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23:56  Assault on elderly subway vic: Letters to the Editor - Sept. 7, 2023
23:56  Bruce Springsteen postpones remaining September shows due to peptic ulcer
23:54  GREG GUTFELD: Muscular physiques go hand in hand with conservatism
23:54  Woman, 33, dies from rare disorder after being told by doctors her illness was ‘all in her head'
23:46  Mistress filmed kissing married Maryland cop is a mom who alleges 2-year-long fling: 'I've done nothing wrong'
23:40  Isaiah Simmons has found a home in Wink Martindale's Giants defense
23:40  Workers need empowerment, not more Bidenomics failures
23:38  McConnell commits to Senate and GOP leadership despite health scares
23:36  Fans defend Vanna White ahead of new ‘Wheel of Fortune' season: ‘Seacrest will tank'
23:36  US judge orders Texas to remove controversial border buoys from Rio Grande
23:32  DOE offers up pathetic letter of guidance to teachers about influx of migrant students during ongoing NYC crisis
23:28  Dreaming Whilst Black' producer on the ‘cringe' karaoke scene
23:27  SEAN HANNITY: Hunter Biden is facing prosecution only because David Weiss got caught
23:26  New York's legal-weed rollout looks ever more dope-y
23:24  Glamorous equestrian accused of planning $2M murder-for-hire plot against husband claims she was raped, threatened ‘Godfather-style' by his pal
23:23  Kendra Wilkinson rushed to ER after panic attack, desperate for help
23:16  TCU linebacker says team now ‘laughingstock of college football' after Colorado loss
23:14  The ADL betrays its history, Nicaragua's war on the Church and other commentary
23:11  Mastering Aaron Rodgers' famed cadence a tough Jets task: ‘Never had to study' before
23:03  When are people finally going to say ‘enough!' to justice system that lets maniacs go?
23:00  Bring the spa home with this massager, now marked down to $90
23:00  HBO's ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel' ending after 29 years
22:48  Has India Changed Its Name? A G20 Invite Raises Eyebrows
22:47  Texas ordered to remove buoys meant to block migrants from Rio Grande River
22:45  NYC brute accused of beating elderly woman with cane claims to be a ‘man of the Lord' in apocalyptic rant
22:37  Border floodgates finally closed in Arizona - but migrants continue to overwhelm closest legal point of entry
22:37  Peter Navarro Faces Contempt Trial for Defying Jan. 6 Committee
22:33  Springsteen Postpones September Shows to Be Treated for Peptic Ulcer Disease Symptoms
22:33  WH spokesperson insists Biden's hasty Medal of Honor departure was to ‘minimize' COVID exposure
22:30  Delaware NAACP calls for outside investigation after state troopers fatally shoot man in New Castle
22:27  Homicide suspect escapes from Washington, D.C., hospital
22:23  The Spanish soccer kiss was bad, but the obsession with it might be worse
22:22  Giants' Kayvon Thibodeaux ‘trying to emulate' Micah Parsons as game-breaker
22:21  Weak Yuan Worries Chinese Immigrants in US
22:20  First hearing held in Georgia for 2020 election interference case
22:19  Coach who got job back after Supreme Court ruled he could pray on field quits, claims retaliation
22:16  Rolling Stones have new album on the way - or could there be two?
22:12  Burning Man ravers abandon cars, blankets and their own waste: ‘Have some decency!'
22:05  Trump was warned about FBI's ‘shocking' raid on Mar-a-Lago months ahead of time: lawyer
22:01  JESSE WATTERS: The Kamala Harris White House is coming into sharper focus
22:01  Former NFL receiver Mike Williams is on life support despite report of death
22:00  AFC West preview and predictions: Chiefs still the class of the division
21:59  Florida father accused of killing teen son with angle grinder: 'Inexplicable'
21:55  Free speech is losing on campus - here's what we can do to save it
21:55  Biden administration cancels oil and gas leases in Arctic wildlife refuge
21:49  Felony convictions for 4 ex-Navy officers vacated in "Fat Leonard" bribery scandal
21:48  Under Biden, Covid hysterics will never end
21:47  Women warn the #ShutUpRing will lead to a disastrous marriage: ‘Huge red flag!'
21:46  The Rolling Stones debut ‘Angry' new single, video starring Sydney Sweeney
21:36  A Historic First for Mexico as Two Women Vie for the Presidency
21:35  I was told I had 3 weeks to live, so I planned my funeral - that was over a year ago
21:34  Rich Paul argues LeBron James faced more scrutiny than Michael Jordan due to current news cycle
21:30  Get a pair of portable stereo speakers for only $34.99
21:24  Las Vegas rapper who allegedly killed man and mentioned it later in a song arrested
21:22  US prosecutors to seek Hunter Biden indictment by Sept. 29 -court filing
21:21  Navarro parades photo of Trump at courthouse before contempt of Congress trial
21:21  Rothschild family treasures to be sold in historic auction worth millions
21:17  Kentucky ex-prosecutor arrested after allegedly murdering wife
21:17  Carl Nassib, first openly gay active player in NFL, announces retirement after 7 seasons
21:15  Lawsuit Contends Constitution's 'Insurrection' Clause Bars Trump From Running
21:15  Jim Tom Hedrick, star of ‘Moonshiners,' dead at 82
21:15  Prosecutors Seeking New Indictment for Hunter Biden
21:14  Elon Musk pictured for first time with co-worker mother of his secret twins
21:13  Ex-US prison counselor admits accepting bribe from Galleon's Rajaratnam
21:11  Disney+ slashes subscription price to $1.99 amid cable dispute
21:09  NYC migrant students' language barrier poses ‘challenge' for schools, Kathy Hochul says
21:09  Killer Danelo Cavalante escaped Pennsylvania prison with daring climb between two walls onto roof
21:07  Video shows murderer escape Pennsylvania prison by climbing between 2 walls
21:03  Passerby saves home from fire sparked by 'faulty' e-scooter battery
21:01  Grocery Girl' fall is TikTok's latest style and home trend
20:58  Tropical storm Lee strengthens into hurricane - NHC
20:58  California Judge Blocks School District's Transgender Notification Policy
20:58  Portland City Council in Oregon votes to ban open drug use, but with one catch
20:56  Kim Kardashian spooks fans with creepy trailer for ‘American Horror Story: Delicate'
20:54  New Jersey inmate claims she was sexually assaulted by trans prisoner in women's prison
20:52  Without proper air conditioning, many U.S. schools forced to close amid scorching heat
20:51  New bird flu mutation could leave humans 'vulnerable to infection': experts
20:47  Our $11K destination wedding was canceled - thanks to ‘air traffic chaos'
20:46  Patriots' Mac Jones lauds Tom Brady's mentorship: 'He's actually helped me a lot'
20:44  Coach Who Won Supreme Court Case Over Prayers on the Field Resigns
20:43  Biden to cancel oil and gas leases in Alaska issued by Trump administration
20:37  Kendra Wilkinson rushes to emergency room after suffering panic attack
20:30  What would make this Jets season a success?
