Couple demands justice as dog trainer conceals pet's death for days

00:52 31.08.2023

A Dallas couple's European honeymoon was cut short when they received devastating news about their beloved dog, Brooklyn. Masera and Emeka Ndukwe had entrusted their bernedoodle to dog trainer Alan Brown while they were away, but their concerns grew when Brown failed to provide them with any photo updates. Growing increasingly worried, the couple decided to end their honeymoon early and retrieve their dog. However, when they informed Brown that their friends would be picking up Brooklyn, he finally confessed that the dog had died several days earlier. The Ndukwes were left shocked and heartbroken, as Brown had led them to believe that Brooklyn was alive and well during their entire trip.

This tragic incident has prompted the Ndukwes to demand justice for their beloved pet. The Tarrant County District Attorney's office is currently reviewing their complaint, as well as another couple's complaint about their dog also dying in Brown's care. Brooklyn had become a cherished member of the Ndukwe family since being adopted as a puppy in July 2020. Masera described him as "the sweetest, sweetest dog" and considered him to be like a child to them.

Before their trip, the Ndukwes had conducted interviews with Brown and felt confident in his ability to care for Brooklyn. However, Brown's poor communication and failure to provide regular updates raised red flags for the couple. Concerned for their dog's well-being, they enlisted the help of friends to check on Brooklyn. It was during this time that they discovered a negative review online, alleging that another dog had died under Brown's care due to being left in the heat. Another owner also claimed that they were not notified of their dog's death until they picked it up from Brown.

In a video obtained by Fox News, Brown can be seen speaking to the friends who were sent to retrieve Brooklyn. He admitted to withholding information about the dog's death, claiming that he didn't want to ruin the couple's honeymoon. He cited his cowardice and fear of making a difficult phone call as his reasons for delaying the news. However, Emeka Ndukwe rejected Brown's excuse, stating that they had paid him to care for their dog, not to preserve their honeymoon.

The Ndukwes further discovered evidence of neglect in Brown's care. Photos and videos of Brown's van, where Brooklyn had been left, revealed a cluttered and dirty environment filled with garbage and tools. A local veterinarian technician also revealed that Brown had called her in a panic, asking how to perform chest compressions on a dog. Later that night, he brought Brooklyn to the facility, claiming to have successfully resuscitated the dog twice before its eventual death. The technician's email to the Ndukwes mentioned that heatstroke was suspected as the cause of death.

Since the incident, the couple's story has gone viral on Facebook, leading them to connect with others who had concerns about Brown and other trainers. They hope that by sharing their story, they can raise awareness and provide hope to other pet owners who may be in a similar situation. Despite their grief, the Ndukwes received a phone call about one of Brooklyn's littermates being available for adoption, which they interpreted as a sign from their late dog. They decided to welcome the new dog, named Mila, into their family, viewing her as a "miracle."

The Tarrant County District Attorney's office has not yet commented on the case. Investigations are ongoing, and the Ndukwes are determined to seek justice for Brooklyn's untimely death.

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