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23:51  Washington IS a gerontocracy - and it's OUR fault
23:49  Meg Ryan admits fake orgasm scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' is a 'unique embarrassment' for her kids
23:48  Ex-Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani waives in-person Georgia arraignment, pleads not guilty in election interference case
23:48  Rick Pitino makes fun of ACC for adding Stanford, Cal to conference
23:44  Office Race' director Jared Lapidus boasts new movie has ‘murderer's row' of A-list talent: ‘We were stunned'
23:39  Here are the 13 must-watch new shows for fall 2023
23:30  Premier League predictions: Newcastle vs. Brighton odds, picks
23:29  From ‘Batman' to ‘Indiana Jones,' 8 things to stream on Labor Day 2023
23:26  NYC cop shot during vicious road-rage brawl gets rousing support from about 100 other NYPD officers following hospital release
23:25  Controversial Retreat at Michigan EV Plant Promotes Chinese Communist Ideals
23:25  State test-scores delay is meant to keep parents in the dark
23:24  Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy's Fiery Clash with Pizzeria Owner: 'F-k you!'
23:21  US mimics Japan's fertility crisis - and you can blame virginal men
23:18  Texas bus driver suspended after nearly plowing into 3 kids crossing street in front of horrified parents: ‘What the heck!
23:05  Things to Know About the Latest Court and Policy Action on Transgender Issues in US
22:59  A lesson in why small class sizes don't matter
22:59  Coco Gauff Wobbles, Then Steals the Show at the U.S. Open
22:56  Woman, 88, falls from NYC window as man slashes another lady, 61, before stabbing himself: cops
22:53  Lynching Clarence Thomas: The left's smear campaign continues
22:48  More than 85,000 TOMY highchairs recalled over possible loose bolts
22:47  Suspected groper Derrick Williams, 55, busted in fatal stabbing of man and woman in NYC building: NYPD
22:45  Trump Georgia co-defendant Chesebro wants to sever case from Sidney Powell
22:36  Violent criminal randomly shoves 66-year-old NYC violinist, breaking her wrist and potentially derailing career: prosecutors
22:33  Wellness' fees, ‘kitchen staff appreciation' charges may be hiding on your restaurant bill
22:32  The 25 most exciting new restaurants to hit NYC this fall
22:31  Mom of 4 slams ‘oblivious' AOC sharing inflation ‘propaganda' clip - and ignoring how American families are struggling
22:28  Activists' stunts turn legit climate activism into temper tantrums
22:26  Teen who died ‘off the grid' with mom, aunt at Colorado campsite found with rosary: ‘God was with them'
22:23  Biden's big lie about the border exposed
22:14  Biden says he'll meet DeSantis on Florida trip, DeSantis' spokesman suggests not
22:12  Staten Island's secession call: Letters to the Editor - Sept. 2, 2023
22:12  Is climate change fuelling Idalia and other hurricanes?
22:09  Frances Tiafoe avoids early scare to beat Adrian Mannarino, reach Round of 16
22:09  Trump ally Giuliani pleads not guilty to Georgia election subversion charges -court filing
22:05  Kevin Costner finally takes the stand amid ‘tricky' divorce court battle
22:05  Brian Laundrie's lawyer offers secret settlement to Gabby Petito's family before civil trial
22:02  British-American Project at war after Hardeep Singh Kohli appointment
22:00  12-year-old boy airlifted to WestChester hospital after grisly NY crash
21:59  Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy's 'pizza review' turns sour in bitter argument: 'F-k you!'
21:55  Ohio cops release bodycam vid of officer shooting dead pregnant driver Ta'Kiya Young after she refused to leave her car
21:50  Michigan EV plant's work retreat features Red Army outfits, pledges to ‘fight for communism'
21:50  See inside an 'abandoned artist mansion' left to rot in rural France
21:48  'Friends' nearly recast a key character due to terrible chemistry
21:46  Lion on the loose sparks traffic chaos in Karachi
21:45  Fiery road rage shooting leaves eight injured in Colorado
21:39  Eight injured in possible road rage shooting in Colorado
21:34  Yankees' top prospect Jasson Dom?­nguez hits home run off Justin Verlander in MLB debut
21:28  Escaped lion causes traffic jam in Pakistan: 'No one is in danger now'
21:14  Adams' ‘no leadership' swipe at Biden on NYC migrant crisis soured relationship: report
21:11  Cowboys QB Dak Prescott signs Packers hat by mistake: ‘What the f-k'
21:04  Yankees' lineup features Jasson Dominguez, Austin Wells hours after call-ups
21:03  Proud Boys' Ethan Nordean sentenced to 18 years for role in Capitol attack
21:00  BetMGM bonus code NPBONUS gets up to $1,500 offer for Tigers-White Sox, any game
21:00  Elon Musk reveals Twitter takeover driven by hatred of 'woke mind virus that infected trans daughter'
20:59  This raunchy act is the key to a sizzling sex life, experts say