20:30  FanDuel Kentucky Promo Code gets $100 bonus bets for Tigers-Yankees, any sport
20:29  Sofia Vergara is 'trying to have fun' amid divorce from Joe Manganiello: 'I've been lucky'
20:28  Biden Administration Cancels Oil, Gas Leases on Alaskan Land
20:27  Megyn Kelly says Obamas - not Biden - are really in charge: ‘Shadow puppet situation'
20:25  New study finds alarming rise in cancer rates among people under 50
20:22  Kim Kardashian terrifies fans with chilling 'American Horror Story: Delicate' trailer
20:19  Hunter Biden will be indicted on gun charges later this month, DOJ says
20:19  US Judge Orders Texas to Move Floating Barriers in Rio Grande
20:17  Federal prosecutors seek new indictment against Hunter Biden
20:15  What do the cheapest last-minute NY Jets vs. Buffalo Bills tickets cost?
20:14  NYC nurse allegedly left kids, 1 and 3, in car during heat wave to shop
20:12  How the royal family is dealing with the queen's death one year on
20:10  Florida father accused in son's brutal murder gives judge fake name in first appearance, claims to own NFL
20:09  Longest alligators in the US that broke American hunting records - officially and unofficially
20:07  YouTube's annual $2 billion 'Sunday Ticket' experiment kicks off this weekend
20:06  Climate scientist admits making his research 'unrealistic' to get published
20:04  Anti-yogurt PSA banned over excessive gore, causing ‘unjustified distress'
19:59  Ken Paxton's wife Angela attends his impeachment trial as witness says his alleged affair is "relevant"
19:58  The cult favorite Bissell Little Green Carpet Cleaner is $15 off
19:56  Beyonce fan goes into labor during LA concert - stays till the end
19:50  Trump says he would testify at classified documents trial
19:48  New video shows NYC subway beating suspect claim he was trying to ‘help' victim with walker
19:47  Crystal clear: Forecast for possible government shutdown is murky
19:44  Nissan, Kia can collect data on drivers' ‘sexual activity' and ‘sex lives': privacy watchdog
19:42  Single migrants booted from UWS hotel to make room for families
19:39  Mom films her son absolutely not having it at Disneyland: ‘I hate this place'
19:32  Move to combat Hollywood censorship in China could backfire, Congress told
19:32  Palestinian woman kicked, knocked to ground after trying to stab Israeli police officer in Jerusalem
19:29  California state legislature passes bill banning caste-based discrimination
19:25  Summer 2023 makes history as warmest ever on record ‘by a large margin' - and it's not over yet
19:23  Japan Will Join the New Moon Race, and Launch an X-Ray Telescope, Too
19:21  Thieving groundhog ‘Chunk' taunts filmmaker farmer in up-close footage: ‘So much swagger'
19:21  Supreme Court-supported football coach quits after triumphant return
19:19  Controversial art dealer's NYC mansion sells for $26.1M
19:18  Marchand and Ourand Podcast' Episode 103: ESPN-Charter battle, NFL preview with Kevin Burkhardt, Greg Olsen
19:15  McConnell says he will finish his term in the Senate
19:14  Google's long-awaited antitrust trial finally set to begin 3 years after landmark suit over search monopoly
19:12  Chinese hack of US officials due to compromise of Microsoft engineer's account, Microsoft says
19:06  Donald Trump offers to debate Meghan Markle as he criticises her treatment of Queen Elizabeth II
19:05  California authorities locate, identify body of missing Netflix engineer found in San Francisco Bay
19:03  Justice Dept. Says It Will Indict Hunter Biden on Gun Charge This Month
19:00  Meet the young stars prepared to lead Giants, Jets into future
19:00  Dignified Silence Doesn't Work Against Trump
19:00  'It's hurt us bad': Americans grade President Biden's handling of the economy as he touts 'Bidenomics'
19:00  Navy secretary accuses Sen. Tuberville of 'aiding and abetting' communists with military holds over abortion
19:00  Mysterious flesh-like golden orb found at the bottom of the ocean ‘like the beginning of a horror movie'
19:00  Joe Jonas faces fan backlash over Sophie Turner ‘smear campaign' amid divorce
18:58  A Sculptor Breaks Through, Taking the Walls Down With Her
18:56  Switch to Android: This Samsung Galaxy Tab A is now only $107
18:54  Texas authorities charge 3 men with human smuggling after 5 immigrants found locked against their will: police
18:54  Naomi Osaka Makes U.S. Open Return. But Not for Tennis.
