her parents to take her seriously. Dear Abby explains that her mother's response wasn't meant to hurt or diminish her, but to share her own experience. She advises the girl to live her life authentically and not waste time trying to convince her parents, as they will eventually see she is being true to herself.

In Iowa, a woman is fixed on marriage and has been dating a man for a year and a half. Although the man has a nice home, job, and children who adore her, he goes back and forth about marriage. The woman wants to be married again one day and doesn't want to be led on. Dear Abby suggests giving him six more months without mentioning marriage and then asking if he has made up his mind. If his answer is anything less than yes, she should move on.

In Los Angeles, someone is seeking advice about a family issue concerning the cremation of their brother without informing the immediate family until it was over. They want to know if it was legal and the right thing to do. Dear Abby explains that it is legal for the surviving spouse to determine what happens to the remains. She advises the person to ask the wife about her decision and consider hosting a memorial if she isn't planning one.

Inquiring about giving a baby book to their adult children, a parent asks if it's something a parent does. Dear Abby explains that some parents give their children these mementos when downsizing or when they prove they are responsible enough. She suggests asking the children if they would welcome such a gift before bestowing it upon them.

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