20:59  US judge sentences Proud Boys' Ethan Nordean to 18 years for role Capitol attack
20:56  California Dem-led committee advances bill to let killers serving life without parole request re-sentencing
20:54  Australian gymnastics federation says athletes can choose locker rooms, uniforms based on gender identity
20:53  Spanish government can't suspend Luis Rubiales after new ruling in World Cup kiss saga
20:47  We can't handle more migrants, either: NJ Gov. Murphy
20:39  New Texas law requires drunken drivers who kill guardians to pay child support
20:39  Magic mushrooms could treat depression, anxiety and PTSD, researchers claim
20:38  DeSantis super PAC pauses voter canvassing in 4 states, sets high fundraising goals for next two quarters
20:36  Biden touts jobs report while most Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck
20:35  Inside N??ksu, a $225 tasting counter in a NYC subway station
20:32  Fordham naming football stadium after famous alum Joe Moglia
20:28  COVID hospitalizations on the rise as U.S. enters Labor Day weekend
20:28  Tropical traffic jam': The 2023 Hurricane Season continues in the Atlantic
20:27  "On the Road" celebrates Labor Day with 85-year-old hospital cleaner working her "dream" job
20:22  Jason Kelce responds to critics after dad-shaming drama with daughters
20:20  Biden Won't Meet DeSantis in Florida During Tour of Hurricane Damage
20:18  Biden to award Medal of Honor to army pilot who rescued soldiers in Vietnam
20:17  Adams, NYPD dismiss Labor Day ‘sci fi' drone concerns: Not ‘going to be monitored'
20:13  Dallas apartment building managers threw out belongings - including relative's ashes - of wrong tenant in bungled eviction: attorney
20:13  Meg Ryan is ‘proud' to return to rom-com roots after years-long break
20:07  Labor Day beachgoers warned of 'life-threatening' rip currents
20:06  NJ Governor Murphy: No more migrants for us, says DHS
20:05  Bodycam footage shows fatal shooting of pregnant Black woman by Ohio police
20:01  I got a full face tattoo against my will and can't get a job - a kind stranger is helping me with removal
19:51  Pelosi says many Trump supporters don't value human dignity for everyone
19:51  Morgan Wallen fans brawl over port-a-potties at Pittsburgh concert, viral video shows
19:50  Moms are getting back-to-school Botox, fillers so they don't look ‘worn out' in the pick-up line
19:49  MLB decides to keep pitch clock rules in place for upcoming playoffs: reports
19:48  After Hitting the Southeast, Idalia to Strengthen and Approach Bermuda
19:47  California handymen recover bicycle after chasing down thief
19:39  Kevin Costner wins in divorce court battle over child support
19:34  Jonathan Gannon's Cardinals speech couldn't be more awkward
19:33  Proud Boys member gets 10 years for US Capitol riot, shouts 'Trump won'
19:27  3 lifesaving tech essentials for every school child - Parents, read this now
19:26  Purdue Pharma scion unloads Bel-Air home at a $5.5M loss
19:24  DocGo Used Unregistered Guards at Migrant Hotels, N.Y. Officials Charge
19:21  I disinvited my fiance's family from our wedding after finding out they don't plan on giving gifts
19:15  Phillies vs. Brewers prediction: Stitches riding with Zack Wheeler
19:14  Guns, drugs litter homeless shelter in liberal Austin, Texas, whisleblower-filmed video shows
19:12  Loch Ness monster' was photographed twice in less than a week with snaps heralded as ‘most exciting ever'
19:09  Pentagon keeping hundreds of troops at southern border through September
19:00  Michigan State vs. Central Michigan prediction: College football pick
19:00  MLB PrizePicks predictions, player picks Sept. 1: Tyler Glasnow, Cole Irvin
18:54  An Architect Who Forges Ahead in Her Own Lane
18:53  NYC schools leader 'hopeful' for 11th-hour deal to avoid bus drivers' strike
18:52  NYC's disgusting pot stench is keeping tourists away
18:50  "The Exorcist: Believer" to be released earlier to avoid competing with Taylor Swift concert movie
18:50  Brita filter packaging misleads consumers, class-action lawsuit claims
18:49  Hurricane Idalia Victims Assess Damage, Begin Recovery
18:48  Three firefighters charged in rape of colleague's sister after making disturbing search about DNA
18:47  Jaguars coach Doug Pederson says star QB Trevor Lawrence is 'the real deal'
18:42  Abortion rights at heart of Democrats' 2024 US election campaign
18:33  FOX Corporation launches donation drive for American Red Cross Hurricane Idalia relief efforts
18:30  Amazon snubbed SpaceX in satellite deal over Jeff Bezos' Elon Musk feud: lawsuit
18:30  Former Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski says there's 'no leadership' in college sports with NIL
18:30  Washington Post columnist hits Biden administration's lack of results on China despite frequent engagement
18:27  98-year-old German man is charged with accessory to murder at Nazi concentration camp
18:26  Meta may reportedly let Facebook, Instagram users in Europe pay to avoid ads