18:45  Pennsylvania authorities reveal surveillance video of killer's prison escape as manhunt approaches second week
18:44  Naomi Campbell gets Hollywood to strip down for New York Fashion Week
18:43  Texas Ordered to Remove Border Barriers in Response to Biden Administration's Request
18:43  Drew Barrymore's alleged stalker at large after failing to show up for ankle monitor fitting
18:40  Mariners vs. Reds prediction: Julio Rodriguez leads way for win in Cincinnati
18:33  Half-mouthed alligator avoids capture in Florida: 'I felt terrible for him'
18:28  This Roomba i4 EVO is at its lowest price since Prime Day on Amazon
18:28  Caleb Williams' father says USC star could always return to school: 'He's got two shots at the apple'
18:24  Miami partying, film blowup played role in James Harden's ugly feud with 76ers
18:23  This stylish electric kettle has a retro look, and it's only $39.99
18:22  Score this 2-pack of Aquasonic Electric Toothbrushes for over 40% off
18:20  Billionaire couple Gary and Karen Winnick ask $4.45M for NYC pied-? -terre
18:19  Man takes pet snake surfing in wild video: ‘She loved to be in the water'
18:16  McConnell, Dismissing Health Questions, Insists He Will Continue as Leader
18:16  Female inmate dies after jumping out of moving vehicle during jail transport in Kentucky
18:15  As Car Thefts Soar, N.Y.P.D. Targets Teenage Thieves
18:14  Macon, Georgia, sets earlier bar curfew in effort to stem overnight crime
18:14  Dodgers' Julio Ur?­as placed on administrative leave after arrest
18:11  Mexico's Supreme Court Decriminalizes Abortion Nationwide
18:10  Sam Bankman-Fried loses bid to get out of jail, appeals court will hear case
18:06  Google tentatively settles antitrust claims that it abuses control over apps
18:00  Ethan Hawke opens up about faith, 'value of organized religion' for Flannery O'Connor biopic
18:00  Judge orders Texas to remove floating buoys used to curb flow of illegal immigrants
18:00  Union fights claims that these blue state troopers faked thousands of traffic tickets
17:59  Jan. 6 Rioters Have Been Held to Account. That Might Be the Easy Part.
17:59  Georgia Judge Says Two Defendants in Trump Case Will Get Early Trial Together
17:58  Watchdog group sues to remove 'insurrectionist' Trump from 2024 ballot
17:55  Baltimore County settles with female firefighters whose male coworker collected, shared nude photos of them
17:54  Washington ethics watchdog files suit to try to block Trump from ballot
17:50  Joe Biden tested negative for COVID-19 on Wednesday
17:47  Watch: Video shows how Danelo Cavalcante escaped prison in Chester County, Pennsylvania
17:44  Judge Blocks Transgender Notification Policy in California School District
17:43  Queen Lyrics and Freddie Mercury's Grand Piano Soar at Auction
17:42  Mexico's Supreme Court Legalizes Abortion Nationwide
17:42  Lee strengthens into hurricane, expected to be "extremely dangerous" storm by weekend
17:40  Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians may legalize recreational marijuana - a first in North Carolina
17:40  Cops corral 12-foot python let loose in streets of England
17:35  I've got 800 tattoos and counting - haters call me ‘Crayola' but I love the way I look
17:35  Mom of Virginia first grader who shot teacher failed drug tests while awaiting sentencing, prosecutors say
17:33  Jury to Decide Damages in Trump Defamation Case
17:32  Judge Orders Texas to Move Barrier From Middle of the Rio Grande
17:31  Kourtney Kardashian says baby is safe after urgent fetal surgery: "I will be forever grateful"
17:30  Judge orders Texas to remove floating border barriers, granting Biden administration request
17:30  Spain's Jenni Hermoso files legal complaint accusing Luis Rubiales of sexual assault
17:27  Don't fall for these fake package delivery notifications
17:26  Veteran tech guru Walt Mossberg slams Elon Musk, deactivates X account: ‘Cesspool'
17:25  Southwest Airlines, United sound alarm about rising jet fuel costs
17:20  Kourtney Kardashian, Travis Barker reveal 'life-threatening emergency surgery' saved unborn baby's life
17:20  Ex-Biden aide bids to become first person of color to represent Rhode Island in Congress
17:18  Tropical Storm Lee Is Now a Hurricane. But It's Too Soon to Worry.
17:17  Detroit UAW workers strike threat tests Biden's plan to win union votes
17:17  Mexico's Supreme Court rules in favor of decriminalizing abortion nationwide
17:16  Trump liable for damages in E. Jean Carroll's second defamation lawsuit: federal judge
17:16  Scientists baffled by golden 'egg' found in deep sea dive
17:15  What do tickets cost for the Colorado Buffaloes' home opener?
