US military urges halt to clashes in eastern Syria amid concerns of ISIS resurgence

06:07 02.09.2023

Conflict Erupts in Northeast Syria, Threatening Stability and Security

On Monday, a violent conflict erupted in northeast Syria, specifically in the oil-rich Deir el-Zour province, between rival groups that are part of the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) coalition. This clash, which resulted in over 40 deaths and dozens of injuries, has raised concerns among military officials about the potential resurgence of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the region. The escalating civil war in Syria has prompted calls for an immediate end to the violence to ensure regional security and stability.

The Combined Joint Task Force - Operation Inherent Resolve, responsible for overseeing the U.S. military's efforts in the fight against ISIS, released a statement on Thursday expressing their close monitoring of the situation in northeast Syria. They emphasized the need to work with the SDF to ensure the enduring defeat of ISIS, known as Daesh in Arabic, and warned against distractions that could lead to instability and the resurgence of the terrorist group.

The conflict in northeast Syria has been fueled by various factors, including accusations of regional leaders, such as those in Iran, using ethnic tensions to drive the fighting. Critics argue that the Assad government and Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi have exploited the divide between Arabs and Kurds within the SDF to further their own interests and create greater conflict within the U.S.-backed coalition.

As tensions rise, it was reported that the SDF dismissed Ahmad Khbeil, also known as Abu Khawla, a prominent figure within the Arab-led Deir el-Zour Military Council. Khbeil was arrested on charges related to multiple crimes and violations, including drug trafficking and alleged coordination with external entities hostile to the revolution, potentially referring to contacts with the Syrian government and its Iranian and Russian allies. These actions have further deepened the divide within the SDF and its various factions.

Experts and officials have expressed concern about the consequences of the ongoing violence. Sinam Sherkany Mohamad, Chief of Mission of the Syrian Democratic Council in Washington, D.C., warned that the actions of Khbeil's forces could play into the hands of ISIS and empower their forces operating in the region. She emphasized the dangerous situation that could spiral out of control and destabilize the only region in Syria that is currently safe and stable, Deir ez-Zour.

David Adesnik, a senior fellow specializing in Syria at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, highlighted the desperation of Syrian President Bashar Assad to drive out U.S. forces from the region. He argued that despite claims of victory, Assad's regime relies on illicit activities such as narco-trafficking and Iranian oil to sustain itself. The conflict in northeast Syria serves as a reminder of the regime's fragile position.

The U.S. military is rightfully concerned about the situation, as it not only poses a risk of ISIS resurgence but also plays into the hands of Iran, the Assad regime, and their proxies who actively seek to worsen the situation in order to remove U.S. troops from northeast Syria. The chaos and instability resulting from the conflict could have severe consequences for the local population.

The clashes have continued, with both sides seeking reinforcements along the border with Iraq. The U.S. military, along with the SDF, remains committed to preventing an ISIS comeback in the region. With approximately 900 U.S. forces and an undisclosed number of contractors present in eastern Syria, the focus is on working with the SDF to ensure regional security and stability.

The situation in northeast Syria remains tense and volatile, with the conflict threatening the hard-fought gains against ISIS. The international community and regional powers must work together to de-escalate the violence and prioritize peace and stability in the region, free from the threat of terrorism.

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