18:26  DeSantis warns Biden of potential disruption on Florida trip as tensions rise
18:25  Spotify cracks down on white noise podcasts that cost $38M a year in profit: report
18:13  Video Released of Officer Fatally Shooting Pregnant Black Woman
18:13  US warns of ISIS return as critics accuse Syria's Assad of stirring 'ethnic' tensions
18:09  Disney's feud with Spectrum owner Charter slams entertainment stocks
18:03  Tourists on jet skis shot dead after straying into Algerian waters, survivor says
18:02  Massachusetts warns dog walkers of pet-snatching coyotes following string of attacks
17:59  Dem Governor Murphy says NJ can't take any migrants from NYC as DHS eyes new housing locations
17:56  Black Woman's Family Urges Officer's Arrest After Video Shows Him Killing Her
17:56  IRS whistleblower's attorney raises new questions about Justice Dept's claims of independence in Hunter Biden investigation, which Justice Dept disputes
17:53  Bodycam footage shows moments before pregnant woman's fatal shooting by Ohio police officer
17:53  Virginia declares statewide outbreak of meningococcal disease: 'Rare but serious'
17:52  Bill Pinkney, Globe-Circling Sailor Who Set a Racial Mark, Dies at 87
17:49  Hurricane Idalia would've been ‘much more devastating' if not for this last-minute phenomenon
17:48  North Carolina judge investigated for saying racial bias exists files lawsuit
17:45  Rhode Island airport ends lockdown; security threat deemed unfounded, police say
17:41  French Champagne magnate's ex-mistress chased him with a knife and threatened to chop off his penis
17:41  Ex-NY Gov. George Pataki rips Biden for commemorating 9/11 in Alaska
17:40  Dog leaves home, scores a seat at Metallica concert: ‘She is apparently a huge fan'
17:38  Gilbert Arenas unleashes on former player who said his Lebanese team could beat defending champion Nuggets
17:38  John Isner's tennis career comes to a close following US Open defeat: 'It's tough to say goodbye'
17:37  Mohamed al-Fayed, Tycoon Whose Son Died With Diana, Is Dead at 94
17:36  Record Number of Families Cross Southern Border Illegally in August
17:34  The Texas home where Neil Armstrong lived during historic moon expedition lists for $550K
17:30  I'm an ‘affair consultant' - this is how to fight the urge to cheat
17:26  Proud Boys member who smashed Capitol window given 10-year sentence
17:22  'Bachelor' star's 'promise' to abstain from sex before marriage: it 'wasn't easy' but 'it was worth it'
17:20  Ozempic maker briefly overtook LVMH as Europe's most valuable company
17:19  Bill Parcells has lent $4 million to former Giants players in ‘financial crisis': author
17:19  Ruby Franke's sisters speak out on social media after Utah YouTuber's arrest on child abuse charges
17:17  US police release footage showing fatal shooting of pregnant Black woman
17:16  Calif. teachers union calls school board members who back telling parents of kids' transgenderism 'extremists'
17:12  Family who went 'off the grid' in Colorado wilderness died of malnutrition, autopsy finds
17:10  Secret Princess Diana tapes revealed: Audio recalls her trashing 'ridiculous' marriage to Charles, his 'disappointment' about Harry
17:05  Feline herself! Lioness grabs GoPro camera and shoots wild selfie video in Kenya
16:49  As Hurricane Idalia caused flooding, some electric vehicles exposed to saltwater caught fire
16:46  Off-grid Colorado family dies of malnutrition in wilderness
16:45  Amtrak poised to lose monopoly as Brightline bullet trains set to roll in Florida
16:45  Biden Honors Pilot's Heroism with Medal of Honor for Vietnam Rescue
16:42  Scientists re-create what mummies smell like: ‘The scent of eternity'
16:41  California to expand fossil fuel project Gavin Newsom said he was 'fully committed' to shutting down
16:38  Eight people injured in fiery possible road-rage shooting in Colorado
16:35  AI predicts what Elvis Presley would look like if he were alive today
16:34  'Life-threatening' rip currents posing risk to Labor Day weekend beachgoers
16:32  We found Wu-Tang Clan and Nas tickets for only $15. Get them today
16:31  Colorado women, teen made deadly mistakes in attempt to live off the grid in wilderness
16:31  Man beats 70-year-old who confronted him for rolling cigarette in NYC subway
16:30  Pennsylvania Democrats fret over turmoil within state party, calling it a 'f-g disaster' right now: Report
16:28  Man escapes mental hospital in Oregon while fully shackled and drives away
16:27  FBI releases age-progressed photo of 1970 bombing suspect known as 'Wisconsin's state ghost'
16:23  'Sticky Note Bandit' arrested after robbing four banks while dressed as woman: Officials
16:22  Biden seeks minimum staff levels at US nursing homes
16:22  Texas teen girl who was subject of Amber Alert charged in murder, another suspect at large
16:20  Why Are So Many Players Getting Sick at the U.S. Open?