17:09  House Republicans accuse CDC of pushing Biden agenda on COVID vaccines
17:09  A Love of Pomegranates, and a Perfect Baked Fish for Rosh Hashana
17:09  Gary Wright, Who Had a '70s Hit With 'Dream Weaver,' Dies at 80
17:06  McConnell intends to finish Senate and leadership term following health episodes
17:06  Maryland officer suspended after video shows him getting into back seat of patrol vehicle with woman
17:04  Jonathan Majors' domestic violence trial postponed again in NYC
17:00  Biden administration to announce cancellation of Alaska wildlife drilling leases-sources
17:00  Prosecutors to seek Hunter Biden indictment from grand jury before Sept. 29, special counsel David Weiss says
16:58  I was leaking blue ink': Doctors thought mom was joking about rare pregnancy symptom
16:57  Prince Harry and Meghan Markle eye $8M Malibu paradise for new mansion
16:55  Trump liable for defamation in writer Carroll's second lawsuit: US judge
16:55  Michael Schumacher is ‘without hope' after tragic skiing accident: close friend
16:54  US Senate will move ahead on spending package as soon as next week
16:53  Texas fisherman's alligator gar earns him 'outstanding angler award' from state: 'Amazing catch'
16:51  Canada progresses toward ASEAN trade deal as Trudeau emphasizes transparency
16:50  China weighs law banning clothes that hurt people's feelings: report
16:49  Yankees put Keynan Middleton on IL in latest bullpen blow
16:48  Fossil of a bird-like dinosaur could advance evolution understanding
16:47  British soldier awaiting trial on terror-related charges escapes from London prison
16:45  California judge temporarily blocks school district's transgender parent disclosure policy
16:43  4 reasons why you shouldn't wait for mortgage rates to drop
16:42  Supreme Court could decide whether police dog's paws violated Constitution
16:40  Newly obtained George Santos "vulnerability report" spotted red flags long before embattled Rep. was elected
16:37  Fatality Draws Scrutiny to Spicy 'One Chip Challenge' Product
16:35  Warner Bros. Discovery reportedly to offer live sports for free on Max
16:34  Short-term CDs: Pros and cons to know
16:32  High school football coach at center of Supreme Court prayer case resigns after first game back
16:30  Man attempting to cross Atlantic in giant floating hamster wheel arrested after bomb threat
16:25  Tickets to see Jon Stewart, John Mulaney and Pete Davidson in NJ are $15
16:19  Trans teacher known for massive prosthetic Z-cups seen without breasts for return to Canadian classroom
16:18  McConnell vows to finish Senate term and remain GOP leader after freezing episodes
16:10  US imposes sanctions on leaders in Sudan's RSF over 'extensive' abuses
16:10  As dollar stores spread across the nation, crime and safety concerns follow
16:05  How much are last-minute tickets for the Giants-Cowboys game?
16:04  Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner address divorce rumors amidst fan backlash
16:02  Disney CEO Bob Iger refused to give successor Bob Chapek his office ‘because of its private shower'
16:00  Burning Man festival attendee treks through ankle-deep mud to escape: 'Our only option to get out'
16:00  Over 70K daycares in danger of closing, putting jobs for US women at risk
16:00  Phillies vs. Padres prediction: Zach Wheeler, Bryce Harper continue torrid stretch
16:00  Biden Rejects Defense Demands in Exchange for Guilty Pleas in Sept. 11 Case
15:59  Death metal band plays PSA urging stinky fans to shower: ‘Send this to your smelly friends'
15:58  Roman swords ‘in almost mint condition' discovered after 1,900 years in Dead Sea cave
15:56  Phillies vs. Padres prediction: MLB odds, picks, best bets
15:54  High school under partial lockdown after box possibly containing yellowcake uranium discovered in storage room
15:53  Kanye West crashes wedding in Italy 'looking like the grim reaper'
15:50  We found cheap tickets to see Rob Zombie and Alice Cooper in NY
15:49  Cancer in people under 50 surges by 79% - ‘Western' diet, alcohol to blame: study
15:47  China reportedly bans government officials from using iPhones for work
15:46  A Landmark Year for a Rare Calendar
15:45  How to Make American Health Care Cheaper and Better
15:42  Roku shares surge after plan to cut 10% of workforce, limit hiring
15:38  Gary Busey being investigated for alleged hit-and-run car accident
15:36  Apple fans pumped up over rumored ‘action button' feature on new iPhone 15
15:35  Woman accosted by ‘dirty and smelly' feet on a flight: ‘He didn't notice my discomfort'
15:31  Jenni Hermoso accuses Spanish soccer president Luis Rubiales of sexual assault
15:30  Kamala Harris says she ‘may have to take over' as president and is ready to do so
15:30  Pennsylvania schools shut as search continues for murderer who escaped prison
15:29  Biden Administration to Bar Drilling on Millions of Acres in Alaska
15:29  Behar's personal swipe at Trump official makes co-host grimace: 'Unfortunately he has two children'
15:25  Tom Brady named Delta Air Lines' strategic adviser, will help develop ‘teamwork tools'
15:23  Pence Calls Trump's Populism a 'Road to Ruin' for the G.O.P.
15:22  I told my son he'll inherit our beautiful $3M home - now he's acting like a brat and making threats
15:21  Indonesian Officials Harass White House Pool Reporter After Harris-Widodo Meeting
15:20  Former Top Deputy Says Ken Paxton Took Unusual Actions to Help Donor
15:18  UAW chief says time is running out for Ford, GM and Stellantis to avoid a strike
15:17  Dependence on Tech Caused 'Staggering' Education Inequality, U.N. Agency Says
15:16  In Mexico, Drug Trade Flourished With the Help of the State
15:15  Brother of Capitol officer who died after Jan. 6 riot blasts Republicans and Trump in letter
15:14  Mortgage demand hits a two-decade low. Here's how buyers can benefit now.
