Four people, dog rescued at last moment from sinking boat off NJ coast

09:02 30.08.2023

In a daring rescue operation, the United States Coast Guard successfully saved four individuals and their loyal canine companion from a sinking boat off the coast of New Jersey on Sunday. The 30-foot recreational boat was in the midst of a leisurely outing in Barnegat Bay, approximately 50 miles north of Atlantic City, when disaster struck. Fortunately, the Coast Guard response boat happened to be nearby and swiftly came to their aid.

According to an official news release, the sinking boat was being utilized for recreational purposes at the time of the incident. The four individuals and their beloved dog were quickly transferred to the Coast Guard's rescue vessel, just moments before the boat met its watery demise and capsized. Displaying the utmost professionalism and skill, the Coast Guard transported the relieved survivors and their furry companion to the safety of a marina located in Lanoka Harbor, about 10 miles north of the distressing scene.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported among the passengers of the sinking vessel, as stated by the news release. However, the nature of the relationship between the four individuals onboard the boat remains uncertain. Chief Warrant Officer James B. Corbisiero, the commanding officer of Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, revealed that the boat's owner suspected a loose plug as the cause of the sinking. Unfortunately, the Coast Guard was unable to verify this theory.

Once the passengers were safely ashore, a commercial salvage company was called upon to tow the sunken boat to the Lanoka Harbor marina. At the same time, the Coast Guard took it upon themselves to provide guidance and support to the shaken survivors, ensuring their physical and emotional well-being in the aftermath of the traumatic event.

In light of this ordeal,, a prominent nonprofit organization dedicated to reducing boating accidents and fatalities, emphasized the critical importance of wearing life jackets while navigating the treacherous waters. Furthermore, they advised boaters to remain calm and stay with the vessel in the event of a capsizing or overturning, as this increases the likelihood of a successful rescue.

The bravery and prompt response demonstrated by the Coast Guard in this dramatic rescue operation underscore the essential role they play in safeguarding the lives of individuals in distress at sea. As the survivors and their loyal dog attempt to recover from their harrowing experience, they can rest assured knowing that the Coast Guard's unwavering dedication to their mission ensured their safe return to dry land.

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