16:19  The 'Atlantic' Coast Conference goes far west, adds Cal, Stanford and SMU to league
16:18  Latest Mitch McConnell freeze 'sad,' Senate is a 'nursing home,' Nikki Haley says in blistering attack
16:16  Impact of Hollywood Strikes on Jobs Goes Beyond the Strikers
16:16  Sen. Ted Cruz introduces NIL bill, says college sports 'are in peril'
16:15  Save on Apple Watch, Mr. Coffee and more during the Walmart Labor Day 2023 sale
16:13  How to watch the 2023 US Open
16:13  Save on Casper, Nectar and more with these Labor Day 2023 mattress deals
16:12  Skipping the salt can reduce heart disease risk by almost 20%, study finds: 'Know what you are consuming'
16:11  First renderings revealed for Silicon Valley titans' utopian city: ‘California Forever'
16:10  Family of Chicago teen struck in hit-and-run captured on surveillance video files lawsuit
16:08  Why Hurricane Idalia's destruction skipped some homes along Florida's coast
16:06  Ford issues recall of 169K SUVs, other vehicles to replace rear cameras
16:05  Barbie Botox' trend taking off with women as young as their 20s, but doctors inject caution
16:03  Iga Swiatek pulls on the heartstrings of US Open crowd with honest admission: 'I don't have many friends'
16:01  Ohio police release video of fatal shooting of pregnant Black woman
16:00  Eric Trump: 'Nonsense' charges will make my father US president again
16:00  Eric Trump: 'Nonsense' charges will make my father US president again
16:00  Former SS guard, 98, charged as accessory to murder at Nazi concentration camp
16:00  'Sound of Freedom' director laments political attacks on hit movie: 'Labels broke my heart'
15:55  USC's Caleb Williams faces two obstacles in his pursuit of Heisman Trophy history, ex-QB Jesse Palmer says
15:50  Tear-filled dad slams ‘money-grabbing' Disneyland after spending $5,000 on tickets
15:49  Matteo Berrettini's US Open run ends with horrific ankle injury
15:48  DeSantis warns Biden post-hurricane Florida trip could be ‘very disruptive'
15:46  Fans going nuts over ‘hideous' Costco sweatshirt: ‘I need this'
15:46  ACC adds Stanford, California and SMU to create latest NCAA super conference
15:45  Top US Senate Democrat Schumer warns against Republican 'brinkmanship' on spending
15:43  Patriots release audio of Tom Brady's first conference call with media: 'I'm ready for it'
15:43  Google claims DOJ antitrust chief Jonathan Kanter has ‘deep-seated bias' as trial looms
15:40  New ‘Pirola' variant of COVID is spreading fast, has experts concerned
15:38  Hezbollah Sanctions Case Highlights Frailties in the Art Market
15:35  Walgreens shares tank after CEO Rosalind Brewer abruptly resigns
15:34  Escaped Convict Still at Large Outside Philadelphia
15:27  A Texas law that could put drag performers in jail has been blocked - for now
15:25  The Promise and Risk of Biden's War on Drug Prices
15:22  You won't believe how cheap tickets to see The Eagles at MSG are
15:22  New York City and state fight over foie gras ban
15:21  Hurricane Idalia could have caused even more damage to Florida. Here's why it didn't.
15:20  Theater to See Near N.Y.C. in September: 'Ulysses,' 'The Pianist' and More
15:18  Gen Z is being ‘home-blocked' from having sex
15:16  Reeling From Heartbreak, and Then 'Penelope' Showed Up
15:13  'What night really looks like': lights out as Floridians clean up after Idalia
15:11  Online sleuths believe this TikTok shows 2 crimes at once - but things aren't what they seem
15:07  Nancy Gonzalez, ‘Sex and the City' designer beloved by A-listers, busted on smuggling endangered snakeskins for handbags
15:06  Federal judge blocks Texas law mandating age verification for pornography websites
15:06  Meta May Allow Instagram, Facebook Users in Europe to Pay and Avoid Ads
15:05  I'm Dying of Cancer. Do I Have to Tell Anyone?
15:04  Superstar Cities in the Age of Zoom
15:00  Partisan Politics Puts a Huge Win for Public Health at Risk
15:00  Call Cindy Crawford and Mike Piazza your neighbors in Miami Beach for $8.5M
15:00  Nashville music scene fractured by culture wars, lineups changed after political disputes: 'Doors are shut'
14:59  Braves superstar Ronald Acu?±a Jr. reaches unprecedented MLB milestone hours after getting married
14:51  2023 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in Brooklyn: Get tickets
14:43  Which stores are open - and closed - on Labor Day
14:41  NBA legend Shaq details dramatic weight loss: 'I couldn't walk up the steps'
14:38  Mike Evans gives Bucs deadline for new deal: 'The ball is in the owner's court'
14:38  Joe Biden's secret trade war will cripple Britain
14:36  Pope's Remarks on 'Reactionary' U.S. Catholics Rankle, and Resonate
14:33  Q&A: Why US advocates want more power to probe Indigenous boarding schools
14:32  These CDs have 4.5% APY (or more) - and low minimum deposits
14:31  Migrant family torn apart by Biden administration policies reunites in NYC
14:30  AOC's inflation take draws ire of struggling mother of four: How can she be so oblivious?
14:30  Trump-era amendment allowing logging of old-growth forests violates other laws, judge finds
14:25  Florida baby lost hair after poisoning by ex-Ph.D. student, dad says
14:23  Ban or Embrace? Colleges Wrestle With A.I.-Generated Admissions Essays.
