Louisiana woman stabs grandfather in the face over shower request: Police

12:38 31.08.2023

A 22-year-old woman from Louisiana, Carrington Harris, was arrested for allegedly stabbing her grandfather in the face following an argument over her hygiene habits. The incident took place at a home in Keithville, where tensions escalated after Harris was asked to take a shower, as reported by the Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office.

According to authorities, the situation quickly turned violent as Harris began trashing belongings in the house and even switched off the power. In an attempt to control the situation, her grandparents tried to restrain her, but Harris managed to break free and headed straight for the kitchen to grab a knife.

In a shocking turn of events, Harris allegedly attacked her grandfather with the knife before fleeing and taking refuge in the nearby woods. Her whereabouts remained unknown for several hours until she was eventually discovered hiding behind a neighboring house by law enforcement officers.

First responders promptly transported the injured grandfather to Willis-Knighton South hospital, although the extent of his injuries was not immediately disclosed. Meanwhile, Harris was charged with domestic abuse battery and domestic abuse battery with a dangerous weapon. It remains unclear if Harris had any previous encounters with law enforcement.

Currently, Harris is being held in custody at the Caddo Correctional Center, with no bond set, according to the sheriff's office. The motive underlying the dispute over personal hygiene that led to such a violent act is yet to be fully understood.

Law enforcement officials revealed that prior to the attack, Harris became infuriated and embarked on a destructive rampage within the house, damaging various items and cutting off the power supply. The Caddo Parish Sheriff's Office, in a press release, stated that their investigation indicated that the confrontation occurred when Harris' grandparents confronted her about her lack of showering and hygiene schedule.

Deputies were initially dispatched to the residence in Keithville, Louisiana, following a domestic disturbance call. The elderly couple informed the authorities that they engaged in an argument with their granddaughter after requesting her to shower. It was during this argument that Harris allegedly flew into a rage and began damaging property.

Escalating the situation further, she reportedly ventured outside and intentionally severed the power connection to the house. Despite her grandparents' attempts to restrain her, Harris managed to escape their hold and made her way to the kitchen, where she seized a knife and proceeded to stab her grandfather in the face.

Following the violent outburst, Harris fled into the woods surrounding the residence, eluding capture temporarily. However, after an extensive search, law enforcement officers eventually located her hidden in the woods and promptly took her into custody.

Harris was subsequently booked into the Caddo County Correctional Center, where she is currently being held without bond. The condition of Harris' grandfather, whose identity remains undisclosed, was not provided by the sheriff's office. He was transported to the Willis-Knighton South and the Center for Women's Health in Shreveport, Louisiana, to receive medical treatment for his injuries sustained during the knife attack.

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