14:59  Flamingos found in Ohio after being blown across US by Hurricane Idalia
14:57  Suspect arrested in heinous, caught-on-video subway beating of disabled 60-year-old NYC woman
14:57  Watch 'American Horror Story: Delicate' official trailer with Kim Kardashian, Emma Roberts
14:49  Alex Murdaugh's lawyers slam court clerk's 'illegal' behavior as they push for new trial
14:44  Popular tourist destination is collecting unfinished drinks, selling them to tourists: officials
14:42  Naomi Campbell returns to NYFW: ‘Nerve-wracking to do that walk on every level'
14:37  How much are last-minute tickets for the Giants-Cowboys game?
14:37  Coach Joe Kennedy resigns from Bremerton High School in Washington, will care for ailing family member
14:35  Fifty years after Chile's coup, the search for truth continues
14:31  Prosecutors Begin Case Against Peter Navarro in Contempt Trial
14:29  What Goes Up a Tree Must Evolve the Ability to Climb Down
14:28  Holiday travel alert: Don't get duped by scammers
14:27  Lawsuit Aims to Exclude Trump from Colorado Ballots Under 14th Amendment
14:27  Delta flight returns after passenger has diarrhea 'all the way through' plane
14:27  Police seek security video after University of Wisconsin-Madison student was sexually assaulted and beaten
14:25  BTS' Jung Kook to make one of his first solo US appearances at the Global Citizen Festival
14:23  Bill Gates buys $95M worth of Anheuser-Busch shares following Bud Light disaster
14:23  Suspect arrested in brutal attack and sexual assault of Wisconsin university student
14:23  YouTuber Ruby Franke and her business partner each charged with 6 counts of aggravated child abuse
14:20  Vermont farmers become eligible for emergency loans after USDA designates summer flooding a disaster
14:19  Lawsuit claims Utah has failed to stop Great Salt Lake from rapidly shrinking
14:19  Denver Healing Generations continues mission to empower communities of color: "Dreams of their ancestors"
14:18  Why Stephen King almost got divorced over ‘Mambo No. 5'
14:08  Queen Elizabeth's pal reveals what her dream job would have been if she wasn't a royal
14:07  How to watch the U.S. Open amid Disney's dispute with Spectrum
14:03  Democratic senator files ethics complaint against Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito
14:03  How to convert your IRA to a gold IRA
14:02  Police seek security video after University of Wisconsin-Madison student was sexually assaulted and beaten
14:02  With an Escaped Killer Loose, an Unsettling Encounter in a Darkened House
14:01  Forests Are No Longer Our Climate Friends
14:00  NFL in gambling turmoil as Super Bowl heads for Las Vegas: ‘Just don't understand'
14:00  Slice 59% off the price of these five Japanese chef knives
13:52  Bedtime Check-Ins and Verbal Abuse: Women's Life in Spanish Soccer
13:52  Watchdog group files suit seeking to keep Trump off Colorado ballot under 14th Amendment
13:46  US sanctions Sudanese paramilitary leader for human rights abuses
13:44  'Unless you wanna die!' deputy shouts in deadly wildfire evacuation bodycam footage
13:37  Pennsylvania high school QB who collapsed with brain bleed takes ‘first positive step'
13:37  Judge's decision the latest defeat for Trump in legal fight with E. Jean Carroll
13:28  Trump's posts 'threaten to prejudice jury pool' in federal 2020 case, complaint says
13:28  Factbox: Who are the Republican candidates running for U.S. president?
13:27  Denied a home equity loan? Here's what to do
13:27  Out West, the Gay Cowboy Roams Free
13:19  Colorado Lawsuit Seeks to Keep Trump Off Ballots Under 14th Amendment
13:15  Aaron Rodgers reveals bizarre UFO sighting before 2005 NFL Draft on ‘Hard Knocks'
13:13  At the scene of the annual graverobbing of Dr Martin Luther King Jr
13:11  Alana Hadid will make NYFW debut on Elena Velez catwalk
13:11  Warrant issued for Drew Barrymore's alleged stalker after he didn't show for ankle monitor fitting
13:06  Five killed at Bali resort after Instagram-famous glass elevator plunges into ravine
13:06  Extreme Rains Cause Flooding in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, Killing 14
13:06  Florida Expected to Approve Classical Exam as a Competitor to the SAT
13:05  Reverse mortgage red flags seniors should know
13:02  Elon Musk borrowed $1B from SpaceX the same month he bought Twitter
13:00  Jessica Lange Leads Starry Cast of New Paula Vogel Play on Broadway
13:00  Alex Murdaugh lawyers' 'damning' allegations are 'gut punch' to prosecution, attorney warns
13:00  Out-of-state residents seeking abortion care in Massachusetts jumped 37% after Roe v. Wade reversal
13:00  Alex Murdaugh launches murder appeal alleging clerk told jurors 'not to be fooled' by him
13:00  ??‹Vivek Ramaswamy: How a man more extreme than Trump could find a backdoor to the White House
13:00  Maine man served little jail time for abusing two women. Now a third says he 'almost killed' her.
13:00  Mac attack! Get a new-to-you MacBook Air for $369.99
12:58  Beyonce Fuels a Small-Business Boom
12:55  Burning Man's Muddy Aftermath: A Desert Full of 'Moop'
12:50  Maryland Officer Suspended for Inappropriate Encounter with Woman in Patrol Vehicle
12:49  Judge's decision the latest defeat for Trump in legal fight with E. Jean Carroll
12:49  The U.S. is experiencing a police hiring crisis
12:40  Aaron Rodgers' debut isn't the first time the Jets have hosted a must-see game at MetLife Stadium
12:35  Cavinder twins respond to question on criticism over benefitting from 'their looks and their whiteness'
12:33  Karine Jean-Pierre grows flustered by reporters asking about Biden COVID tests: 'Literally just explained it'
12:31  US Business Delegation Makes Rare Visit To Taliban-Run Afghanistan
12:26  Home invaders kidnap couple as stunned children look on: police
12:25  Owner of Iowa building that collapsed and killed 3 people sues engineering company
12:24  Can you still get free COVID tests in 2023? Here's what to know about your options.