14:23  Michael Oher and 'White Savior Syndrome'
14:23  New Hampshire Democrats defy Biden, DNC ultimatum to ditch first-in-nation primary: 'embarrassing situation'
14:21  Judge strikes down Texas law requiring pornographic sites to verify user age
14:20  I'm taking boyfriend applications -I've already got 3,000 candidates
14:09  Taylor Fritz made one simple change chasing the unthinkable at US Open
14:07  These are the three zodiac signs with the strongest sex drive
14:02  US barely survives stunning nail-biter against Montenegro at World Cup
14:00  Auburn vs. UMass prediction: Ugly underdog pick for college football's Week 1 action
14:00  Police investigate possible link between Gilgo Beach suspect and South Carolina woman who vanished in 2017
14:00  US pro-Israel groups in bitter feud over Netanyahu's far-right government
13:58  I make hundreds renting out one side of my bed - but ‘hot bedding' requires boundaries
13:56  States count cost of Hurricane Idalia as experts say it could have been far worse
13:55  Jets' Sauce Gardner reveals the 'best practice' he gets following All-Pro rookie season
13:53  Blink-182 announces Travis Barker's return home due to "urgent family matter," postpones European tour
13:50  Pret a Manger hit with $1M fine after employee gets trapped in walk-in freezer
13:46  Video of Ohio police fatally shooting pregnant Black woman to be released
13:42  Barstool Sports CEO Dave Portnoy gets into fierce argument with pizzeria owner: ‘F-k you!'
13:39  Federal judge blocks Texas law requiring I.D. to enter pornography websites
13:38  Mother bear with 2 cubs is shot dead, sparking outrage in Italy
13:35  Hard Right Injects Immigration Into Spending Fight, Raising Shutdown Fears
13:32  Frowning Garfield toy listening to sad music is TikTok's new favorite relatable influencer
13:27  Maximize Your Savings: Deposit $5,000 into a CD Now!
13:26  Virginia mom allegedly caught topless in sex abuse of twin teen brothers next door
13:25  Proud Boys member sentenced to 10 years for smashing Capitol window
13:24  Why you should deposit $1,000 into a CD now
13:22  Gold bars and coins are a smart bet right now. Here's why.
13:22  Average American employee hasn't had a raise in 3 years: poll
13:13  Proud Boys member Dominic Pezzola, who broke Capitol window with riot shield, sentenced to 10 years in prison
13:12  This infamous photo of Kate Middleton and Prince Louis is up for an award
13:12  Unprecedented Webb telescope image reveals "new feature" in famous supernova
13:11  Woman Who Hosted YouTube Parenting Channel Is Arrested on Suspicion of Child Abuse
13:07  Proud Boy Who Smashed Window at Capitol Sentenced to 10 Years
13:07  A Dinner Party Menu That Finds Inspiration in Italy
13:07  Biden to give Medal of Honor to Larry Taylor, pilot who rescued soldiers in Vietnam firefight
13:07  Mommy blogger suspected of child abuse made video about withholding Christmas presents
13:02  The Latest Summer Fad in the Hamptons: Clay Catering on Demand
13:00  Four young guns with big college football shoes to fill
12:59  Meghan Markle takes 'huge risk distancing herself' from Prince Harry; Kevin Costner's ex breaks down in court
12:57  Michigan EV plant's owner promotes Chinese communist ideology at worker retreats: report
12:56  Federal Officials Propose New Nursing Home Standards to Increase Staffing
12:56  FIFA president says World Cup kissing scandal 'spoiled' Spain's celebration
12:54  LED lights are erasing our view of the stars - and it's getting worse
12:53  US companies added 187,000 jobs in August as unemployment rises to 3.8%
12:44  Doja Cat Goes Horror Pop, and 12 More New Songs
12:40  If there's one thing these Mets can agree on, it's Pete Alonso's impact: ‘An all-time great clubhouse guy'
12:34  Is AI a virtue or vice for Hollywood? Several experts weigh in
12:23  Meta May Allow Instagram, Facebook Users in Europe to Pay and Avoid Ads
12:20  What went wrong this year? Let the Yankees themselves tell you??¦
12:19  Online marketplaces, social media platforms under fire by Congress over recalled products
12:18  98-year-old German man is charged with accessory to murder at Nazi concentration camp
12:09  Utah woman who gave parenting advice on YouTube held for alleged child abuse
12:07  Thailand's king reduces prison sentence of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra to a single year
12:05  Disney-Charter dispute leads to blackout at Florida-Utah Kickoff, ESPN viewers lose their minds
12:02  ACC adds Stanford, Cal, SMU as new members beginning in 2024
12:00  Matured Quinn Ewers carrying Texas' high expectations as Arch Manning looms
12:00  Oregonians support ending drug decriminalization amid rising overdoses, 'radicalized social justice movement'
11:55  College tuition insurance: What it is and how to get it
11:49  Prisoners in Ecuador take 57 guards and police hostage as car bombs rock the capital
11:46  4 ways today's mortgage rates can benefit homebuyers
11:46  Tourists shot dead after riding jet skis across unfriendly country's sea border
11:46  As Anniversary of Women's Uprising Nears, Iran Cracks Down
11:44  Daniil Medvedev takes on US Open crowd during fiery exchange: 'Are you stupid or what?'
