Biden clarifies Delaware trip: Not a vacation, but a necessary visit home

14:09 04.09.2023

President Biden Clarifies Weekend Trip to Delaware Beach House, Denies Being on Vacation

President Biden addressed reporters in Delaware on Sunday, insisting that his visit to his Delaware beach house over the weekend was not a vacation. Despite claims that he spends a significant amount of time away from the White House, Biden emphasized that he has no home to go to in Delaware due to ongoing security upgrades by the Secret Service.

During his brief remarks, Biden acknowledged that he often stays at his main residence in Wilmington, Delaware, but opted to spend the weekend at his Rehoboth Beach house. He explained that the Secret Service has been working on his Wilmington home for months to enhance security, including the installation of bulletproof glass. Biden clarified that his decision to stay at his beach house was not due to being homeless, but rather because he currently has only one home available to him.

The president's visit to Rehoboth Beach came after he toured the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia in Florida the previous day. Biden expressed regret at not being able to visit East Palestine, Ohio, where a toxic train derailment occurred in February, citing his busy schedule as the reason. He had previously promised to visit East Palestine but did not provide a specific timeline.

A recent analysis by The Washington Post revealed that Biden has spent 40% of his first 957 days as president on personal overnight trips away from the White House, more than any of his recent predecessors. However, Biden defended his weekend trips, stating that he has been occupied with various responsibilities and has not been able to break from his schedule.

After leaving Delaware on Labor Day Monday, Biden traveled to Philadelphia to speak at a rally for the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO). He is scheduled to travel to India for the Group of 20 Summit and will make a stop in Hanoi, Vietnam. Following his overseas trip, he plans to commemorate the 22nd anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks from Alaska.

The president's explanation regarding his weekend trip came after he had previously mentioned the ongoing security upgrades to his Wilmington residence back in April. The First Family had initially planned to spend Labor Day weekend at their Rehoboth Beach home but changed their plans due to the recent storm. Prior to the beach visit, the family had enjoyed a vacation in Nevada's Lake Tahoe region.

Criticism from the Republican National Committee and GOP lawmakers on Capitol Hill has been directed towards Biden's frequent weekend trips away from the White House. Some reporters questioned whether Biden's reference to having no home in Delaware suggested he was homeless, to which he responded, "No, I'm not homeless."

The White House has not yet provided additional information or comment regarding Biden's remarks.

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