12:23  What precious metal is best to invest in?
12:23  Daniel Khalife, British soldier awaiting trial on terror-related charges, escapes from London prison
12:22  Schools across the US cut programs, staffing as COVID relief funding dries up
12:20  Argue their potential all you want, but the Giants' new opening-day lineup is a step in the right direction
12:20  Ben Shelton heads to his first Grand Slam semifinal at the US Open, will face champion Novak Djokovic
12:14  A.I. in the Classroom: What Should Teachers Do?
12:11  Canada's Freedom Convoy organizers stand trial this week, prosecutors claim case is 'not political'
12:00  Daniil Medvedev vs. Andrey Rublev prediction: US Open odds, pick
12:00  Giants preview: Higher expectations after last year's breakthrough
11:58  Three-legged Florida bear raids poolside fridge for cans of White Claw
11:56  Ethan Hawke addresses directing daughter Maya's sex scenes in new film: 'I couldn't care less'
11:40  The post-fire sale Nationals offer the Mets a glimpse of what future could be after the pain of 2023 subsides
11:35  2 tourists die in same waters off Outer Banks within 24 hours
11:31  Why you should deposit $1,000 into a high-yield savings account now
11:15  Meet Apollo, the humanoid robot that could be your next co-worker
11:11  Vivek Ramaswamy: Extreme Trump Supporter Seeks Backdoor to White House
11:10  New Mexico prosecutors take over all cases of retail theft to counter 'organized retail crime'
11:10  Manhunt intensifies for escaped murderer as Pennsylvania schools close
11:02  Tropical Storm Lee path: Meteorologists project where it's heading and when it will become a hurricane
11:01  First Thing: US secretary of state arrives in Kyiv for surprise visit
11:00  New York City's crackdown on Airbnb and short-term rentals goes into effect
11:00  Fox News AI Newsletter: Artificial intelligence-generated COVID drug enters clinical trials
11:00  ABC, NBC, CBS overwhelmingly fail to mention when Trump prosecutors are Democrats
11:00  Health concerns plague ageing Congress members returning to Capitol Hill
11:00  Trump's public comments could risk tainting jury pool, special counsel Jack Smith says
11:00  Jets season preview: Aaron Rodgers and Co. will have hard time meeting expectations
10:58  U.S. Air Force conducts test launch of unarmed Minuteman III ICBM from California
10:52  Woman pulls paralyzed Texas man from burning car: 'She was his angel'
10:48  Pentagon plans vast AI fleet to counter China - WSJ
10:48  US plans vast AI fleet to counter China - WSJ
10:47  Spain soccer chief Luis Rubiales accused of sexual assault by player Jenni Hermoso for unwanted kiss
10:45  New Jersey Christian beach town faces pressure to stop its faith-based closures on Sunday mornings
10:34  Biden nixed goal of getting kids back to school post-COVID to avoid conflict with teachers' union boss: book
10:32  3-legged bear named Tripod takes 3 cans of White Claw from Florida family's back yard
10:31  Elderly couple evicted after they claim own son transferred home they've been making payments on for 20 years
10:21  Spain Player Files Official Complaint Over Soccer Chief's Kiss
10:20  Rolling Stones Unveil 'Hackney Diamonds' in a Trendy London District
10:16  California lawmakers give bill final approval to criminalize caste-based discrimination
10:10  Matthew Broderick 'got mugged often' as a child in New York
10:08  Are there "toxins" in your sunscreen? A dermatologist explains what you need to know.
10:06  Ferry captain, 3 crewmates face homicide charges over death of tardy passenger pushed into sea in Greece
10:05  My Neighbors Are Illegally Breeding Dogs. Do I Report Them?
10:00  Biden takes off Covid mask to present award to 81-year-old Vietnam pilot
10:00  The NFL's 50 most fascinating people for the 2023 season
10:00  Climate extremists want to help China by hurting the US economy
10:00  US 'university' spreads climate lies and receives millions from rightwing donors
10:00  Increase in fake prescription pills fuels record drug overdose deaths in the US
10:00  Ex-Trump aide Peter Navarro faces trial on contempt of Congress charges
09:56  Kristin Chenoweth marries musician Josh Bryant
09:51  Google Turns to a Steady Old Hand to Fight Antitrust Charges
09:49  Matthew Broderick reveals he was ‘mugged often' during childhood in NYC
09:43  Be well: Incorporate these 'nutrient-dense' superfoods into your diet
09:35  Ecological impact of tennis balls is out of bounds, environmentalists say
09:34  Aaron Rodgers' chilling UFO encounter unveiled on 'Hard Knocks'
09:34  Childhood in NYC: Matthew Broderick's Frequent Muggings
09:32  Tennessee zoo reveals name of rare spotless giraffe
09:26  Helicopter collides with small plane in Alaska, one passenger injured
09:23  Video shows Kansas deputy hug distressed motorist during traffic stop
09:21  Steph Curry and Ayesha Curry aim to raise $50 million for Oakland schools through their charity
09:14  5 great ways to boost your retirement savings
09:12  Millions in eastern Congo in need of urgent care as humanitarian crisis, sexual violence worsen, UN says
09:08  Six billion tonnes of sand are extracted from world's oceans each year
09:05  China's Economic Pain Is a Test of Xi's Fixation With Control
09:05  New York State Fair's 800-pound butter sculpture to be converted into energy
09:01  Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner break silence on divorce, address speculation about split
09:00  The Mystery Behind 'A Wrinkle in Time' Cover Art Is Solved
09:00  My Wife and I Were Abandoned for the Holidays. Help!