11:43  Nebraska man pulled over for having giant bull named Howdy Doody riding shotgun in his car
11:40  Legacies could be remade this college football season, but history hasn't been kind to those who've tried before
11:38  Five Science Fiction Movies to Stream Now
11:30  American men have chance to make some real noise at U.S. Open
11:30  Texas school mandate requiring armed officers at every campus after deadly Uvalde shooting hits roadblocks
11:26  Brady Poppinga mourns son Julius after tragic death: 'Special soul'
11:25  CEO Roz Brewer's sudden resignation sends Walgreens shares plummeting
11:19  Spanish officials to hold crisis meeting as 40th gender-based murder comes amid backlash over sexism
11:15  Joe Biden's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad month, my son and fentanyl
11:14  New Chaperones for Labor Day Revelry: N.Y.P.D. Drones Flying Overhead
11:14  Consumers accuse Burger King and other major restaurant chains of false advertising
11:14  Federal judge halts Texas law limiting public drag shows
11:10  Duran Duran guitarist Andy Taylor is 'radioactive' after 'nuclear' cancer treatments
11:10  How Oliver Anthony went from aluminum sales to viral success - and is still a doting dad: family
11:03  Uncover serious savings and comfort this Labor Day with a MOLECULE 1 mattress
11:02  MS-13 gang member pleads guilty to role in 4 deaths, including two teenage girls who were attacked with machetes
11:00  How Alabama is defying the supreme court to discriminate against Black voters
11:00  Murder of San Francisco shopkeeper causes anger, 'cries for accountability' in crowd at vigil: report
11:00  Giants' Dexter Lawrence heightened expectations after signing big deal
11:00  7 Books for Better Sleep
11:00  Congressman who left Democrats blisters Biden admin as 'worst in American history'
10:53  ATF proposes rule to close 'gun show loophole'
10:51  Applying to College? Here's How A.I. Tools Might Hurt, or Help.
10:47  Employers add 187,000 jobs, but unemployment rises to 3.8%
10:46  Pentagon's new website reveals declassified UFO videos and photos
10:43  Federal government will dictate staffing levels at nursing homes for first time ever, according to Biden admin
10:42  'It's Different When It's Your Little Girl'
10:35  3 great reasons to invest in gold this fall
10:30  Texas law aims to punish prosecutors who refuse to pursue abortion cases
10:26  An Easy, Summery Tomato Pasta That's Ready for Fall
10:23  Pentagon launches website for declassified UFO information, including videos and photos
10:22  Man kills uncle, attempts to murder aunt after break-in: police
10:22  Mitch McConnell May Be Experiencing Small Seizures, Doctors Suggest
10:20  Afghans in US struggle with uncertainty while congressional reforms stall
10:19  Tourists Were Told to Avoid Maui. Many Workers Want Them Back.
10:18  New law aims to prevent furniture tip-over deaths
10:13  ACC votes to add 3 schools as conference realignment continues
10:11  Proud Boys Florida leader jailed for 17 years over Capitol riots
10:07  Ohio police set to release bodycam footage of fatal shooting of pregnant Black woman
10:06  Upper West Side family butchered in murder-suicide died of 'sharp force injuries' and 'incise wounds': autopsy
10:06  Survivor of South Africa Fire Describes a Harrowing Escape
10:05  OB-GYN group attacks pro-life 'misinformation' on abortion: 'Must be available without restrictions'
10:00  Prince Harry's 'Heart of Invictus' deserves praise, but he must 'spare' public from swipes at royals: experts
10:00  'Death Star law' to abortion: the new rightwing laws taking effect in Texas
10:00  Republican senators seek new path to unseating Georgia DA Fani Willis
09:59  Walgreens CEO Roz Brewer resigns after less than 3 years on the job
09:44  New details revealed about woman, sister and teen found dead at remote Colorado campsite
09:43  Puerto Rico and the 2024 Republican presidential primaries
09:42  Texas National Guard soldier suspended after wounding man in cross-border shooting, Mexico's president says
09:36  Christie's cancels sale of late Austrian billionaire Heidi Horten's jewelry over Nazi links
09:28  Christie's Halts Auction of Jewelry Tied to Nazi-Era Wealth
09:27  Texas National Guard Investigates Cross-Border Shooting Incident, Mexico Demands Action
09:22  What Will Happen to Bloomberg After Its Founder Steps Away?
09:19  Former Afghan interpreter says Taliban tortured him for weeks but U.S. still won't give him a visa
09:15  Monsoon triggers massive dust storm across Phoenix, delaying college football and diverting flights
09:05  How to stop health and fitness apps from using your private data
09:00  The Forgotten Teenage Trailblazer of Women's Tennis
08:57  Alaska board of education votes to ban transgender girls from competing on women's high school athletic teams
08:57  Is debt relief worth it? Here's what experts say
08:55  Hawaii investigates unsolicited land offers as the state tries to keep Lahaina in local hands
08:51  Kansas officials shouldn't be forced to keep changing transgender people's birth certificates, judge says
08:49  All That Empty Office Space Belongs to Someone
08:48  The One-Handed Backhand Is on the Way to Extinction
08:48  Jet skiers reportedly killed by Algerian coast guard after running out of gas
08:44  Employers added 187,000 jobs in August, unemployment jumps to 3.8%
08:43  Body camera footage of controversial fatal police shooting in Ohio expected to be released to the public
08:37  'Life-threatening' rip currents posing risk to Labor Day weekend beachgoers
08:33  Nikki Haley calls Senate 'most privileged nursing home in the country,' says McConnell freeze-up was 'sad'
08:25  Packers Super Bowl champion speaks out following untimely death of teen son: 'A special soul'
08:23  FBI releases age-processed photos of Leo Burt, Wisconsin campus bomber wanted for 53 years
08:11  Grim Struggle Begins to Identify Victims in South African Fire
08:00  Conservatives tout new training program for Capitol Hill staff as 'game changer' for beating 'the swamp'
07:45  Ailing No. 5 seed Ons Jabeur guts out win at US Open: ‘warrior'
07:43  Taylor Swift ticket buying difficulties sparked outrage, but few reforms. Consumer advocates are up in arms.
