Police seek security video after University of Wisconsin-Madison student was sexually assaulted and beaten

14:27 06.09.2023

University of Wisconsin-Madison Student Brutally Beaten and Sexually Assaulted: Suspect in Custody

In a shocking turn of events, a suspect has been apprehended by the Madison Police Department following the brutal beating and sexual assault of a University of Wisconsin-Madison student. Identified as Brandon A. Thompson, a 26-year-old, he now faces charges of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree reckless injury, and strangulation, as announced by the police in an incident report.

The incident unfolded in the downtown Madison area on Sunday morning when the Madison Police received a distress call concerning a woman in her twenties who had endured severe beatings. Responding swiftly, law enforcement rushed the victim to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. However, despite the gravity of the assault, authorities have confirmed that the victim is expected to survive.

Initially considering the attack to be the work of a stranger, the police embarked on an intensive investigation. Over the course of the weekend, detectives and investigators meticulously collected physical, digital, and biological evidence in an effort to shed light on the horrifying incident.

In a bid to expedite the investigation, the Madison Police Department appealed to the public for any surveillance footage or photographs captured in the downtown area, where the assault took place. The authorities emphasized the critical role that potential visual evidence could play in bringing the perpetrator to justice. Madison Police Chief Shon Barnes, in a press conference on Sunday, declared his commitment to allocating all necessary resources to solve the case.

The community's response to the heinous crime has been heartfelt, with local residents expressing their concern and outrage. In light of the incident, the police have bolstered patrols in the area, urging residents to refrain from walking alone at nighttime as a precautionary measure.

As of Wednesday morning, the police had yet to make any arrests in connection with the assault. However, they continued to appeal for security footage, particularly from individuals residing within a few blocks of the intersection of W. Wilson and Bedford streets, where the attack occurred.

While the investigation is ongoing, the arrest of Brandon A. Thompson provides a glimmer of hope for justice in this distressing case. The Madison Police Department has scheduled a news briefing for Wednesday afternoon, during which they intend to divulge further details regarding the suspect's apprehension and provide updates on the investigation.

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