08:52  Canadian man who allegedly ran over, killed Muslim family pleads not guilty
08:39  Carnival cruise passenger vanishes after ship docks in Florida
08:34  At Africa's First Climate Summit, a Clear Call to the World: Invest in Us
08:30  NY Democrat uses 'low-income' loophole on Manhattan investment property: report
08:17  Earth just had its hottest summer on record, U.N. says, warning "climate breakdown has begun"
08:16  Burning Man attendee's cause of death confirmed: report
08:13  Suspect in explosives attack on Japanese prime minister indicted for attempted murder, report says
08:02  Musk threatens to sue Anti-Defamation League over X's falling revenue
08:00  The Fight for Your Kids' Brains Has Already Begun
08:00  Tyler Childers Puts His Own Spin on Heartfelt Rural Anthems
08:00  Instead of reparations, expand opportunities for Blacks
07:56  Florida's 3-Legged Bear Invades Patio, Steals White Claw from Fridge
07:55  Carnival cruise passenger mysteriously disappears upon ship's return to Miami port
07:49  Dolphins' Darrell Bevell needed surgery to repair detached retina during camp: report
07:38  4 Roman-era swords discovered after 1,900 years in Dead Sea cave: "Almost in mint condition"
07:32  Mike Rogers, Former G.O.P. Representative, Will Run for Senate in Michigan
07:24  Carmakers doing little to protect the vast amounts of data that vehicles collect, study shows
07:15  Retired doctor found with guns, drugs, prostitutes after cops raid 70-foot yacht over woman who ‘did not feel safe'
07:12  Guardians manager Terry Francona suggests time in dugout could be coming to an end
07:10  Vandals busted open Great Wall to make 'shortcut,' creating 'irreversible damage'
07:07  Embattled GOP Rep. George Santos, ex-campaign aide seem to be discussing plea deals with federal prosecutors
07:06  Harris says she's ready to step into role of president if Biden is unwell: 'May have to take over'
07:05  Bride's brother bites cop breaking up Long Island wedding brawl spurred by ‘uninvited guest'
07:01  Son of Eagles, Jets player Hugh Douglas killed in car crash with college roommate
07:00  Dear Abby: My husband hired a prostitute
07:00  Video captures China-linked California biolab's major safety issues: Dirt, bugs, dried blood and more
07:00  Biden ripped for leaving Medal of Honor ceremony early: 'ABHORRENT'
07:00  Mommy blogger's child escaped home through window with wrists, ankles wrapped in duct tape: police
06:55  Triathlete bumped into wall by own teammate during race in nasty crash, grateful for still having her ‘front teeth'
06:33  Lakers to sign Christian Wood to 2-year deal: reports
06:21  Here's how convicted killer Danelo Cavalcante escaped from prison, according to sources. He's still on the run.
06:18  Tropical Storm Lee set to become 'extremely dangerous' hurricane
06:17  Pentagon and US Plan Vast AI Fleet to Counter China - WSJ
06:15  Former Rep. Mike Rogers launches Republican Senate campaign for open Senate seat in battleground Michigan
06:12  Jets' Aaron Rodgers details UFO experience: 'We just stood frozen'
06:07  Duke professor denies Riley Leonard's homework extension request after upset win over Clemson: 'No way man'
06:03  Mass Hunger Strike in Bahrain Prison Sets Off Rare Protests
06:00  How 100,000 Migrants Became a Political Crisis in New York
06:00  Biden keeps crushing the American dream of owning a home
06:00  Professors punished by school administration, say DEI can't be questioned or you become a 'target'
05:45  Today's Top News: Ex-Leader of Proud Boys Is Sentenced, and More
05:37  After my nephew's restaurant birthday party, the host texted me to make me pay
05:29  How Danelo Cavalcante escaped from Chester County Prison: sources
05:29  Sliwa threatens to shut down Staten Island bridges over migrant shelter - says he'll run for mayor again
05:22  Robert Saleh tells Jets having haters is what you ‘f-king want' in ‘Hard Knocks' message
05:19  Illinois high school student arrested for bringing airsoft gun to campus
05:07  Suspect indicted for attempted murder of Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida
05:02  G.O.P. Impeachment Threats in Wisconsin Whip Up a Political Firestorm
05:02  Alabama Cherishes Its History of Defying the Federal Courts
05:02  Behold the Free Speech Chutzpah of the Republican Party
05:02  Burning Man Is Always a Challenge, but Burners Like Me Know This Time Is Different
05:02  A Progressive James Bond Is Proof of American Cultural Imperialism
05:01  Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad Tackle Another Book (Not Mormon)
05:01  In Jail, Writing in Short Bursts as Therapy and Performance Art
05:01  How Pop Stars Turned NPR's 'Tiny Desk' Into Authenticity Theater
05:01  5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Max Roach
05:01  The 4 Arguments You Will Hear Against Drug Price Negotiation
05:01  Forcing Bulbs Isn't Hard. So Why Don't More People Try It?
05:01  As Abortion Laws Drive Obstetricians From Red States, Maternity Care Suffers
05:01  In Its First Monopoly Trial of Modern Internet Era, U.S. Sets Sights on Google
05:01  The Hunt for the Ideal B??nh M?¬
05:00  Read Your Way Through Seoul
05:00  America's Fire Spotters Aren't Ready to Fade Away Just Yet
05:00  Where to Start in Emilia-Romagna?