07:32  Small West Virginia university declares bankruptcy after announcing planned closure
07:30  Daniil Medvedev lashes out at camera and crowd during US Open win
07:28  Video of police fatally shooting a pregnant Black woman set to be released, Ohio department says
07:20  JPMorgan processed more than $1bn for Epstein, US Virgin Islands says
07:18  Ohio police set to release bodycam footage of fatal shooting of pregnant Black woman
07:02  Ruby Franke, popular Utah YouTuber, arrested on suspicion of child abuse after malnourished son escapes home, authorities say
07:00  Former US Navy SEAL Jocko Willink shares 5 tactics for effective leadership: ‘Massive impact'
07:00  California equestrian saddled with murder-for-hire charges in alleged plot to take out husband
07:00  Dear Abby: My sister-in-law won't stop bragging about paying for my son's engagement party
06:44  Labor Day quiz! How well do you know facts about the national holiday?
06:40  What to Know About the Fire That Killed at Least 74 in Johannesburg
06:26  In Idalia's wake, a path of destruction and the start of cleanup
06:21  Remains of British climber who went missing 52 years ago found in the Swiss Alps
06:11  California judge denies resentencing bid for convicted cop killer amid colleague's concern of bias
06:08  Inmate accused of attempted murder steals car, escapes Oregon mental hospital in full shackles
06:05  Woman bought painting for $4 from thrift store 6 years ago - turns out it could be worth $250K
06:00  New LA homeless measure would 'destroy' hotel industry 'overnight,' harm guests: AHLA President
06:00  IRS whistleblower's attorney questions contact with Garland subordinate: 'Sounded like intel-gathering'
06:00  Jen Psaki keeps doing her best to cover up Democrats' awful abortion secret
06:00  Arizona's Pipe Dream
05:51  Ronald Acuna Jr. becomes MLB's first 30-60 man on his wedding night
05:45  Today's Top News: A Deadly Fire in Johannesburg, and More
05:37  Restaurant named ‘The Crack House' draws ire from community that thinks it's selling drugs to college kids: ‘Addicting food, that's it'
05:23  American Airlines passenger's luggage run over by truck after being forced to gate-check
05:13  911 caller immediately identified suspect in UNC shooting, audio reveals
05:07  Trump trial in Georgia to be televised and live streamed, judge announces
05:04  Giants' Joe Schoen unlikely to negotiate contracts during season
05:03  Kia and Hyundai Helped Enable a Crime Wave. They Should Pay for It.
05:03  Time to Expose the Liar at Work?
05:03  Stream These Great Movies Before They Leave Netflix in September
05:03  Racehorse Deaths in Saratoga Renew Old Worries and Prompt Reforms
05:02  A New Hulu Series Celebrates the Many Faces of Black Success
05:02  You've Heard of K-Beauty. Now Try K-Perfume
05:02  The Secretive Billionaires Building a Tech Utopia + Casey's External Brain + HatGPT
05:02  Picking the Right Wall Color Isn't Easy. Here's How the Pros Do It.
05:02  An $80 Million Duplex Is the Priciest Closing (So Far) This Year
05:02  Conferences Are Changing. The Sport Is, Too.
05:02  A Word on Censorship From the Book-Banning Monster of Iowa
05:02  In the Wake of Wildfires, Maui Weddings Persevere
05:02  Texas Supreme Court Allows Transgender Medical Ban to Begin
05:02  The All-Trump Present and Post-Trump Future Collide in Georgia
05:01  The Forgotten Man
05:01  Staking the Future on a Stretch of Sidewalk in Brooklyn
05:01  A Nicaraguan Novelist Betrayed by the Revolution He Helped Build
05:01  Behind Dianne Feinstein's Headlines Lies Another, Untold Story
05:00  Tennessee woman sets record for world's longest female mullet
05:00  Audiobook of the Week: Meryl Streep Would Like to Tell You a Story
05:00  Workers are finally seeing real wage gains, but millions still struggle to pay the bills
05:00  Can Plastic Recycling Ever Really Work?
05:00  Are We Finally Ready to Take Tammy Wynette Seriously?
