Vivek Ramaswamy: Extreme Trump Supporter Seeks Backdoor to White House

11:11 06.09.2023

At the first Republican primary television debate in Milwaukee, one candidate stood out from the rest. Vivek Ramaswamy, a biotech entrepreneur, positioned himself as the younger, more pristine version of former president Donald Trump. With his hand shooting up first in response to the question of whether they would pardon Trump, Ramaswamy has quickly become the biggest supporter of the former president amidst his legal battles.

Ramaswamy's strategy to capture both Trump supporters and detractors revolves around presenting himself as a fresh face untainted by legal baggage. This approach has not only earned him the admiration of Trump himself, who declared him the winner of the night, but it has also fueled rumors that he could potentially be chosen as Trump's running mate. Such a position on the Trump ticket would give Ramaswamy not only a shot at a government job but also the keys to the Oval Office.

However, Trump's legal issues loom ominously over both his campaign and potential presidency. While there are no rules prohibiting inmates from running for the presidency or serving in the White House, a conviction could force Trump to end his term prematurely. If he were to win the election next November but then face imprisonment, the Republican National Committee would likely step in to choose a replacement without a full primary vote.

The implications of this scenario are significant for Ramaswamy. While his alignment with Trump has propelled him to second place in some polls, it also means that his fate is closely tied to that of the former president. If Trump were to be forced out of the race, Ramaswamy's hopes of ascending to the highest office in the land would be dashed. However, for now, he remains a strong contender, capturing attention with his promises of a Trump-like presidency, albeit without the legal baggage.

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