Labor Day beachgoers warned of 'life-threatening' rip currents

20:07 01.09.2023

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued rip current warnings for the Northeast region, spanning from Delaware to Massachusetts, just as the Labor Day weekend starts. This warning comes as the Atlantic Ocean faces a surge of tropical activity, with four named storms swirling and a fifth one approaching, resulting in what FOX Weather describes as a "tropical traffic jam." The NWS advisory emphasizes the dangerous nature of these rip currents, stating that they can be life-threatening and even the best swimmers can be swept away from shore into deeper waters.

The specific warning for beaches around New York City and Long Island highlights the high risk of rip currents and urges people to stay out of the surf. The NWS cautions beachgoers to remain vigilant and heed the warnings from lifeguards and staff. While a moderate rip current risk is forecasted for Saturday, it may be escalated to a high risk.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Idalia has caused significant damage in Florida, according to Governor Ron DeSantis. The storm made landfall as a Category 3 hurricane on Wednesday morning, leading to dozens of rescues. New York Governor Kathy Hochul has directed state parks to suspend swimming at Long Island ocean beaches due to flooding and rough surf conditions caused by Hurricane Idalia.

In addition to the ongoing storms in the Atlantic, another disturbance off the coast of western Africa is on the verge of becoming Tropical Storm Katia, as reported by FOX Weather. The combined intensity of these storms is causing concerns among beachgoers and authorities.

In response to the impact of Hurricane Idalia, President Biden has declared a major disaster in Florida, ordering federal aid to supplement state, tribal, and local recovery efforts. The aid will include grants for temporary housing, home repairs, low-cost loans for uninsured property losses, and other programs to support individuals and business owners affected by the disaster.

Overall, the combination of rip current warnings, the significant damage caused by Hurricane Idalia in Florida, and the ongoing tropical activity in the Atlantic creates a heightened sense of caution and the need for preparedness among residents and visitors in the affected areas.

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