05:00  DOJ blocks Rachel Levine from being exposed in Alabama's law on banning sex changes for minors litigation
05:00  In Stephen King's Latest, Beware the Kindly Old Professors
05:00  Ed Ruscha's 'Chocolate Room' Still Tantalizes
04:43  NC State safety Rakeim Ashford stretchered off field after late hit
04:41  Irate Florida customer arrested after throwing lollipop at Family Dollar manager: affidavit
04:41  Odell Beckham approves Giants' Jalin Hyatt for taking No. 13: ‘Rock out'
04:39  Yankees' Jasson Dominguez, Austin Wells set for first test in MLB
04:39  NYPD delivered ‘cease-fire' warnings to 40 gang members ahead of J'Ouvert and West Indian Day Parade
04:36  A Quest Inspired by the Pandemic Seed Shortage and a 'Primal Fear'
04:30  TikToker refusing to give up first-class seat to a teen went viral. We asked travelers what they would do
04:13  Carlos Alcaraz finishes strong to close out third-round US Open win
04:11  Trump accused of using AI or an impersonator for interview with Real America's Voice: 'ChatGOP'
04:00  Federal judge defies Congress in ruling against Texas election reform
04:00  Meet the American who gave flight to football, Bradbury Robinson, college star who threw first forward pass
04:00  Sage Steele opens up following ESPN exit: 'This is so much bigger than me'
04:00  Miley Cyrus' fame from Billy Ray's daughter to Disney, 'pushing sexual boundaries,' topless photo drama
03:53  Alabama man wins $1 million Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes - but wasn't home to collect check
03:53  Jets' Joe Douglas not about to make playoff prediction
03:49  Upper West Side family butchered in murder-suicide remembered at vigil
03:39  ESPN networks go dark on Charter Spectrum cable systems amid U.S. Open match
03:38  White man faces trial in US for shooting Black teen who went to wrong house
03:33  Disney channels - including ESPN and ABC - go dark for nearly 15M Charter Spectrum customers amid spar over new deal
03:30  Football coach returns after being fired for praying: 'Take on God' and see what miracles He can do
03:18  Fans at US Open couldn't watch ESPN on TVs during night session due to Spectrum dispute
03:15  Barstool CEO Erika Ayers Badan addresses company's mass layoffs: ‘They're all stars'
03:14  Phillies' Trea Turner on massive hot streak since fans' standing ovation
03:07  Florida patient wearing medical gown flees hospital in stolen ambulance
03:01  Arkansas law requiring parental consent for minors to create social media accounts temporarily blocked
03:00  Leaked Recording of U.A.E. Officials Reveals the Nation's Concern Over Its Public Image
03:00  Swing state voters rage against Biden's performance on economy, border crisis: 'Pulling for him to lose'
02:51  Florida takes penalty against Utah for two players wearing same number
02:50  Andy Murray not going to retire after getting ousted in US Open
02:40  Pentagon launches new ‘one-stop shop' website for declassified UFO information - which will include photos, videos
02:26  The Office' star Rainn Wilson reveals difficult childhood: ‘A lot of pain'
02:23  California has highest rate of ‘cancel culture' in the nation, study finds
02:21  US, SKorea, Japan Imposing New Sanctions on NKorea's Nuclear, Missile Programs
02:21  Mookie Betts has inched way ahead of Ronald Acu?±a in NL MVP race
02:15  Trump Georgia election trial will be televised and live streamed, judge says
02:07  ESPN networks go dark on Charter Spectrum cable systems amid U.S. Open match
02:06  Sports broadcasts continually choose stupidity over logic
02:00  Princess Diana's wedding dress designer recalls 'heart-stopping' moment during the ceremony: 'Horrified'
02:00  Israel unveils 'most advanced' surveillance plane with AI-powered sensors: 'Unprecedented'
02:00  Newspaper giant pauses AI experiment after readers mock bizarre sports reporting
02:00  Increasing number of Americans say they are more concerned than excited about AI: survey
01:59  Number of missing in Maui wildfires will fall to double digits, governor says
01:49  Women get in porta-potty brawl at Morgan Wallen concert: ‘Hoping for swirly'
01:29  White man who shot Black teenager who came to wrong house will stand trial, judge orders
01:28  UNC-Chapel Hill grad student Tailei Qi charged with murder in shooting death of professor
01:09  I enjoyed the free perks working at a tanning salon - now I have skin cancer
01:09  ESPN goes dark for Florida-Utah amid dispute with Charter's Spectrum cable
00:58  Disney-owned channels, including ABC and ESPN, go dark on Charter Spectrum due to dispute
00:56  Mets' Ronny Mauricio, Brett Baty call-ups usher in look at future
00:52  Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer received email in Greek from consultant to shield it from the public: lawsuit
00:51  Tragic loss: UPS driver collapses and dies in scorching Texas heat
00:45  Longtime UPS driver dies days after collapsing on the job in 100-degree Texas heat
00:44  Brady Poppinga mourns son Julius after tragic death: ‘Special soul'
00:34  McCaul seeks to grill more Biden officials on Afghanistan: ‘Unmitigated disaster of epic proportions'
00:33  The week in whoppers: Keith Olbermann's snarky trans remark, more Maui mess-ups from Biden and more
00:28  Democratic lawmaker urges Comer to subpoena Kushner's firm over $2 billion Saudi investment
00:25  2 dead, others hurt in shooting at Austin business
00:24  I've traveled to 72 countries working on a cruise ship - here's how I live
00:17  Biden admin asks New York private businesses to help migrant crisis - by offering free services
00:10  Canada's crazy, unneighborly LGBT travel advisory for America
00:04  Aussie influencer, OnlyFans star 'dying to go home' from 3-month European vacation: ‘Not all it's cracked up to be'
00:03  I spent 12 hours and $12 at the Golden Corral buffet - best day ever
  Sasha Waltz's Dance Company: 30 Years of Giving Form to Feeling
  A Scandal and Its Fallout Compound the British Museum's Woes
  Why I Dress (and Act) Like a Man
  In a Crisis (or Two), They Both Knew Where to Turn for Help

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