05:00  Powered by A.I., Company Aims to Make Selling Easier for Retailers
05:00  You Shouldn't Have to Take Care of Your Aging Parents on Your Own
05:00  The Magic of the Granny Flat
05:00  Men's Tights Aren't Just for Elizabethan Aristocrats Anymore
05:00  They Love Tech. They've Got Money. Why Does Silicon Valley Ignore Old People?
04:50  Yankees rookie Austin Wells preparing for next step with Gerrit Cole
04:49  NJ teacher who received kidney donation from fellow educator kicks off school year: ‘I feel amazing'
04:41  Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's marriage comes to an end
04:41  Explosives attack suspect indicted for attempted murder of Japanese Prime Minister
04:37  35,000 migrants have been bused from Texas to sanctuary cities - including over 13K to NYC: Abbott
04:29  Lawyers Claim Cable TV, Phone Companies also Responsible in Maui Fires
04:22  Giants' revamped rush defense faces immediate test against Cowboys
04:18  Breanna Stewart sets WNBA's single-season scoring record in Liberty win
04:16  Sick passenger airlifted from Carnival cruise ship more than 200 miles off Cape Cod
04:14  California woman fights off naked man who snuck into her apartment
04:10  61 ‘anarchists' indicted by Georgia AG for targeting Atlanta's ‘Cop City' training facility
04:00  Sharon Osbourne recalls 'terrible' facelift that made her 'look like a Cyclops': 'Not a dirty little secret'
04:00  Biden plans even bigger student loan handout, dumping the bill on you
04:00  As eating disorders increase among college students, here's how parents can help: 'Early intervention is key'
03:25  Three-legged bear named ‘Tripod' breaks into Florida home, guzzles three White Claws
03:04  My husband's expensive taste in eggs over my frozen ones
03:04  Matt Gaetz threatens to force vote on Biden impeachment - and oust McCarthy if he gets in way
03:03  Hugh Douglas, son of Eagles Hall of Famer, dies in car crash near Atlanta
03:02  Alaska cat named Leo reunited with owners almost month after their home collapsed into flood-swollen river
03:00  Anti-theft system deploys blinding fog to deter smash-and-grab robbers as retail theft soars
03:00  New York City's Lucrative No-Bid Migrant Services Contract Is Rejected
03:00  At Yale, a Surge of Activism Forced Changes in Mental Health Policies
03:00  To Win Big, Top Tennis Pros Turn to Marshmallows
03:00  80,000 Students With One Dilemma: Will N.Y.C. School Bus Workers Strike?
03:00  His Mind Helped Rebuild New York. His Body Is Failing Him.
02:59  Irish parents take action on smartphones amid soaring concerns over children's mental health
02:58  Daniel Jones fostering budding bond with rookie receiver Jalin Hyatt
02:54  Burning Man attendees burn time together, form a bond while stranded during rough weather
02:44  Minnesota state commission to design a new state flag due to Native American concerns
02:33  NYC dad pleads guilty to attempted murder after mowing down wife with children in car before stabbing her: ‘Horrifying brutality'
02:23  Florida state senator accused of putting hand on domestic violence shelter worker in 'aggressive' manner
02:21  California Assemblymembers push for state to adopt Transgender History Month
02:06  Now don't cry to your uncle at your arraignment
01:59  Kevin Costner's wife Christine Baumgartner says she'll ‘enter the workforce' after child support cut in half
01:46  Tom Brady's advice for Shedeur Sanders after Colorado's upset win: ‘Don't be satisfied'
01:46  Darren Waller already understands Giants-Cowboys rivalry
01:45  Design approved for memorial to the victims and survivors of the 2017 Las Vegas mass shooting
01:38  Georgia can resume ban on hormone treatment for transgender youth, judge says
01:35  Apparent diarrhea incident forces Delta flight to Barcelona to turn back
01:34  Evan Neal gets shot at Giants redemption versus Cowboys' DeMarcus Lawrence
01:29  Time will tell if Jasson Dominguez's Yankees future truly is limitless
01:26  'Horrifying' father pleads guilty to mowing down wife with kids in car, stabbing wounded victim in the liver
01:25  Ben Shelton defeats Tiafoe, set to face Djokovic in U.S. Open semifinal
01:23  Woman chases, confronts Gary Busey after alleged hit-and-run in Malibu, wild video shows
01:17  Man cleared of Westchester rape 47 years after wrongful conviction, hugs judge at emotional hearing
01:15  Meghan Markle's social media return makes her ‘more relatable' than Kate Middleton: royal expert
01:12  Pittsburgh will draft 30 archers to hunt overbearing deer population
01:11  Ben Shelton Advances to U.S. Open Semifinal Against Novak Djokovic
00:44  To settle suit, NYPD agrees to scale back enforcement of protests
00:42  Judge rules Georgia can resume ban on hormone replacement therapy for transgender minors
00:37  Top Pirates draft pick Paul Skenes shut down for rest of 2023 season
00:37  Ben Shelton Beats Frances Tiafoe to Advance to U.S. Open Semifinal
00:35  Video allegedly shows Delta plane forced to land because of passenger's ‘diarrhea' trail
00:34  Migrant contractor DocGo used unlicensed security guards at NY shelters
00:30  Trainer reveals 5 exercises to burn fat right at your office desk
00:29  America has issues - but it's not an empire in decline like Rome
00:13  Daniss Jenkins eligible to join St. John's as Rick Pitino's first roster is set
00:11  Florida man arrested by Coast Guard for trying to cross Atlantic in human-sized hamster wheel
  FTC reportedly may sue Amazon later this month after talks break down
  NFC West preview and predictions: Another crown for the 49ers

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