Outrage over potential demolition of Marilyn Monroe's iconic home rises

19:06 07.09.2023

The iconic Los Angeles residence of Marilyn Monroe, located at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive in Brentwood, is facing the threat of demolition, leaving fans and preservationists distraught. The Post recently reported that the late starlet's only owned home, where she tragically passed away, has filed for demolition permits, sparking an outcry from the public. A petition titled "Stop Demolition Marilyn Monroe's house" has gained nearly 3,000 signatures within just 24 hours, highlighting the significance of Monroe's home to fans and supporters.

Representatives from the organization Save Iconic Architecture, like Jamie Rummerfield, have emphasized the cultural and historical importance of the Marilyn Monroe house in Hollywood's rich history. Rummerfield stated in an interview with KTLA5, "The Marilyn Monroe house is not just a home; it's a national treasure, an integral part of Hollywood's glittering history that cannot simply be erased." Local residents, such as Susan Froomer, have also expressed their disappointment, valuing Monroe's presence as a cherished landmark in the community.

The petition passionately argues that the house should be transformed into a museum dedicated to Marilyn Monroe, similar to Elvis Presley's Graceland. Built in 1929, the Spanish-style hacienda holds a special place in the hearts of admirers worldwide. It not only possesses architectural charm but also features a coat of arms with the inscription "Cursum Perficio," symbolizing the end of Monroe's tumultuous journey. In February 1962, Monroe purchased the property for $77,500, equivalent to about $790,000 today, and tragically, just six months later, she was found lifeless in her bedroom due to a barbiturate overdose at the age of 36.

While some hope for the preservation of the house, others have suggested relocating it to serve as a museum dedicated to honoring Marilyn Monroe's life and legacy. The debate over the fate of the historic residence continues as fans, residents, and preservationists unite to ensure that this significant piece of Hollywood history does not disappear into oblivion.

The storied final residence of Marilyn Monroe, where she was discovered lifeless over six decades ago, faces a significant transformation. The current owner of the historic Brentwood property, situated at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive in Los Angeles, has filed for demolition permits. The one-story Hacienda-style estate, purchased for an undisclosed sum estimated at around $8.35 million, has received initial approval from the city's Department of Building and Safety for a "plan check" on September 5, marking the beginning of the demolition process.

The 1929-built residence features four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and numerous original architectural elements that evoke the glamour of old Hollywood. Delicate beamed ceilings, terra cotta tile floors, and casement windows contribute to the timeless charm of the property. The house also boasts a lush lawn, a sparkling pool, and a citrus orchard. However, significant renovations have been made to the kitchen and bathrooms, altering their appearance since Monroe's time.

Monroe's tragic death on August 5, 1962, led to a surge of interest in the house, with at least six competing purchase offers arising within a day. The Nunez family became the owners in 1963, acquiring a substantial portion of the home's contents, which were later auctioned off in 1997. In 2017, the property was sold for an astounding $7.25 million, surpassing the asking price by $350,000. Subsequent modifications have merged the guest house with the main structure, and alterations have been made, including the relocation of the door to Monroe's bedroom and renovations to the bathroom and kitchen.

A poignant coat of arms adorns the property's front door, bearing the inscription "Cursum Perficio," a Latin phrase meaning "My Journey Ends Here." This emblem serves as a reminder of Monroe's tumultuous life and career. However, the city of Los Angeles and the current owners have not provided any comment regarding the demolition plans.

As the fate of Marilyn Monroe's final residence hangs in the balance, the house's historical significance and unique architectural features continue to captivate fans and preservationists alike. Time will tell whether this iconic piece of Hollywood history will be preserved or lost forever.

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